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"Psyche… the beauty of a soul that could make even the great angel of love fumble and prick himself with his arrows and call upon the ire of the Goddess of Beauty. To human curiosity she was prey, and a long road she did travel to earn once more the love she had foolishly forsaken. To Hade's kingdom and back she traveled and taken Persephone's beauty captured in a box to only fall once more to mortal inquisition. Eros waited for her to return to his arms and begged the God's to sate his mother's fiery rage and the once mortal born Psyche was born again as Goddess of the soul and destined for Love's arms."

Calix's eyelids fluttered a little to reveal the honey colored gaze it had been hiding. The dazed eyes slowly began to focus when movement caught his attention. It was that movement that had woken him in the first place. Beside him a dark figure was trying to slide into his bed. Normally, such an act would scare the living hell out of him. Calix's lips parted in a small smile and lifted his arms in calling for the man. Soft lips pressed against his own and his fingers curled into the silky hair of the shadowed man.

"Eros…" Calix called when their lips parted.

The man above gave a musical chuckle before a gentle hand caressed Calix's suddenly flushed cheeks. "Calix, it's nice to know you've warmed to my presence. I remember a time when you'd lift your hand not to embrace, but to strike, and lips opened to a scream," Eros cooed as he pulled free one of Calix's hands and kissed his fingertips.

"You can't blame me for that!" he pouted. "You scared me then. How would you feel if someone suddenly entered your bed?"

Eros grinned and kissed the pouting lips. "That doesn't matter now, my sweet. It's been a while since last I visited you." Exploring lips were quick to press against Calix's palm before they began to trail down the inside of the man's arm.

"It has been too long. When will you come and stay by my side forever? When will you trust me enough to see your face?" Calix whispered.

Eros's hand tightened on the wrist he held and he let out a sigh. Not this conversation again. "Calix, I come when I can. I do wish I could stay with you, but I can't. You agreed to this arrangement, to never see my face. Why is what I give you not enough all of a sudden? I told you not to ask me this. This is one thing I cannot give you."

"Eros… I am sorry. Everything you give me is beyond enough. I love you. My heart aches in the morning of these visits when I find you gone. I want to wake with you by my side."

"I can't. I told you that. Now hush, my darling. Let's not speak of the forbidden."

Eros leaned down to take possession of his lover's throat and sucked on it gingerly. He smiled at the shiver it caused the warm body beneath him to endure. As he always did, Eros was going to make sure Calix was enraptured by their love and make him scream for him. It truly had been too long away from him. Eros pulled back the blanket away from his lover slowly began to untie Calix's pants. He made use of the time to change positions and suck on the other side of his lover's throat and listened to him gasp. Eros let his hand's delicately run over the hot skin of his lover's body and ignite the burning within him. Being the god of desire and sexual love certainly had its perks.

Eros brought his hands up to pull his mortal lover away from his shirt and looked down at the quivering chest beneath. He felt Calix's legs open for him and his heart fluttered. He had ever the willing lover.

"Not yet my love," he cooed to him and reached up to tangle a hand in the soft locks at the base of Calix's head to pull him into a kiss.

He let his tongue graze the mortal's lips that eagerly accepted and moaned into Eros's mouth as their tongue's danced. Eros smiled against him when he felt Calix's hand began to trace his spine. He gave a shiver and let his free hand reach down between them and traced circles on Calix's thighs and relished the shivering it produced from the lithe body. He brought his hands a little higher to trace the mortal's pride. He gave a shiver of his own when he heard the gasp of pleasure.

The god had planned on teasing his lover a little more, but he was too eager himself. How long had it been without Calix? Months perhaps? He straddled the man's hips and slowly and continued to caress his lover gently and rubbed his tip to keep his lover moaning for him while he reached for the lubricant the human seemed to like. He slicked his fingers before he pressed them against Calix's eager body. He may be a god, but he didn't want the mortal in pain when he entered him. He watched his lover as Calix let out a small cry and his body arched against him. He could feel Calix's nails digging into his back. Calix had gotten a little tighter since last they were together.

Eros brought his head down to lick and nip at the man's nipples before he started to suck on them. He loved how the body squirmed beneath him and pressed down into his hand. He decided to give his little human a treat for his eagerness. He pressed his fingers deeper and grazed that special little bundle of nerves inside him. He was rewarded with Calix's throaty cry and full body shiver.

"My, how reactive you are tonight," Eros chuckled and licked his throat. "I don't remember you raising your voice beyond a whisper when I prepped you."

"E-Eros," Calix called to him and rolled his hips up against Eros's need, earning a groan from the god. "I-I am ready…"

Calix gave a small whimper when Eros withdrew his fingers. Yes, very needy tonight. Eros slowly entered his lover with a moan to echo his lover. He let the mortal adjust beneath him before he began roll his hips into the man slow and gentle at first. The more Calix called for him, the faster or harder he got depending on how the body reacted. He wanted to prolong this as much as he could so he slowed when he felt Calix rising up faster that he liked. When Eros knew he couldn't prolong it anymore for his tortured love, he moved faster and harder and stroked Calix in time with the rolling of his hips and made sure he made good use of that special heated spot inside of him.

When Calix came, Eros relished the sound of his lover's loud cry of his name and the arch in his back as he pressed against him, his warm seed spilling against his hand. Eros came soon after and smiled as his lover's body accepted his generous offering. Eros stopped moving when his lover tired of their heated exchange. No matter how a mortal tried, they could never have the stamina of a god.

Eros watched Calix's heaving chest rise and fall as he panted. Calix always looked so stunning this way with his sweat making his flushed skin glisten. Eros kissed Calix again and nipped his lips before he pulled away to lie down beside him and cradle the burning body against him. He liked to listen to the mortal's frenzied heart as it tried to calm itself down. It was pleasing, knowing he was the one that had disrupted its rhythm so.

"Eros," Calix's called quietly. "I love you."

"And I you, my little turtle dove. Now rest. It is late."

Calix nodded to the man and curled up against him but didn't sleep. He wanted to stay up as long as he could. He wanted to be awake when his lover was here. The moments they had together were precious to Calix and it saddened him they were so few. He watched his lover's chest as he slept. Calix pressed his head against Eros's heart and listened to the gentle yet strong beating of life. A small smile touched his lips. That belonged to him. Eros was his, and he was Eros's. It would never change.

"I love you," he cooed again and took the mellifluous snoring as an 'I love you to'. Against his will, Calix's eye lids dropped and he was whisked away into sleep.

When he awoke next, he reached out searching for Eros so he could cling to his warmth. He was suddenly very cold. He couldn't find his body. He forced his eyes open and he sat up in his bed and winced a little at the pain in his backside. He looked around but his lover from the shadows wasn't there. The familiar ache in his chest made itself known. He curled up on the bed and dropped his head onto his knees. He hated waking up alone. It was so… lonely. Especially after a night like last night. Last night. He would just think about that. His lover would return to him again and they'd share bliss once more wrapped in each other's arms. With the insight that he wasn't alone made his spirits lift.