My routine changed
When I put my hands on the wheel
And I was in charge again
They should have never let me drive
They know I'm bad with maps
They didn't know I remembered
What "impulsive" meant
It meant danger
Or fun

I wandered, I browsed
Craving no thing, craving no one in particular
Blank without peace
I heard the train dull to a roar
I turned my right to my left
For a moment
I put my drive into park
For a moment
As she changed my mind

I could tell you about her face
I could tell you about her hair
I could tell you about the dress
I could even mention her voice
But not one thing caught my attention
Her presence hit me in waves
Not to mention,
Smitten is a dirty word these days

It was only a moment
But it took forever for me to catch up
She smiled, I stammered
She laughed and I remembered
What my name was
She leaned out the window
The warmth of her hand in my rear-view mirror
As I thought:

She smells like coffee
Sounds like a friend
She looks like trouble
This tastes like something different
I can't resist