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A young girl with beautiful dark brown hair slept in her bed it was a warm early autumn morning. The smell of baked goods wafted up to her room. The stench invaded her nostrils and she cringed. After that the young girl stood up.

'Oh boy Mom must be making egg-buns again... and I'll have to eat it because no person except us of the Kobayashi family can stomach it, and Aki-kun too.' Kaede thought.

She yawned and stretched her arms high above her head. Kaede picked up her school uniform which was on a hanger which hung upon her closet door knob. She strolled into her bathroom, hung her uniform on the bathroom door knob.

Kaede turned on the shower, stripped off her short silky night dress. She tested the water which was at the proper temperature. Kaede washed her hair with vanilla scented shampoo and conditioner. Then she began to scrub her body with body wash that smelled the same. The girl dried herself off with a towel pulled on her sailor uniform and began to comb out her hair then blew it dry and put on her black hair band.

'If there's one thing I pride myself on it's my beautiful hair. I'll never allow it so smell the same two days in a row. It might be a pain but hopefully a man will notice and he'll ask me to marry him.' Kaede fantasized in front of her mirror.

She then felt her smooth hair and smiled in satisfaction.

"Hey Kaede! Hurry up and stop finicking over your hair or you'll be late to school!" Her father called.

"Yes Dad!"

Kaede dashed down from the residential part of the house and into the bakery the family ran. Her father stood behind the register holding a bun which he promptly handed to his daughter.

"Mind if I take some anpan as well? I'm really hungry today." Kaede lied.

"Alright egg-bread's free, 120 yen for the anpan. Even if you're my daughter you still have to pay." He said.

She nodded pulled out a small white wallet and gave him the coins then left. Kaede left her house walked for a block and stopped at a corner and whistled. A large black akita-inu trotted up to her and barked.

"G'morning Aki-kun. Here's your breakfast an egg-bread," Kaede handed her bread to the dog and watched him eat it. "I'm surprised you haven't gotten sick eating this junk. It'd kill anything mortal, but I'd be sad if our bakery's special bread got you sick or worse."

The girl ate her anpan and Aki seemed to smile.

'Kaede-chan, my darling ,it'd take alot more than delicious bread to send me to the after-life, without seeing your beautiful face, one last time. Ah, the sweet scent of vanilla shampoo and body wash, you change your scent every day, you glow almost angelically; ironic considering what I am.' Aki tried to say.


"Oh you handsome guy!" She cooed in affection and hugged the dog.

'Kaede-chan, my dearest! Wait until I can return your affectionate hugs ten-fold! Damn those elders for banishing me into my weakest form. That of a common mongrel. Yet you love me even in this damned dog's body! Wait until I can take my most human form then you'll love me even more than you do now.'

"Aroo!" He howled.

Aki then took this oppurtunity to lick her cheek which was the closest thing to kissing her on the cheek he could do.

"Oh Aki-kun, you're always so affectionate." She beamed at him then titled her head. "Guess what? You get to share lunch with me at school too. Shall we cuddle underneath the maple tree?"

'Yes! A thousand times yes!'

"Woof! Woof!"

"Alright, alright. Until lunch time then." Kaede smiled.

A teenage guy in a grey unbuttoned gakuran walked up to the girl who stood beside her dog.

"Hey Kobayashi, visiting your one true love are you?" He teased. "It must suck to be you, when your closest friend is a mutt like that one."

To this Kaede sighed, 'No matter how pretty I look no man will take me for a bride. I have few friends, but it's lonely to be the girl everybody teases.'

Aki growled loudly and the male laughed. "Oh what are you gonna do bite me, mongrel? Do it and you'll be put down."

"HEY! Leave Koko-chan alone!" A young girl shouted.

The boy turned to look and a very heavy dictionary came into contact with his skull. The girl gave her short cyan colored locks a toss and glared at him with grey eyes.

"C-Cl-Class Representative, Fujishima I-I appreciate protecting me from bullies and all, but please don't use such an informal nickname. So embarassing." Kaede blushed.

"Stand up for yourself Kobayashi-chan, don't let ass-holes like these talk 'bout you or the ones you care for." She replied.

'I can't believe my human best friend is Aisuko Fujishima, the class representative of my class. I wish was a bit less shy.' Kaede thought.

Our heroine began to toy with her black headband and Aki thumped his tail approvingly.

'Nicely done Icicle-san. I normally don't approve of women portecting other women, but my sweet Kaede-chan is much too shy to stand up for herself, so thanks.' Aki mentally said.

"C'mon Koko-chan say g'bye to Aki and let's get to class! I'm not gonna tolerate tardiness!" Aisuko chirped.

As she was being tugged away she cooed, "Bye Aki-kun, see you at lunch boy."

'Farewell until lunch-time beloved Kaede-chan. Get good grades and be happy sweet Kaede.' He mentally called.


'Now, since I've got one day left in this damned form, let me test my powers to see if I can start to use them.' Aki thought.

The dog cleared his thoughts of Kaede and focused on trying to transform. His solid black fur began to tremble all over his legs elongated slightly then pulled back into the length they normally are as a dog.

'Damn those elder bastards! That one hurt, but it was less painful than when I've tried before. So they're keeping their promise to keep me like this until midnight. It's been too long since I've had two legs to walk on and two arms to use, mostly I'd be holding Kaede-chan, or maybe beating up some of those bastards that talk down to sweet Kaede-chan.' Aki thought.

Aki decided to stroll about the town while waiting for Kaede's lunch period. He viewed the places he'd be going tonight. From beginning to end he had it all figured out, the way he'd act, what exactly he'd say and how he would get away with all of it.

Kaede walked up to her with Aisuko class 1-B and as she walked through her halls a young man with semi-long brown hair tied back in a short ponytail walked behind the two girls and smacked both of their light grey, mini-skirt clad rears. In response Aisuko punched the boy directly in the face and he landed flat on his ass.

"Ouch easy Fuji-chan," He stood up and dusted off the grey gakuran. "I was just saying good morning to my two favorite girls." The perverted boy shrugged his shoulders. "Talk about disproportionate retribution. That was a light tap on the butt what was that gonna hurt?" He asked nonchalantly.

"Katsura-kun, you bastard as class rep of class 1-B I will not tolerate any immoral behavior 'specially from a perv like you!" Aisuko proclaimed and clutched Kaede and pulled her to close to her chest. "If you hurt Koko-chan with your perverted actions I'll be forced to have Aki come after you, you know he'll get cha." She threatened.

"C-Class representative Fujishima, t-this is humiliating, please stop." Kaede pleaded.

'My other friend is the biggest pervert in the school Harumaru Katsura.' Our heroine mentally noted.

The very mention of Keade's pet dog Aki made Harumaru go pale, he gulped and toyed with his fingers.

"Y-You wouldn't seriously get Aki would you?" He paused to remember the last time he tried to hit on Keade in front of Aki. "Last time I flirted with Kaede-chan in front of that dog he growled at me, bared his fangs and pinned me to the ground." Harumaru thought in fear.

Aisuko smirked, released Kaede from her hug and tugged her into the class room, they were followed by Harumaru. The blue haired girl stayed up front near the teachers desk watching students shuffle in. The tardy bell wrung and the day began as it normally did.

"Stand. Bow. Sit." Aisuko commanded in front of the class.

They obeyed and began their work, time flew as students tried to keep up with their studies. Soon enough the bell for lunch rang and most of them went to the roof while others went down to the courtyard. That was where Kaede, Aisuko, Harumaru ate lunch every day and where Kaede cuddled with Aki she sat at the base of a maple tree and placed two fingers in her mouth and whistled.

Where Aki was his ears pricked up and ran towards Kaede's school as quick as he could soon enough he leaped over the iron fence and landed in front of Kaede.

'Sweet Kaede-chan how I've counted the moments 'til seeing your kind face.' He attempted to say.


He gently trotted over to where Kaede sat and pressed his nose against her cheek.

'Mmm, you're colder than you normally are, are you feeling well, my darling?' Aki tried to ask.

The dog gained a slightly sympathetic look but Kaede smiled at him.

"Oh Aki-kun, don't worry about me I'm just a touch cooler than I normally am, so don't fret I'll be ok boy," She hugged Aki around the neck. "It's nice of you to worry though, but you're so warm." Kaede then scratched the back of her head embarassed. "But dog's are warmer than humans, I'm so stupid, sometimes. No matter though it's still great to hold you, Aki-kun."

'Don't worry Kaede-chan, you're not stupid, you're sweet to a fault, but if you think this is holding me, my hugs might break your ribs, dearest.'


Aisuko sat near Kaede and Aki, Harumaru sat near Aisuko in fear of being growled at by the akita inu. Instinctively the short haired girl felt Kaede's forehead.

"Oh, you're colder than normal Koko-chan, you feelin' 'k? Aki's closer to you than he normally is." Aisuko observed. "He does that when you don't feel good, ya know?"

"Why are you so worried? I feel fine and I've got nothing to worry about." Keade replied.

"If you insist." The girl said.

The three dug out their lunch and ate calmly. Aki's head laid in Kaede's lap every once in a while Keade would give him bits of meat or rice.

"Oh I forgot to ask which should I serve at the cafè this week? Tiramisu or an Éclair? We're serving French and Italian food this week and I can't decide. Help me out.Please?" She whimpered.

"Uh, sure but what are those two things an e-e-whatever and a tear of wha-now?" Harumaru asked.

"Oh I forgot you guys don't know much about pastries." Kaede mentioned. "Well a Tiramisu is a cake made of ladyfingers, the cookie, dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped egg mixture of egg yolk and mascarpone, it's flavored with liquor or cocoa." She paused to think. "Now an Éclair is an oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing."

"Mm, both sound really good but the Éclair sounds better, some people don't like coffee, but I'd eat whatever you cooked for me Kaede-chan." Harumaru said, with a slightly flirtatious edge.

In response Aki began to growl at the perverted boy and glared daggers at him. Harumaru sweat dropped and gulped.

'Who the hell do you think you are, if my cutie Kaede-chan made food for anybody it'd be me! You damn son of a bitch!'

"Kaede-chan your dog really creeps me out sometimes, it's like he actually knows what I'm saying to you, so freaky." The boy gulped.

"I hardly understood any of that 'bout the pastries, but I have to agree with Katsura-kun, it sounds delightful. Koko-chan you really are a pastry otaku but that makes you so cute!" Aisuko gushed and glomped Kaede.

"Yeah I guess I am, I wanna go to France and become a pâtissière, it's a life long dream. So I should study my French homework a little harder. It also helps that my Dad's a baker and Mom, well... Mom tries at least." Kaede explained.

"Good for you Koko-chan! You're planning out your future, I haven't even thought of what I'll do when I'm outta high school."

'I couldn't care less what you two do when you're out of school. All I want is for Kaede-chan to see me in my human form.' Aki thought.

Kaede began cleaning up her meal, as the lunch period was about to end. Her friends began to do so as well. She turned to Aki and smiled then spoke softly.

"Well Aki-kun, I've gotta get back to class and I've gotta work tonight. So I might be back home late, don't wait up for me."

'Kaede-chan, my sweet, even if I wanted to visit your home I couldn't because I've got plans of my own tonight, so until then, farewell.'


Kaede went back to her class, and the day went on the way a typical Japanese high school girl's day does. The final bell wrung and Aisuko dismissed them. She soon walked to a coffee shop entered changed into the uniform, a black mid thigh length skirt and black blouse and the frilly white apron.

Kaede did two things, one cooked the pastries or at least helped and she also served the customers. The only reason she did both was because the shop was short staffed. They were often short staffed because waitresses often said that there was something very creepy about Kaede, certain customers said similar things and often didn't come back. Kaede worked from three thirty to eight thirty, changed back into her school uniform and finally walked home.

"I'm back!" Kaede called.

She entered and walked into the kitchen on the first floor and her mother greeted her.

"Oh hello sweetie how was your day? What did you decide to serve this week?" Her mother asked.

"I decided on baking an Éclair, my friends helped me decide. So what are we going to bake, this evening and how much?" Kaede replied.

"I was thinking of modifying the egg bread instead of sunny-side up let's try scrambling or maybe hard-boiling? Oh I'm so excited!" Kaede's mother squealed.

A dark haired male walked into the kitchen crossed his arms and frowned.

"Both of those sound equally disgusting. Oyuki dear, don't you know eggs get cold and runny as time passes if you actually want them to sell, wake up early and make them in the morning. That way both the bread and egg are warm for a breakfast time food. That would actually make the egg bread edible." Her father said coldly.

'Daddy's bold enough to say what everyone thinks, but doesn't want to say.' Kaede thought shyly.

"Natsu! How can you say something so horrible?" Oyuki fell to her knees on the floor and a spotlight fell on her and she bit into a handkerchief. "I'm you're wife not a demon."

"I'm sincerely shocked that, that handkerchief hasn't been torn how many times you've bitten into it. Kaede we're going to make melon-pan. Help me bake." Natsu ordered.

"Yes Dad. I'll help a little but I've got lots of homework so I can't be cooking for too long, alright?" Kaede replied.

"How can the two of you ignore me?" Huge tears poured out of Oyuki's deep green eyes. She then looked at Kaede. "Even my own daughter doesn't care to help her mother." She wailed.

In response our young heroine crouched down to her mother and grasped both of her hands and the two's green eyes met. "Mother I'm certain you'd be an excellent cook if you'd slow down and read the recipe from start to finish." Kaede commented.

"R-Really you think so? You're such a good daughter!" Oyuki wailed in hapiness.

'That and I didn't want Mother's tears to flood the bakery... again.' Kaede thought.

The Kobayashi family went into the kitchen together and began working on what would be sold tomorrow as soon as the goods were in the oven Kaede went to her room. She pulled out her books and supplies then glanced at the clock on her desk.

'Ten o'clock already? I'm gonna be so tired in the morning. I wonder where Aki-kun is and what he's doing. No time to think on that though, gotta get this math homework done.' Kaede wondered.

She worked late into the night getting caught up in translating Japanese to French, memorizing dates for history, solving algebraic equations well into the night.

In another part of Minato, Tokyo around eleven fifty-five. Aki trotted close to a public bath house and sniffed the air.

'This is the place, in just a few, short minutes I'll be free of this mongrel's body and be free to walk like a human can. I must be patient.' He thought.

The dog waited patiently and finally five minutes passed. Aki focused his energy on his body and soon the black fur that covered it shrunk back revealing human skin. His limbs elongated, his paws turned into hands and feet. The dog's slightly curled tail reverted back into his spine and finally his face turned back. His longish black messy hair returned, his dark brown eyes now looked human, his skin was tanned, his muscles were still as toned as he remembered and the most important fact of the matter was. He was stark nude.

Thankfully since it was midnight not many people were around and he quickly bolted into the bath house, Aki was quick enough to not get spotted by the attendant and stole a small hand towel and went into a small locker room where he promptly covered himself. He went over to a small sink, took a deep breath to calm him down and and splashed himself with a water to give the illusion of having bathed. Aki then found an empty locker cleared his throat then spoke loudly.

"Hey some bastard stole my clothes! Oh if I find that guy I'll kick his ass!"

Aki's loud swears drew the attention of the male attendant he snuck by earlier and the man face palmed.

"Damn, sorry to here that sir, I can't believe someone would actually steal clothes while someone is bathing. Hold on let me get you something outta the lost and found bin. It's slim pickings but better than nothing." The attendant said.

The worker returned with a pair of old jeans and a plain shirt which he promptly handed to Aki. Once he left Aki pulled on the clothes and walked past the desk.

"Sorry, once again, but this is way better than walkin' around in nothing but a hand towel right?" The attendant asked.

"Yes, thank you very much sir you've really helped me." Aki said. "I'll be leaving now. I've heard Roppongi never sleeps, hopefully that's true or I might be outta luck." He added.

"Oh, there's a nice cabaret up the road, if that's what you're interested in." The older man offered.

"No thanks I've got a girl waitin' on me already. They've got nothing I'm interested in."

Soon Aki left and began a long walk to a certain bakery he knew very well. Once he got near the building Aki simply attempted to open the door only to find it locked.

'Locked? Son of a bitch! Oh yeah, it's after midnight and it's... technically Tuesday morning. Maybe I can call up to my love Kaede-chan and wake her up.' Aki wondered.

"Hey!" He called softly, as to not wake her parents. "Hey! Open up please!"

Kaede was finally done with her homework, changed into her nightgown and heard something, like a person calling. She went out to her small stone blacony that was over the bakery's sign.

Aki looked up right as Kaede walked out onto her balcony and a warm gust of autumnal air blew by, making her short night dress and shoulder blade length hair flow in the breeze, she looked down at him.

"Kaede-chan." He said, silently to himself.

"I'm very sorry sir, but we're closed right now. Even though Roppongi never sleeps we at the Kobayashi bakery must. So you'll have to come back in the morning, terribly sorry about that." Kaede called, quietly.

After that she went back into her bedroom and fell asleep on her plush bed. One sole thought rose to her mind.

'Who was that? He seemed a little familiar.'

The gravity of what just happened hit Aki like a ton of bricks falling off the nearby Tokyo Tower.

'My sweet Kaede-chan, doesn't recognize me, fate is so cruel to me. Two long years of silently lusting after her and she thought I was a customer for the bakery. Now where the hell am I supposed to go? In my plan innocent little Kaede-chan would let me in and after a little while she wouldn't be very innocent anymore.' He thought to himself and allowed a devilish smile to appear on his face.

The smile didn't last long and he tried to think of something to do. Then he realized what the two people that talked to him last night meant.

'Roppongi never sleeps. She's said that before, why don't I have some fun then go visit her in the morning.'

He swiftly left and walked to aforementioned shopping district. Aki walked by a store that had a gakuran on a mannequin. A young woman was about to walk out the door and go home but Aki quickly walked over to the girl and stopped her.

"Hey Miss. I don't mean to bother you but I'm starting school at Jinbei High school and I just got back to Minato and I need a uniform for that school." Aki explained.

"Oh, well come on in and I'll go bring you one young man." The woman offered.

He smiled and quickly walked in behind the woman, she went into a back room and got out a light grey gakuran which she handed to him.

"Since you're on the taller side, it took me a little while to find pants that are long enough for you, I hope you don't mind." The young lady said a light blush rising to her cheeks.

She handed the uniform to Aki and let him change into it, surprisingly it was a good fit for him and he changed back to his normal clothes, and let the woman ring it up.

"That'll be 3,000 yen how will you be paying?" She asked.

"I won't be paying actually." Aki quickly looked into the woman's eyes and his changed from a deep brown to a bright orange. "You will deny me nothing. I am a mighty and powerful hellhound, grandson of mighty Cerberus himself. Your will shall bend and you will obey every command. Now I'll be taking these clothes free of charge and you will forget this ever happened and go back to your normal life."

He strolled to the door with uniform in hand and snapped his fingers as he left. The woman went back to normal and placed a hand to her forehead.

'I feel so light-headed what happened to me?' She wondered.

'I love being a hellhound, human will is such and easy thing to bend, if I want it to be so all I have to do is say 'You will deny me nothing.' I'd never use this one on kind little Kaede-chan.' Aki thought.

He walked in the general direction of Jinbei high school and after about a half hour of walking he found the place. The iron bars near the front gate of the school were closed tight but that wouldn't stop Aki. He stretched his legs and took a running jump, and leapt over the fence with ease.

A few moments after he did that the beam from a flash light fell upon him and a security guard approached him.

"Hey what're you doing here kid? It's way after hours in case you can't tell." The guard said gruffly.

"What I'm doing is none of your business sir. But you will deny me nothing." Aki ordered. "Now unlock the school for me and show me the way to your computer room."

The guard nodded in silent agreement unlocking the school for him and went up the steps and to the second floor and sat in front of a computer.

"Turn this computer on and go power up the printer on the other side of the room." The hellhound ordered.

The man obeyed and turned on the computer, walked to the printer turned it on and returned to Aki. The computer had powered up and was now requesting a password. Aki scowled at the machine then looked at the man. "Well type in the password, I'm not gettin' any yougner here."

"Right away."

The man typed in a code and the machine was ready to use. Aki typed up two letters giving himself a fake last name, why he was here and more typical data. He printed out the two letters, one for the school and one for Kaede's parents. Once they printed out Aki bit his thumb and drew some blood and pressed his thumb into the papers, this was for mind control as well his blood alone could control a human mind.

He walked over to a window, opened it stepped on the ledge, and looked at the man. "You sir, never saw me, you'll lock this school up, turn off the machines and go back to patrolling the school." After he spoke, he snapped his fingers.

Then he lept from the window and landed on the courtyard of the school. Aki heard the security guard swear loudly, from shock and confusion. He simply shoved his hands in his pockets and strolled over to the iron gate and lept over it with ease.

'It's good to be back.'

(A/N): Well dear readers did you enjoy the first chapter of The Dog's Lover? If you think it's a little boring don't worry it gets ten times better in the next chapter. If you want to know the inspiration for this story I'll explain it. There is a humongous difference between the love humans show each other and humans show dogs, you let dogs lick you, you play with them, they're naked around you constantly and we even bathe them without too much thought. What occured to me is we would be very weirded out if a person came up and licked you, yet no problem for a dog. So what would happen if a young man that was trapped in the body of a dog fell in love with a human girl? Now since I have a passion for the strange I thought, there has to be fantasy so what would be a really cool dog and then it hit me Hellhounds and Cerberus, they're cool and it isn't a werewolf ( Thanks Twillight now no one wants to use werewolves, fuckin' Twillight). So after a super long author note onto culture notes!

Kaede Kobayashi- Yes my main heroine has a punny name Kaede means maple, a type of tree( and syrup!) and Kobayashi means small forest. So she's the maple tree in the small forest.

Anpan- Red-bean bread (or as Deadman Wonderland calls it red-bean buns). It's a type of bread made with sweet red-bean paste.

Yen- The Japanese currency (duh).

Akita-Inu- A large Japanese dog, a famous Akita was Hachiko the loyal dog. ( I don't wanna tell the whole story because it's very sad, for me an animal lover)

Gakuran- It's a type of male high school uniform, if the gakuran is unbuttoned it's a indication of delinquency, if it's all buttoned up there probably rather normal. This uniform is often opposite of the sailor uniform. (And no I'm not translating this into a jumpsuit, because they're not Yu Yu Hakusho dub).

Koko-chan- It's an informal nickname by doubling the Ko in Kobayashi. (And yes it's kind of a homage to popular winter time drink).

Icicle-san- If you say Aisuko really quick it sounds like Icicle.(Yep Aisuko's got a punny name too).

In the lunch time scene- Kaede does have a medical condition where she has a very low body temperature about 35o C or 95oF on average. (This is very subtle plot point keep it in mind).

Tiramisu- (Didn't the pastry nerd give you a definition for this?)

Éclair- (Kaede gave the definition for this too.)

Otaku- A nerd. ( Even thought it's normally used for people who are OBSSESED with anime/manga).

Pâtissière- A female French pastry chef. (This is Kaede's dream job also).

Melon-pan- A.K.A Melon bread, I'm not obssesed with Japanese pastries but it's a sweet type of bread with a cookie-dough like outer shell and a sweet inside. (For more obsession on this type of bread go to Yakitate Japan! Bread's not the only thing getting baked in that show).

Minato- One of the special wrads of Japan and the main setting for the story. ( For famous sites in this town just scroll down).

Roppongi- Literally six hills, it's a famous night-life scene in Tokyo, it has nice shopping apparently. (Also the last name of a Maison Ikkoku character).

Cabaret- I'm using the more adult one with female 'entertainers'. ( yep that guy told Aki-kun to go to an up-scale whore-house, but Aki-kun's a loyal guy).

Tokyo Tower- A replica of Paris' Eiffel Tower it was once used to broadcast TV and radio but it doesn't do that anymore. (Now why on Earth would something that's practically an icon for France, be in the same neighborhood as my heroine who wants to go to France? We might have to get CSI for this one).

Cerberus- A three headed demon dog that guards the gates of hell itself in Greek Mythology. (Don't worry Aki's not that evil)

Next Time on The Dog's Lover: Yakusoku To Saikai! or in English Promises and Reunions!

What will happen when Kaede sees Aki in his human form? Will she know him or just pass him by? Will Aki be able to make Kaede fall in love with him? Why does Aki love Kaede in the first place? All these questions will be answered next time on the dog's lover!

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