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The Monzy Chronicles: Pearl the Deep-Sea Diva and Abyss the Ocean Behemoth

Layla found herself walking aimlessly through a dark and empty hallway. She had nowhere to go but continued walking for a reason unknown even to her.

Her eyes could not fully register anything and her peripheral vision was practically nonexistent so she simply continued walking hoping that at some point she would reach her destination or even another path.

Neither of these things came as she continued to walk for what she thought was hours, she was completely clueless as to what she was looking for or why it hadn't appeared yet. Soon she began to think that she wasn't moving at all and that this path would never end.

She began to hear things or thought she was hearing them. It was the steady sound of dripping water slowly getting louder and louder with every passing second.

The sound soon became that of a rushing waterfall, which still continued to increase in volume and soon became a deafening roar. Layla still continued not stopping for anything.

She felt a moist cool substance curl around her ankles; she found it harder to walk and had to take large steps into the wet substance. She soon realized that the sound of the waterfall had not been a figment of her imagination but was actually in the hall slowly filling it with water.

She continued to walk but before long she ended up swimming through the hallway. The water or whatever the liquid was continued to fill the room.

Layla found that the room had only inches before it was all the way filled but despite this she did not speed up or even panic, she felt as if the object that she was so interested in was more important than even her own wellbeing. Her hair was wet and soon she had to hold her breath to continue down the treacherous path.

Her breath slowly ran out and she was slowing down unable to harness anymore energy. She let go and embraced death not wanting to continue searching for something that would never come.

Suddenly she was blinded by a golden light beaming from a substance at the end of the path. It seemed to have a mind of its own and floated towards her. She opened her eyes and her eyes slowly adjusted allowing her to see the item for what it was, it was the Monzy gauntlet.

It continued to swim towards her the light slowly becoming more intense. Soon it was in her hands and as she looked into it almost blinded by the light, she saw everything.

Layla's body rose up in a flash as she found herself cold and sweaty in a small cage by the side of a calm and tranquil lake. She rubbed her head softly "Ow" she groaned softly as she passed over a small opening in the upper left of her skull.

She was surprised she hadn't bled out from the gash. Her eyesight improved as she began to see where she was, it was a damp cave filled with a foreign rocky material.

She felt a cold chill run up her spine and hugged herself attempting to warm up a bit. Then she saw it or rather didn't see it, the Monzy gauntlet that she wore around her wrist was gone.

She panicked and frantically searched around her small cell trying to find it, but to no avail. It was gone she couldn't believe it but as much as she knew she needed it she had bigger problems.

How had she ended up here was the only question that ran through her head. All she remembered was embarking on a quest to save Joe's family.

She searched around trying to see if something could jog her memory a bit, and then see saw it, sitting on a flattened rock was the Monzy gauntlet. That only brought more questions to Layla.

A million questions raced through her mind once more as she remembered a bit more. She remembered merging with Joe and then traveling into a strange cave, but after that her mind was nothing but a blank.

Then she realized something, Joe wasn't with her so maybe Joe managed to escape whatever fate she had or is going to face. Then she noticed it, a shadowy and lean figure was slowly walking into the cave from its southern entrance near yet another lake.

The figure came into Layla's sight and she saw what it was wearing. The figure turned out to be a woman, she wore a silvery blue chest plate and a small Hawaiian style mini skirt, her hair was long and flowed in curls all the way to the floor.

The woman smiled happily and bared hundreds of sharp and dangerous-looking teeth.

"Why hello there miss Layla" she said in a southern accent.

The woman knew Layla's name but how was that possible? Did Layla know her from somewhere? Suddenly it all dawned upon her, everything all clicked and she instantly made a face of grief and utter disgust,

"Pearl" she said in a very sharp tone."

Glad you remember me darling" Pearl smiled cheaply "How was your nap"

*********************Joe's Perspective*********************************

Joe followed Yin steadily as she jumped from vine to vine deep in the forest. She was fast especially when she could get enough force to propel herself over the trees and onto the ground. At that moment Joe had to strike but the question was did the monkey girl know he was following her?

He had no clue why she had suddenly and very abruptly decided to go back to the campsite but, nonetheless he was required to follow her in order to get his family back from Pearl. Yin made a sudden leap and barely made it to the next branch.

She looked back from where she was hanging and Joe ducked behind a bush, she searched the area and reluctantly began swinging again. Joe immediately ran again the forest scenery trailing behind him as he took quick rapid breaths.

Sweat steadily dripped from his head and ran along his eyebrow, a drop managed to slip into his eye but he merely blinked it away. Suddenly he looked up and no longer saw Yin, had she escaped into the trees?

Suddenly he got his answer when as he was running he felt a hand land on his shoulder. He stopped immediately and the force causes him to tumble and collide with a large tree.

"Tag" Yin said happily grinning from ear to ear.

Joe's face of shock was almost too priceless for words, but luckily he recovered from his fall quickly and stood up as if the incident never happened. "Hey Yin" he said hoping she didn't realize that Layla was missing

"Hey Joe" she said "Why were you behind me all that time"

Joe answered quickly "I was trying to see where you were going"

Yin began to look suspicious "Where's Layla" she asked looking behind him "Did you already save everyone?"

Joe was sweating heavily, he hated being under pressure because he had a tendency to sweat like crazy and would sometimes even breakdown but he managed to keep cool

"She's still helping everyone get out"

He said taking a deep breath Yin began firing questions faster than Joe could even fathom

"Uh I uh ummm I" was all he could manage to stutter out Yin looked at him like a mother looking at the mess her son has made

"Where" she began slowly "Is she"

Joe gave an innocent look and answered "I told you she's still rescuing everyone"

Even Joe thought the story was completely unbelievable but it was the only one he had and he had to stick to it or Yin would see right through him, or maybe she already had and was getting ready to attack.

Yin and Joe stood in the same spot for a long time. It looked as if Yin was debating whether to believe the fish boy or to attack first and ask questions later, Joe hoped that she would at least believe him for the time being so he could capture her without much trouble. But sadly that wasn't the case as Yin leaped into the air and landed heavily on Joe's chest, she proceeded to wrap her arm around his neck and turned him around putting him in a choke hold.

"I'll ask again" she stated "Where is she!?" she said grinding her teeth.

Joe had trouble breathing and struggled to get the girl off of his back but the monkey girl's strength had been improved by the bracelet she still wore around her wrist. She tightened the hold squeezing out every single ounce of air Joe could hold.

"Where?" she said again this time screaming a bit.

Joe couldn't tell her where Layla was or else he might lose his parents forever, or would the strange and friendly monkey actually help him? He pondered this losing more air every second as Yin simply continued to tighten her hold to the point where Joe's face was turning dark purple.

He finally made his decision and nodded trying to tell Yin to let go so he could talk. Yin did so and Joe breathed in a heavenly breath of air "Fine" he said "I'll tell you where she is.

********************Layla's Perspective****************************

Layla watched as Pearl stood near the reflective mineral combing her hair and singing.

"Do re mi fa so la ti do" she practiced her scales over and over hitting the notes at the right times as she combed her hair into millions and millions of blue and white curls.

She had been doing this for several hours since Layla woke up. Layla had no idea what she could possibly do and why she hadn't paid attention to her at all since their standoff.

Layla was annoyed at how little attention Pearl paid to her, she paid so little attention that Layla could have escaped and Pearl would have continued to sing.

"Hey Pearl could you stop with the singing already" Layla screamed at her from halfway across the cave.

Pearl merely started singing louder and combing faster. This continued for another four minutes before Pearl stopped and put down the seashell shaped comb.

She strolled over to the lake opposite to where the cage sat and whistled. The whistling was high pitched and increased with every note; it was as if she was speaking in dolphin.

A few shadows appeared in the entrance of the cave. "Hurry it up" Pearl said without even turning to see who it was. The two figures slowly began walking to where she stood, they both looked to be the same species that Pearl and Joe were but these two people looked older, they were a man and a woman respectively.

They were walking as if someone had ripped out there spine and twisted it into a strange shape before pushing it back in. The two fish people finally arrived and Pearl looked at them menacingly,

"Move it faster, I don't have all day" she screamed.

The two fish people jumped into the lake and swam there with their eyes closed as Pearl coughed and began singing.

"Oh mighty leviathan with your length so vast come and take the sacrifice and try to make it last" she paused and closed her eyes "Mighty beast from the sea conserve your energy, feast and eat before the day may proceed"

She sang beautiful despite and if Layla weren't in the situation she was in she might have actually enjoyed it. Pearl paused and looked around. As if on cue the cave shook and the lake went from tranquil and calm to violent and malevolent. The whole cave shook and suddenly Pearl's voice seemed like that of a thousand all singing in key and on cue.

"Rise oh beast, you mighty beast devour them heart and soul, may their blood fill the hole and feed you even more, kill the weak and prove your strength because you serve me, kill them all if possible and do not let the world be, until you kill everything in your path and more, kill everything because you must ENGORGE!"

The last word hung in the air as the cave shook more and more violently before a single head erupted from the lake flooding everything around it. The head was almost indescribable it looked like the head of an eel mixed with one of a shark.

Many teeth surrounded the jagged and curvy mouth. It had hundreds of eyes all around its head each about the size of a full-grown human being. The beast looked around the lake and noticed the two fish people.

What happened next had almost made Layla throw up. The beast dipped his head threw the first person (The Man) up in the air, he then rose his head and snapped him up in mid-air causing the man's bloody guts to erupt from his fish like body, he then swallowed the man whole licking his scaly and blood stained lips.

The second person wasn't any more fortunate than the other. The beast threw her in the air as well but with her his mouth only bit onto her body causing the woman's head to simply fall off and splash into the water.

The beast then looked at Pearl and then dived back into the water; it took 2 minutes before the beast's tail finally sunk into the smiled and happily skipped back to the mirror.

"You're sick" was all Layla could think of to say to the demented mermaid.

Pearl looked back at her and smiled devilishly before saying "You know your next"

The comment wasn't a surprise to Layla who somehow saw that this was her fate but she still shuddered at the thought.

"Lord Alyal will be happy to know that you will be dead by the end of today" Pearl continued "Sad, I kind of liked you and I think my little brother might have had a crush on you" "Brother?" Layla said. "Yes my brother Joe, you know the guy who led you here and is, as we speak capturing your friend Yin" She paused "Speaking of which, where is he?" Layla gaped softly at the mermaid's comment, if Joe had truly captured Yin he would have returned by now but, there was a small ray of hope. If Yin actually managed to catch on to the fish boy's plan then she surely would have stopped him, so now Layla had one objective, stall Pearl as long as she could so maybe Yin could find her and save her. She pondered how she would do that as Pearl tapped her foot angrily mumbling "He better hurry up". Suddenly Layla came up with the perfect plan, "Please Hurry Yin" she whispered softly

*********************Yin's Perspective*****************************

The monkey girl sat across from the boy who as far as she was concerned was a traitor that didn't deserve even an ounce of her respect. He had finished telling her the where Layla was over 5 minutes ago, but she still stared at him hoping that he would provide some kind of excuse.

"Why" Yin stated coldly her eyes piercing through the fish boy's soul. She had a rare talent to not only know when people are lying but also know if they mean what they say or not.

She couldn't believe her powers had failed her, she had read Joe clearly and nothing interrupted his emotions, but still here he was telling how he misused their trust and turned in Layla to someone who would turn her into Alyal or even worse.

Joe gulped "I can't tell you Yin" he said not being able to look the girl in the eyes.

Yin shook her head before standing up and walking towards the lake.

"Fine, if you won't tell me why you did it then at least take me to where she is" she said bitterly not looking at Joe.

Joe stood up and slowly made his way towards her, "Yin listen I can't do that either…..I just can't".

Joe tried to put his hand on her shoulders but Yin turned before he could

"Don't touch me you scum, I already lost a lot of friends and you must be dreaming if you think I'm ready to lose another"

Yin grabbed Joe by the shoulders and spoke again "Joe please take me to her".

Joe shook his head and began stuttering

"Yin you don't understand if I….I tell you then she'll kill them"

Yin kept her calm and tried to get more information "Who Joe, who is she going to kill" Yin said softly Joe had a few tears streaming down his scaly cheeks

"My parents Yin, Pearl is going to kill my parents" Joe said holding back tears.

This comment stung at Yin a bit, she had a bad history with her parents and felt Joe's pain. She let go of his shoulders and smiled.

"Joe, we can help you",

"No you can't Yin, you just can't"

Yin looked Joe square in the eyes and spoke again "We can Joe just please take me to her".

Joe wiped the tears out of his face and spoke again "Okay just Yin, I just don't want to lose them" Yin smiled and faced the lake "Now then, how are we going to do it?"

**************************Joe's Perspective***********************

Joe was thankful that Yin had put her trust back into him for the second time. He was glad they could work together and was happy that he was saving his parents without hurting anyone. He was searching around the waterfall for another dive crystal. They were so incredibly rare that he only had accidently stumbled upon it the first time Layla and him dove into the lake.

The crystal allowed someone to breath for a full five minutes before the crystal lost its power. They could only be recharged by someone who had freezing powers. He only knew of one person who could actually do that and it was his sister.

He hated his sister and was glad that he didn't have to serve her another moment,

"There you are" he said as he found a crystal on a rock near the lake. It was almost glued onto the side of the rock but luckily Joe only needed a piece of the crystal. He bashed the crystal with a blunt piece of wood and it shattered off.

To his surprise the crystal was almost completely whole except for a small chunk missing around the top. He picked it up and ran back to where Yin was sitting

"Found one" he said shaking it to show off a bit.

Yin smiled but he could see the stress on her face, the trouble wasn't finding the crystal it was getting Yin to swim. Joe got a piece of lace and tied it through the necklace before tying it around Yin's neck.

Yin stood up "Can we get this over with" she said shaking her hands.

"After you" he said making a bowing motion trying to be polite.

Yin smiled and slowly made her way to the lake; she looked it over and put a toe in.

Slowly she inched her way into the lake before long she was all the way in. Layla held on tightly to the fertile earth that was above the earth. Joe smiled then did a graceful dive into the lake making a large splash.

He bobbed his head up and down in the lake watching Yin struggle to let go of the ground. He swam towards her and grabbed her hand. She didn't struggle now and simply let go of the ground.

He dove down still holding tight around Yin's hand, she had her eyes closed no wanting to even imagine the thought of swimming. Joe passed the octopod and it didn't even flinch, he imagined that his sister had told all the Octopods to let him pass.

Joe decided to use this to his advantage and hoped that Yin could play along. He soon began feeling cold; his sister used her freezing talent to make sure that no intruders could get through to her cave by making everything so cold it was impossible to move without freezing to death.

He looked back to make sure Yin was okay and to his surprise she was still holding strong as if the cold was not a problem at all. He soon saw light and swam up to the surface warm and moist air hitting his face.

He looked around the cave and saw his sister combing her hair and Layla held up in a cage. He only hoped that she wouldn't ruin the plan.

*****************Layla's Perspective*********************

Layla scowled as Joe crawled out of the lake holding Yin, his sister on the other hand looked as if she might die of happiness. Joe dropped Yin in front of Pearl and began speaking "Where are mom and dad" he said sternly.

"What, don't I get a hello" she said turning and laughing as if it were the funniest joke in the world.

Pearl stopped laughing and began speaking in her usual southern drawl

"Anyways, you'll see mom and dad all in good time but first help me get Layla out of her cage".

Joe nodded and approached the cage slowly. He opened the door and grabbed Layla by her wrists, he whispered into her ear

"Listen I have a plan just play along".

Layla spat, disgusted by the mere sight of the traitor, she wasn't going to follow the plan of a boy who mere minutes ago was probably hitting Yin until she was unconscious. Layla struggled to escape Joe's grip but for some reason her hands were harder to move. Joe half walked half dragged Layla to where Pearl was now setting something up.

"Throw her here" she said "We'll sacrifice her in a few minutes".

Layla still struggles but couldn't move her arms and her legs had been useless to her from the start. Suddenly Yin stood up and lashed out at Pearl. She threw several sharp hits but they were all blocked by Pearl who grabbed one of Yin's hands and threw her back to where she was originally positioned. Joe gasped as Pearl turned towards him

"Honestly little bro did you really think I wouldn't expect something like this out of you"she said flinging him to where Yin and Layla were.

"Geez you're such a little goody two shoes, always trying to be the hero"

Pearl turned and for a brief second Layla almost thought the lights faded out. Pearl turned back towards the lake and dove in laughing manically. There was a sudden flash and the ground beneath Layla began crumbling.

The same happened to Yin and Joe as the whole cave began crumbling piece by piece. Yin and Joe began struggling to their feet but the ground under them collapsed under their weight. She heard a splash and she felt the ground under her slip away before she too fell into the murky water.

******************Yin's Perspective*****************

Yin flailed around wildly trying to get her head to go above the water. Her head slowly inched down as the more she struggled as if it were quicksand. Suddenly she remembered a piece of advice Joe had given her

"Don't struggle swimming comes naturally"

She stopped struggling and she floated like a stray log. She began paddling and managed to find Layla's unconscious body floating steadily above the waves. She swam towards her and grabbed dragged her along.

Yin was managing to swim but it was only a small doggy paddle and it wouldn't get her that far so she tried to swim like Joe did. She soon realized that was a huge mistake as she almost drowned herself and Layla a few times.

Suddenly she began moving faster without actually swimming, her body began going in circles and before long she realized the cause; she was trapped in a whirlpool.

She panicked and began struggling to keep her head above water once again. Layla's body was submerged under the water and Yin couldn't hold onto her anymore. Layla's body flew into the tide as Yin reluctantly let go.

The whirlpool was now visible and Yin gasped at the mere strength and size of the ginormous vortex. Her body was nearing the center and before long her whole body had been dragged underwater as Yin fainted from the strength she had used.

*******************Joe's Perspective**************

Joe opened his eyes to see his sister standing before him with a dark and evil grin on her face. He looked at her side where Yin was frozen in a block of ice. He instantly felt a cold chill run up his spine and he began to get dizzy.

Despite this he managed to stay awake and look at his sister. His sister reached out her arm which had something black and covered with rubies on it. She spoke clearly as if the water didn't slow down her voice

"Chaos Merge".

The cave began to rumble once again and two large red eyes appeared in the almost bottomless pit beneath Pearl. A dark shadow wrapped around her and filled the room drowning it in darkness.

Joe couldn't see but felt someone grab his hand. Then there was a strained voice

"F…Found it M...Monzy MERGE"

It was clearly Layla's voice and not a second after she screamed this there was a blinding light and Joe instantly felt stranger. Light slowly came back into view and Joe saw his sister once again swimming there but something was odd.

His sister was still there but she had changed, her legs had merged to form a mermaid tail, her hair became longer and flowed all the way to the bottom, also a giant crystal was infused into her abdomen and it glowed intensely but behind her there was nothing but shadows.

She laughed like a psychotic prisoner left to long in jail

"It's too late brother dear, or should I say Layla"

Joe looked around but couldn't find Layla but still he was positive the comment his sister said was directed towards him. Then Joe realized it, he had merged with Layla when the bright light had appeared.

He now had a large dorsal fin sticking out of his head and his body was slimmer and much more feminine like. He then heard a voice say "Prepare yourself Joe" and then he lost control of his body

**********************Layla's Perspective**************

Layla planted her feet in the wall behind her and launched herself at Pearl but Pearl moved at an astonishing rate and simply dodged the attack. Layla still using the momentum she gained leaped off another nearby wall sending her flying towards Pearl once again.

Suddenly everything went black and Layla was hit with a ton of force, the force sending her flying backwards where she crashed into a wall and almost passed out by the mere strength of the attack.

Layla recovered and set her eyes back on her target. The mermaid wasn't even swimming she merely hung there without much effort.

"Come at me darling"

She said waving her skinny finger in the air. Layla seethed with fury and once again launched herself at Pearl but this time when Pearl moved away Layla didn't try to follow her she sped on ahead colliding with something that defiantly wasn't a wall.

The shadows disappeared as light returned temporarily to the lake pit and Layla saw Abyss recoiling in pain. Darkness was restored and Layla now knew what had happened. Pearl had been able to avoid the attacks because she had merged with Abyss and when she did the two merged into an angler fish monster.

Pearl served as the light that was on a string like appendage that the angler fish had on its head and Abyss served as the angler fish itself. Pearl was furious that Layla had figured it out that quickly and attacked her on the spot.

Layla outmaneuvered her and punched her straight across her face. The shadows once again shifted and Layla saw that massive beast roar in pain and recoil.

"Layla you are going to have to do better than that if we want to finish this thing off" she heard the voice in the back of her head say.

Layla knew Joe was right but she couldn't think of a plan with the Pearl constantly attacking. Perhaps if she was stronger she might be able to finish off the beast thereby disabling Pearl but the question was….how?

She then noticed something in the corner of her eye and as she focused on it she noticed that it was the remains of Annie which was merely a small statuette. She launched towards it avoiding Pearl's grasp only by a few inches.

She grabbed the statue and placed it in the slot of her Monzy Gauntlet before she became surrounded by shadows that engulfed her and everything around her, the shadows blinded her and she was no longer in control of her body. She felt nothing and was surrounded by darkness but as quick as it happened it ended.


Layla found herself on a cold wet cavern floor. She looked around noticing plenty of fish people running and playing around, of them many came up to her and said things like "Thank You" and "We owe you" but Layla merely dismissed them.

After a while Joe appeared and picked her up.

"Has everyone thanked you"

Layla nodded then looked around a bit stressed.

"Where's Yin" she said.

Joe looked at her and smiled

"My family decided it be best if she ate and got some new clothes"

He reached behind his back and out a small statue in Layla's hand. It depicted a large serpent coiling around a woman who looked exactly like Pearl. "Yin has the other one" Joe said pointing at her gauntlet.

"That was pretty insane what you did back there" he said clearly impressed.

Layla still had no clue what happened when she put in the statue but she knew that she was never going to do it again.

"Come on we should get you some new clothes" Joe said holding out his hand.

Layla grabbed it and followed him

Fully clothed and fed Yin and Layla begin traveling to the next area.

"Wait" Joe said running up behind them. "I want to travel with you guys"

Joe said trying to catch his breath. Yin looked at him questioningly

"Are you sure, I mean you barely know us" Yin said looking at Joe as if he were crazy.

"I know but I want to help you guys take down Alyal and bring piece back to Monzy Land" Yin looked at Joe then at Layla thinking it over. Layla nodded and Yin did the same before Yin began laughing

"I just hope you don't fall in love with Layla"

Joe blushed and for the first time in what seemed like ages Layla laughed.