Hello everyone! Long time no see, eh? (Please don't kill me . I know I haven't updated in a while.) I wanted to set up this update on the stories that I am currently working on so that you guys can get this update and not wonder why I haven't posted or think that I am not going to continue or something. I have been quite busy as of late but I am trying to get things updated and posted, and I don't have Microsoft office anymore so I can't edit or continue writing on my stories at the moment. I am also a little stuck on Time's Sacrifice at the moment so any feedback/suggestions are very welcome! You might find your suggestion in the story and acknowledgment in the notes I place on the chapter. ^^

I miss you guys and all of your reviews. When I am down, the reviews really get me fired up to continue writing again 8D. Please continue to leave your comments and reading! I know it has been a while and your patience is probably thin by now, but I promise to update! I'll be back! I'll force myself to at least post something every 2 weeks for you guys. Thank you for reading this and hanging in there my dear readers. ^.^ -hug-