The Monzy Chronicles: Back To Monzy Land

Layla Morris tossed and turned tiredly in her bed. She was having the same dream that enthralled her night after night for four years ever since she was 10 years old.

The origin of the dream came from an incident that occurred one day when Layla was just 9. She was walking around when she stumbled upon a cave. She went inside and didn't come out for months.

When she finally appeared she remembered being in a wonderful place filled with strange beings. Everyone thought that all that time without water or food might have caused her to hallucinate.

Another idea was that she might have hit her head while inside the cave. So Layla's parents paid for therapy sessions to help her forgot such wild and almost insane idea that she had actually been in such a wild place.

She remembered everything that happened, all the strange creatures she met that became her true friends. "This Place is Monzy Land" she remembered one of the creatures saying.

She sighed deeply and tried to go back to sleep but no matter what she did her mind always wandered back to Monzy Land. Layla wasn't a very social girl. She had almost no friends in the real world and her parents wished for her to be more normal. So when she stumbled into Monzy land she felt almost relieved to be away from home.

She yearned to go back and relive all of her adventures but Layla had not even the slightest idea how to get back. She returned to the cave millions of times but never once found a portal that led her back to that magical place.

With each passing day her pain grew it all reached its max the day her parents got into a big fight and her father left with her brother. Her mother screamed at her and said it was all her fault.

Layla knew that her mother was under a lot of stress and didn't mean to scream at her but she still thought about killing herself more than once during the following month. Then one day she snapped she stood up in the middle of class when the girls sitting next to her were caught in their daily gossip and left.

She walked all the way to the cave without a second thought. She went inside and screamed as loud as she could as she began to pound the ground beneath her. Her tears streamed down her face and came to rest on the silk of her pink blouse.

She dug her head into her hands and let out a large sob. She wiped her tears away using her sleeve ad then stood up.

Her legs wobbled as she collapsed once more on the ground. She felt her vision getting blurry as she became dizzy and was struggling to keep her head off the filthy floor. Then all at once she lost all the feeling in her body. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she collapsed for the final time.

…"Rise and shine princess"

Layla heard a gravelly voice that almost sounded like nails being dragged along a chalkboard say.

She opened her eyes as she felt the feeling flow back into her body.

As her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting she could now make out where she was. It was a dark mossy cave filled with strange-looking plants and glowing mushrooms, how did she end up here.

"Hey eyes on me sleeping beauty"

she heard the voice again and focused her attention to the middle of the room where she could see only the silhouette of a tall woman.

Layla tried to get up but now noticed that something was holding her down. "Don't bother, those vines are stuck really deep down so you'll never get out" Layla could now distinguish what the woman looked like.

She had very sharp facial features and a pale white face. Her hair was grown out and seemed to dig into the ground. She wore what looked like a loin cloth combined with a mini skirt along with a strange looking tank top.

"Wh….Where am I?"

Layla managed to stutter out. The woman smiled and stepped into the eerie light. What Layla saw almost made her throw up. The woman was covered in a strange green fungus that almost seemed to come out of her skin.

"Welcome to Monzy Land my dear" the woman said giving a small twirl.

Layla gasped. How could this be Monzy Land she thought she never remembered it being like this?

"Guards" the woman screamed "Take this girl to the dungeon"

Two small men also covered in fungus appeared and obliged with the woman's whim.

Layla was dragged out of the room and was thrown into a dungeon. She stumbled in the dark room and struggled to find an appropriate spot to lie. She could hear agonizing screams come from the other chambers it made her shiver.

She heard a slight groan in the back of the room she froze not wanting to alert the creature next to her about her presence. Her attempts were worth nothing as she felt the other creature's hand fall on her face.

She cringed


said the creature in a voice Layla could faintly recognize

"It's me Lay, Yin"

Layla gasped she now recognized the voice it was one of the people she had met in her past visit!

"Yin, is it really you oh my god it's been so long why are we here" she asked.

"Wait a sec Lay" Yin whispered as she heard a clatter before a light fell on her.

Layla saw Yin standing in front of her holding a small compact flashlight.

Yin was someone Layla could never forget; she was half monkey and was one of the more calm creatures she met on her journey. Layla could see how Yin changed from before.

Her long hair was now even longer and was put into a ponytail. Her fur was mangy and had several knots in it. "Yin what happened" Layla asked concernedly "It's a long story" Yin said.

Layla frowned in the dim light that came from the flashlight she had gotten her wish she was back in Monzy Land but it was not at all what she remembered. She got comfortable as she listened to Yin tell her what had happened.