So for any of you who have read my work before I must warn you, I don't do serius very often. So this story will bea tad different, ok it's a lot different. I am planning on making this a chapter story, but it may just be a series of one shots. I try my best but I'm not perfect. This is fairly only the first part of this story so you know that I will have to continue at some point. Please enjoy.


It was an ugly winter day. The sun wasn't shining, the wind was blowing with such vengeance that you could have sworn that it was trying to knock you over, and as the falling snow crashed into your face it stung like a thousand bees. No the day wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. The weather was my main problem today compared to my usual abundance in quarrels and worries. Today my only real problem was getting the groceries back home in one piece. Sure they weren't special, they were just baking supplies, but these few groceries that I had were going to feed the queen. It was her majesties' granddaughter's birthday the next day and I was in charge of baking the cake. I was this little brat's head cook and I had to put up with her ridicule over every little thing.

My charge wasn't the most pleasant to work for, but she sure wasn't like her brothers. Her older brother was a dream to work for. He treated all his staff with great respect and never complained once about what was put in front of him.

Her twin brother was on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. He ordered his staffs around like it was their only purpose in life was to weight on him hand and foot. Not a meal went by without one complaint that sent his poor cook, Miss. Merriam, crying in the washroom. He picked out the dumbest things, for example: "Are you all completely useless; I can still taste the broccoli in my broccoli soup." Or "What on earth is this poor excuse for bread, it is too brown at the top, I like mine tan and you incompetent fools have made it golden." Yes I was glad that I didn't have him for a charge, but his sister wasn't much better.

My charge was a stunning little lass at the age of ten. She did not ridicule my cooking on a regular basis, but she did throw it. The girl was loud when she didn't get her way, but this was food. She knew that I made what her parents told me to prepare for her, so she couldn't yell and scream about it, but she could throw it. And boy would she throw it. There were days where the whole cleaning staff and I would be scrubbing off the dining room walls half way through the night. Yes, she was a hard cookie to be around and no, I did not like her.

So in a summery, I'm on my way back to my home so that I can make a birthday cake for my annoying charge that will most likely throw the cake that had hours of work put into it across the room and I will spend my night cleaning it off the wall. Yes, my life sucked, but that didn't mean in the least that I would have wished it away.


When I reached my professional kitchen at the palace, I was exhausted. I had been up all night preparing this absolutely beautiful cake for my charge. It was everything that she loved. It was chocolate cake with milk chocolate dotting the inside; it was shaped as a giant pink rose with a small pixie huddled inside. My cake was marvellous, and I would be so angry if my evil little charge chose to throw it at me. Oh I would be so mad.

I could hear the other workers in the palace starting to decorate the ball room for the great festivities that were going to take place. You see the twins were turning eleven, that is the first twinned number in the whole spectrum and to your majesty the Queen, this was a big deal. The queen had all the dukes, royal personage, ladies, princes, any leader or person of great influence would be there with their children to celebrate this "wondrous" occasion.

The twin twerps would be showered with presents that they didn't even know what to do with yet. There would be dancing, and jesters would be brought in to honor them. Everything was going to take place that you could possibly imagine for an eleven year old to enjoy. Rumor has it that their parents were even going to show up, that hadn't happened in years. Yes the children got to see their parents, but it was a rarity. They were usually off on some sort of business trip that had poor peasants shower them with expensive gifts, and then trying to negotiate with some mayor about raising taxes. It was a terrible job that was perfect for the terrible duo.

Rumor also had it that the Queen was finally going to announce what countries the twins were going to be married into for another treaty. The poor eldest brother got stuck with some snooty Sultana from Greece. The poor prince tried his heart out to try and please her, he even tried to call off the marriage, but she would have nothing. The one thing that the prince was sure about was that there was another out there that has won her heart and this lad would be unattainable for his lovely bride to be. Though there was no doubt that he loved the grandee, it was so sad to watch him buy her the finest joules only to have her turn them down, every single one. Her only excuse ever was: "I can't be seen in public like this, your people will think me a charity case, and please stop trying so hard Prince Delran."

I hoped that my charge would get a good lad that she could get along with; even if she didn't love him I wanted her to be able to like him. I also wanted her to be on her best behaviour because the Queen was inviting his parents so that they could see who they had agreed for their son to marry, the young maiden that was going to raise their grandchildren.

I had done my best with her, I had taught her how to fake a liking of people in the direst of situations and when to smile at the perfect events. I had taught my young charge how to curtsy and how to be polite even when you were tired. I taught her all the tricks in the book on how to analyse a person then how to make the best impression on them. Her main problem with this situation is that she wouldn't know who she was trying to impress until the festivities were almost over. This was going to be hard to watch.

I placed the cake where it needed to be and chatted with my associate cook about Aaron's, the boy twin's, cake. We discussed the possible remaining places that our charges could be arranged with. We double checked every last detail of the food and made sure that all three meals were in the process of being prepared or being laid out for the arrival of the guests. Nothing could go wrong, and nothing would as long as we made it Murphy proof.

We had just finished double checking everything when the bell rang signaling that my charge was awake and was ready for her morning blackstrap molasses and her birthday gift from me. I gathered her molasses and her gift as I ran up to her quarters. I had gotten her a beautiful dress that she had been admiring in the dressers window, a small china doll that was almost transparent, and I had baked her some of her favourite cakes. Yes, I truly was a sucker when it came to caring for my charge.

When I reached her chambers I noticed that the curtains were already drawn, and her slippers were missing from the foot of her bed. Obviously I had taken too long and I was sure that I was going to hear about it. I looked around the room until I noticed that one of the curtains looked a tad off. So I walked over to it and was shocked to see the young princess sitting there.

She briefly looked up at me as I approached then went back to staring out her window. I could see that she wasn't breathing normally and decided that she needed someone to talk to. I sat down next to her and waited for her to acknowledge my presence before I began to speak.

"Princess, you don't look like you are having a very happy birthday. What is it that's bothering you so early?"

She looked up at me like I was stupid and looked back out her window. Oh, this was going to be a long morning.

"Would it please you to open your gift from me, yes, drink your blackstrap molasses, open the present, then we shall talk ok?" instructed I to my little charge.

She took the humble box that held her gift and opened it. It took her a second before she smiled and reached for her cakes. She greedily stuffed one in her mouth before tossing the box and the rest of its contents onto the floor.

She stared out the window as she chewed and it looked like she was about to cry. When she finally swallowed she looked at me and told me to go draw her bath.

I left to follow orders as fast as I could, I could tell that my charge was worried and that was the worst kind of problem to have. With worry, you can't just fix it; you can only try then start to wait it out.

I poured the steaming water into her tub and added suds. I found her scented soaps and her ribbons that kept her hair out of the water. I found a large fluffy towel and made sure everything was in place for her bath.

By the time that I got back to where the princess was sitting she had eaten all of her cakes and tossed the small box that had held them onto the floor. I sat beside her and stared out the window before asking, "So tell me missy, what's bothering you so much?"

She looked up at me and answered, "Maggi, do you really think that all those rumors are true? Do you really think that Ma and Pa will come home today, and do you think that I will really have to find out who I'm going to be marrying? I think that it will be really scary, and what if I can't charm the people like you can? Maggi, why does Grams have to make such a big deal about it? I don't like the pressure."

As she finished off her last word she started to cry. I knew that none of this was false because she had been nice through the whole thing and that was usually hard for her to do. I pulled her in close to my chest so that she could hear the comforting thumping of my heart. I cradled her therefor a little while before answering.

"Miss, I don't know the answers to your questions, but I do know that these people are excited to get to celebrate with you and that you are fine at being charming. I mean if you weren't I'm sure that you would not be on as great terms with the Queen as you are."

My last comment got some giggles out of my charge. I was glad that I was able to do so, because there is nothing more depressing than a crying princess on her birthday.

"Ok missy, let's get you into that bath of your before it gets too cold."

She got up and walked over to her closet. She opened the doors to reveal a long flowing mauve dress and looked at me. She grinned real big before stating, "Grams wants you to put this one on me today."

I looked up at the piles of flowing fabric before me and sighed, this surely was going to be a long morning.


"Do we have it all on yet?" I asked as I tightened what felt like the hundredth piece of light purple fabric onto my charge.

"Just about, we just have to tie on my ribbon and the dress should be complete," squeaked back the little princess.

"Ok, so how does it look from the front, it just looks like a bunch of fabric from back here," I stated.

"Oh Maggi, I look like I'm going to a ball. Oh if only I was old enough. Oh I look so beautiful."

"Are you sure that I didn't do the corset too tight, you sound a little out of breath?" I questioned because I really didn't want my charge fainting today of all days.

"Oh it's fine Maggi, now hush up and tie the dumb ribbon so that I can get off this dumb pedestal!" hissed the princess.

I tied the ribbon and lifted the young charge off her stool. She had to have been ten pounds heavier with all that fabric on. She was right though; my little charge looked like she was going to a ball. She even looked like she could have been the queen of the ball, you know if she was a tad bit taller.

I sat her down and helped her get her heals on. The queen must have high expectations for tonight because she had never dressed Dally, the princess, up to this extent before.

"Well missy, now that you're all dolled up, are you ready to go and greet your guests. Plus I heard a rumor that they're making your favourite breakfast today," I whispered before escorting my young charge down to the ball room.

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