Chapter 3

Location: Demon General Mansion (Main Hall); Lucenia

Date: December 25, 2010.

Michael yawned as he entered unnecessarily large room. It couldn't even be called a normal room is what he used to say every time he walked in. There was a large pine tree that stood in the middle of the room. Many different ornament and lights coated the tree to the point where he began to wonder if there really was a tree underneath all the Christmas decorations. The room around him was large enough to be called a small ballroom with its wide open space that was currently taken by the tree.

Behind the tree there was a fireplace that had four stocking hanging with the names of the three young Generals including Michael's and a small stocking with "Alexis" embroidered on it and a little elf. There were 3 sofas set in front of the fireplace and a round table in the middle. Michael looked up at the ceiling that had a crystal chandelier dangling nearly touching the silver star atop the tree. He smirked to himself at the chandelier since he thought that the thing wasn't really needed but he wasn't really complaining since it still gave light to the room.

"So you came back? I started thinking you wouldn't come back for Christmas" Michael turned to see Demona standing at the door wearing a Santa tank top with a red skirt. "What? Was the hard core Demona worried about me? That's so sweet." He snickered. Demona frowned at his comment. "Can you not be an ass for one day?" Michael stopped snickering and put on a grin. "Sorry. It's just an instinct." Demona walked past him making Michael feel like he just got shunned. "Ouch. At least say something? I got my ass handed to earlier so I need some pick up."

"Tell me where you went then." She stopped and faced him with her hand on her hip. Michael rolled his eyes in response. "You're still on about that? Does it really matter that much?" The two stared at each other for what felt like hours.

"Fine." Demona crossed her arms clearly not satisfied with his answer. "Then what were you doing? At least tell me that." Michael stared at her and attempted to answer. "I-I went out for some air." He lied. He couldn't let anyone know that he had also signed a contract as a demon hunter. Contrary to popular belief, being a normal demon hunter was exactly like being a priest or saying your against Hell, according to Emperor Reene. Michael criticized the idea of saying they were different from the Generals.

The Generals are to never act on their own, is what the Emperor said and of course his word was law in Lucenia. After Michael had left, he had gone to a client that had hired him. The kills were nothing to him and he finished the job within an hour which let him spend time atop the "One Time Square" building and led to the meeting of the vampire princess Jo.

"Hey. Earth to Michael." Michael blinked to see Demona with what he thought was a worried look. "S-sorry. Just a little tired." "Good. I thought you were going to just fall flat on the ground." Michael grinned. "Then that means you'd have to carry me back to my room." "Nah. I'd just leave you on the ground. Maybe they'd mistake you for the carpet." "Now that's a little harsh isn't it?" Demona shook her head.

"Can't you two not act like this, this early in the morning?" The voice came from the doorway where Jack and Marxis stood. Jack had a huge grin on his face. "But I have to say it's nice to see young love again" Demona's face turned bright red and Michael's remained unchanged. "J-jack! When did you guys get back?" Demona asked hoping in her mind that the subject would change.

"Just a few hours ago. Didn't want to miss Christmas. So, did we miss anything while we were gone?" The two walked in and headed toward one of the sofas and sat down. Michael and Demona followed and sat on the sofa facing Jack and Marxis. "Not much." Michael answered. "Went to Russia, saw some snowmen, got a bite to eat, killed a homicidal Russian life stealer, then that was pretty much it for our day." Marxis chuckled. "Sounds like a fun day for you three. Anything else?" Demona answered this time. "No. But Oblivion was called by the Emperor." Jack shifted his eyes to Marxis at the word emperor. "Did Oblivion tell you anything when he returned?" asked Marxis.

Demona shook her head. "He didn't tell me anything. He just looked at me and went to his room. The guy really needs to be more social" Jack leaned back in his spot. "Eh, cut the guy some slack. He's been fighting longer than both of you." He shifted his gaze towards the doorway where Oblivion walked in. "Oh speak of the half devil." Oblivion gave a small frown at Jacks remark. "I'm a half demon. Not devil."

Jack shrugged. "Devils, Demons, Angels. They're all the same to me frankly. They just have different names." Michael crossed his arms grinning. "I think every religion in the world would have something to say against that. Especially the hard core Satanists and Catholics." "True but aren't you Catholic and a Demon General? That would be a contradiction if I didn't know any better." Michael opened his mouth to respond but couldn't find a good response against the truth. He then looked away with a defeated look on his face.

"Anyway," All four of them looked at Oblivion before them. He was wearing a dark red flannel shirt with a black shirt underneath. He also wore blue jeans. But what they focused on more was the red clown nose on his face and the reindeer antlers on his head. Michael and Demona both bit their lips trying hard to not laugh at their friend. "H-hey." Said Michael trying very hard to keep his grin but was failing. "T-that's a good look for-fo" Michael burst out laughing with Demona. Oblivion's frowned.

"I don't find this funny." He was still ignored by his laughing friends. Even Marxis and Jack were looking away but Oblivion could tell they were laughing.

"Awww don't be like that General. You gotta be in the Christmas spirit." A young girl looking about the age of ten walked into the room wearing a knee length red dress with white fur trimmings on her cuffs. She had long sand coloured hair and wore a Santa hat.

Michael and Demona finally stopped laughing at the sight of the girl. "Morning Alexis. Merry Christmas" Said Marxis with a smile. The girl smiled with her hands behind her back as she walked up to the three younger generals. They stared at Alexis trying to look behind her. She tilts her head.

"What are you looking at?" She asked. They averted their gazes trying to look innocent. Alexis walked up to the three of them with a smile that could melt ice. She took her from her back and in her hands were three presents wrapped in a red, green and blue bow. "I know I've been harsh with you by putting you through so much. I wanted to make it up to you three." She had a sad look on her face but the young generals were not paying attention to her face. They stared at the presents.

It wasn't that they didn't like her because they actually loved having Alexis around. The only problem they had was that they had been her test subjects for the many new weapons or inventions that she and Raquel had made over the past few years. After so many involuntary tests, Michael and Demona had come up with a system that would work with certainty.

If they heard Alexis coming towards them, whoever was left behind, or caught by her would be her test subject for the day.

"Aren't you going to open it?" she asked looking up at us with her beady like blue eyes. Michael and Demona looked at each other and then at Oblivion who was tugging lightly at the bow on his box. They knew there was no way to get out of this situation now. Michael nudged Demona in her side. "I think Demona should open hers first. Ladies first right Oblivion?" He looked up and nodded ignoring the death glare from Demona. They knew she was going to kill them later, but they also knew this would give them a head start to run away.

Demona looked down at the present. Her vision narrowed so that it was the only thing she could see. She slowly reached for the bow with every second making her heart race at the anticipation of what could be inside the small box. She took a quick glance at Michael and Oblivion to find them hiding behind Marxis and Jack across from her.

'You guys are so dead if I live through this." she thought tugging at the bow.

The bow slid off easily and she let it fall to the ground. The radiance of Alexis' sparkling eyes was only pointed at Demona. With hesitation, she quickly lifted the lid of the box and looked away with eyes shut waiting for an explosion.

Nothing happened. "Eh?" Demona looked into the box and found a metallic cuff bracelet with a green gem on it. She took it out of the box to show.

"I know you can't use magic so I made this bracelet for you. IT took so long to make it without someone to help me. I wanted to keep it a secret so I didn't ask any of you for help." Alexis looked at Oblivion and Michael who now looked back and forth between their own boxes and the bracelet. "You can open yours too. I had enough materials so I made two extras." She said with a shrug. Michael opened his quickly and took out a bracelet with a blue gem. Oblivion opened his and took out a bracelet with a red gem.

"But wait," said Michael. "You made this to help let Demona use magic right?" Alexis nodded. "So why give me and Oblivion one? We can already use magic. I don't see the poi-"His sentence was cut off as the blue gem glowed and in a blue flame, a black katana appeared. "M-Muramasa?" stammered Michael.

Alexis nodded again. "I didn't put the same system as Demona's into your bracelets. Instead I put a copy of your weapons into the bracelet. The bracelet acts as a projector that makes a solid copy." Michael began swinging the blade testing out the weight. "It will feel the same as your actual weapon but it is still a copy and won't last as long as your weapon in a big fight."

Michael tossed the blade into the air and it shattered into pieces like glass. He then patted her head smiling. "Thanks for the present little scientist." Demona came up and hugged the little girl thanking her for the new bracelet with extreme enthusiasm. Oblivion stood next to the laughing group with a small smile.

"Hey! There are still presents that need to be given out. Everyone has a present for everyone here." said Jack grinning and holding a big box with the tag reading 'For Alexis.' She ran over to Jack jumping; trying to grab the present.

The rest of the presents were given out amongst the group shortly. Eventually it was turned into a party when Marxis had left and returned with the Emperor's guards and trays of food brought by servants that were also the Emperor's. Everyone laughed and talked while others ate food. Oblivion was called away before the party so Demona and Michael were left alone with the adults that they hardly knew except on the battlefield. Michael surveyed the scene of the room. Alexis was laughing and sitting on Raquel's laugh as Jack was telling a story about how he had actually met Santa Clause. Amazingly, he managed to get some of the guardsmen to huddle around to listen to story.

Marxis was talking with some of them who were his old friends and drinking a full glass of wine. The smile on his face never disappeared as he listened to them tell stories of their own battles that the Generals weren't involved in.

Michael sighed and looked around the room to see Demona who was drinking a glass of water sitting in a chair against the wall. From where he stood, she looked lonely and sad at the same time as he saw her eyes scan over the merry people. He couldn't tell what she was thinking but he knew he had to do something.

"I should have seen this coming ever since I got up this morning. You know? Marxis throwing a party." Said Michael as he walked over to her and sat down in the chair next to her.

Demona nodded silently and her eyes were lowered. "Hey now don't you get down on yourself. It's a party and it's Christmas. You've gotta be happy." Michael smiled and pointed at his face. A sense of accomplishment set in when she laughed at him though he didn't remember making a joke.

"Well I see the lovey duo are having fun." Jack walked up to them. His grin grew and his eyes shifted up above the two.

Michael's face returned to what he called "no emotion mode". "Lovey what?" he asked.

Jack was good at telling jokes but he could still never understand what went on in the childish adult's mind. He turned to face Demona. "Hey you know what he means by that?" Demona did not respond except with her blushing face that was looking above. Michael looked up and saw a piece of mistletoe that was dangling on a string just in between them. Demona began to wave her hands in defense towards Jack.

"T-This isn't what it looks like! We didn't even know that was there until just now!" she stammered.

"Oh so you two were going to go at it even without the mistletoe? Damn you kids have more guts than we did." Raquel walked up next to Jack and placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed. "You know you just called me old right?" "W-wait I didn't mean it like that."

The two began to argue. Demona was watching the two which Michael thought was a good time to get out. He got up quickly and hopped out of the window next to him with no one noticing.

Location: Central park; New York

Date: December 25 2010

Michael sat on the cold cement looking at the carnage in front of him. At first he saw the silver haired boy race towards him with a sword in hand, but he passed Michael and was running towards the pack of monster looking wolves behind him. It was like a scene from an action movie as the boy ducked and slashed at the monsters never missing a beat. Within a minute, the boy stood above Michael with the freshly killed monsters around him. The stench of blood filled Michael's nostrils but he did not care. He was paying more attention to the boy with bright yellow eyes that shown in the shadow of his hood.

"Who are you?" the boy asked.

"M-Michael. Michael David Rosas." He didn't know what else to do except answer the question. There wasn't much he could do against someone who held a weapon in front of him. Especially after watching said person fight with ease against monsters.

The boy opened his mouth to say something but the world began to fade into black.

Michael opened his eyes and saw the bright full moon. He sighed. "I still can't believe I'm a Demon General." Michael said holding out his hand in front of him. "and I still cant believe what just happened in the mansion." He felt his face heat up slightly at the memory.

"What happened in the mansion?" Michael sat up see the brown eyes of Jo. Her face was too close to his which made him uneasy but he didn't dare show it. "Nothing you need to know about Vampire Princess." He got up off the park bench and started to walk away but Jo tailed closely behind him.

"Really? You seem pretty irritated by whatever it was." This girl was starting to get on his nerves but he didn't want to let her know that or risk a war between Lucenia and the Vampire kingdoms. Marxis would definitely kill him if he brought something like this past a political resolution. Michael turned to face Jo only to see her going for a roundhouse kick to his face. In the split second, he leaned back to dodge the kick and jumped backwards to get some distance from her.

"What the hell!?" shouted Michael raising his hand which now held his katana back handed. "What was that for you bat girl!?" Jo frowned at the question. "I am a vampress but we don't turn into those rats with wings. I just wanted to see what you would do since you are a Demon General."

"And so to figure out, you decided to just flat out attack me?" "Yep." Michael chuckled at her reply. "Alright Princess Sparkles. If you wanted to fight me, then I'll fight you." He then leaned forward and with incredible speed, dashed toward Jo and made a slash at her neck but she instantly leaned backwards. She then quickly kneeled and sweeped at his legs making him fall down. Before Michael could even get up, he was pinned down when Jo sat on his stomach. "Get off me please Ms. Sparkles?"

"Please stop calling me that." She said with a sigh. "You know that this is really sad considering your supposed to be unbeatable right?"

Michael frowned. "Remember last night when you saw me get my ass kicked? I'm not a great fighter. Besides, I don't even want to fight you. You're the one who wanted it." The girl leaned down to where their faces were just inches away. All Michael could do was stare into her violet eyes. He grinned widely.

"Don't tell me your getting happy are you?" asked Jo not bringing her face up.

"Nope" He put his hands on her stomach and Jo felt extreme heat from his hands. "You just gave me an opening." Michael's eyes flashed and Jo jumped away as a bright violet beam of light shot from his hands upward.

"It is true that I know I suck at actual fighting." Michael got to his feet and put his hands in his pockets and on the ground around him, a bright green pentagram formed. "My real specialty," small green orbs of light appeared within the circle around him. "is magic. DEATH MAGNUM!" he shouted raising his hand.

In that instant, the many orbs scattered in the air and closed in on Jo who gripped her knife and threw it up in the air. The orbs crashed onto her leaving a large cloud of dust from the impacts. Looking at the cloud, Michael knew this would definitely cause some people in the area to call the police. He also knew that if they didn't call because of the cloud, then they'd call because of the impact blasts that gave off the sounds of exploding bombs.

"Marxis is definitely not going to be happy about this." Sighed Michael as he took a hand out of his pocket. The cloud began to disappear revealing a giant hole in the ground that looked wide enough to fit ten people and deep enough to possibly swim in. "Yeah, I'm dead when I get back."

"Aren't you forgetting something?" rang a girl's voice. Michael turned to see Jo's knife close to his face but Michael leaned back. Jo then ducked low and went for a sweep at his legs again but this time Michael jumped. In that moment, a dark blue aura enveloped his right foot and he straight kicked her in her arms that she raised to block the attack. With the addition to magic, the force of the kick had sent her back a good distance.

Jo gave a smile and lowered her knife. "Alright. I think you've proved your good."

Michael did not lower his sword. "What do you mean?"

"Its just exactly what I mean." She said with a pleased smile. She then snapped her fingers and the knives in her hands seemed to fade away in a light mist that blew away in the wind.

Michael still did not lower his blade. In his mind, thoughts raced about what the girl in front of him could do at any moment. At this point, he didn't trust the "I'm done" act that she was putting on at the moment. She was the one who attacked first and he really didn't want to let that little fact go.

"What? Still don't trust me?" she asked. Michael could only nod in response.

Jo sighed and put her hands on her hips. "I just wanted to see how good you guys were since everyone back home talks about the Generals. I couldn't really know since I was forced to stay in the kingdom but I finally found a way to get out and find one of you."

"And this was becauseā€¦?"

"It's really boring being stuck in my duties for so long. I just wanted to have some fun on my own." She said taking her hand off her hip and letting fall. "I'm sorry if I hurt your pride or something but you don't know what it's like being the princess of an entire kingdom."

Memories of articles and books Michael had read back at the mansion had begun to flood into his mind. From what he could remember, Jo's information had been right. There was always a princess or prince that would rule a single vampire clan depending on the family blood of the ruler. There were even times when the Generals had to step in to fight the clans which had mostly been during the Dark Ages because there were many rumors about blood thirsty beasts that roamed the night attacking merchants or travelers. Eventually the barbaric vampires had been beaten back but there were many vampiric deaths during those times.

Michael sighed as he tossed his katana in the air and it turned into black smoke. "I guess there's no reason for me to have that around then. You said you were a princess right?" Jo nodded. "That's right Mr. General."

"Alright then. Answer me this the-"

The sounds of police sirens were ringing in the distance but they were gradually getting closer. "Shit. Yo Jo we need to move now" he turned his head to Jo but she was nowhere to be seen. "Aw come on!" Michael then proceeded to run into a dark shaded path away from the now arriving police cars.

Oblivion looked down from the building as he watched Michael run away with the police. He had seen the entire fight and was surprised to see the vampire princess make an appearance. As much as he didn't want to, he knew he would have to report this back to the Emperor.

"Hey what's up?"

Oblivion turned his head to see a girl with black hair that stopped just above her shoulder. she wore a light red hoodie that had crescent moon print on her left. Brown eyes seemed to glow in the night.

"What are you doing here Gatekeeper?" asked Oblivion taking a glance at the girl.

"Do I need a reason to follow you?"

"You're a neutral party between the four realms. There can only be a reason as to why you're out here with me."

The girl frowned. "Well that's not really nice. You don't talk to people much do you?"

"I don't need to talk to others. I listen to my Emperor and I do whatever he says." Oblivion clenched his fist slightly which the girl noticed.

""You know you don't have to listen to him right? You're more powerful than him. All you need to do is-" The girl didn't even have enough time to blink as Oblivion spun around crouched on his heel and swung his arm at her with sword in hand. His motion stopped with the blade just below her chin. Her face remained emotionless at this action.

Oblivion stood up with sword still at her neck and in a low threatening tone said, "Don't ever talk about the Emperor in my presence Jessica. Your job is to make sure that anything we miss stays hidden or sent back to hell. Your advice is not needed.

Jess sighed and shrugged as she turned and started to walk away. "Fine. I guess I'll let social outcasts be social outcasts." She then stopped to glance at Oblivion who now returned to looking down at the scene below. "Oblivion." She said, "Something doesn't feel right. I just came here to tell you that you shouldn't follow your Emperor so blindly. What if you end up like your parents?"

"I said your advice is not needed Gatekeeper." Said Oblivion once more but his voice sounded softer.

Jess remained silent and continued walking forward as a dark red wall of light appeared infront of her and she disappeared leaving Oblivion in the night. He knew what she said was right but that wouldn't make anything in his life better. He mentally traced the path that he had seen Michael run to and jumped off the building landing softly on the ground. He didn't care anymore about what he wanted. But right now what he wanted was to find out what his friend was up to and nothing was going to stop him.