Chilling Appease

I took the impossible task and made it mine, the very vow that every protector had to carry heavy in heart when defending the most dangerous man in the world. It wasn't a choice it was a job. I gave him everything and in returned I was paid. The money was blood stained but hey it paid the bills. He wasn't nice or the type of person to pat you on the back when you did well, you where just his armor when he was jeopardize. He was a man that carried himself suitably even fighting for himself when we were too busy shielding him off. But Mr. Gunner had slip-ups at times of where his eyes would linger.

His eyes loitered on me roaming with hungry arousal it wasn't obvious but it was there. The sudden chill when someone looked at you when you weren't looking. "Connor!"

I turned around knowing very well it was my superior. He was such a hard ass sometimes even when he spoke it was over bearing. "Ye-ah?"

"Idiot boy answer properly its-Sir Tate. Anyways the alarmed has been triggered we except it's another uninvited that he didn't mention, again. Look around the perimeter and obtain anyone you find."

It was Friday so we expected this much at least every other week. Mr. Gunner was also the type of person to relieve stress on multiple partners regardless of gender. I mean who could blame him, when he was always getting shot at basically every few weeks. He had more closes in counters with Death it was likely he and Death were best of friends.

Running up to the northeast wall was the most expected side they would climb over. It was near a small forest resting beside a small toad pond given enough covering to let anyone pass without being seen, purposely he made it so. I saw no one on my side of the twelve foot wall. Looking around there was not a single track signaling a person was on this side. Backing up and running up against the wall catching my foot along rock I pulled myself over. It would have taken me forever to reach around the wall to the intruder seeing that there was only one gate and helicopter pad in between several acres of land towards the north.

Looking down I saw what looked like a bum dressed in tattered clothing laying on his side nursing a bottle of Chivas Regal Whiskey passed out. Jumping down landing in squat position I crab walked towards the man. I wasn't alarmed but I was careful. What would a homeless man be doing in the out skirts of the city and on private land? You couldn't tell what the man looked like by all the long hair in his face. Reaching for his hand I took the bottle placing it to the side while going to check his pulse on his wrist. His heart beat was normal but this guy's gonna have one hell of a headache when he wakes.

I flipped the man over on to his back to have a better look at his profile and was stupefied. It was Charles Gunner my employer. Why was he disguised? What was his purpose of doing so? Why did he drink the entire bottle of liquor? The long gray hair wig looked dreadful on him. "Sir!" He only rolled over on to his side again fast asleep. I can't let anyone see him like this. What of his reputation and everyone that wanted to kill him and what of the staff even I am shocked. My radio went off Tate 'bastard' yelling at me that I was taking too long and asking if I found anything? Nervous as fuck the only thing I thought of was a lie. "It was just a cat but I killed it and throw it in the pond." "Good head on back."

Shit what was I going to do? Why did he have to dress like this? "Sir, wake up!" mumbling he said something along the lines of shut up. Fucker this is not the time to act cute you douche bag. Lifting up his mass frame I hauled him over my broad shoulders. Heavy! Ugh. I hope I get a raise for this. Going around the perimeter not to close because of the heat sensors I made my way to where many of our trucks of supplies were drop off. The main kitchen was just passed this door to the right would be the large size pantry. I flashed my badge to the computer scanner allowing me access to the kitchen. This is where my mission began I hadn't acted like this since I was in my early teens when I was a hood rat trying to live and get by police. Simple enough I made my way safely to his room. Opening the door I drop his large muscle frame on to the king size bed. "You're lucky."

Turning to leave I hear him say "If that what it take for a piece of fine ass to look at me than yes I am lucky. My appetite for a very large rugged man such as you has been over powering me. It's just I don't want any man I want you."

Swiftly I turned around looking into his chilling hungry glare roaming my body. "You tricked me?" "Yes it was stupid fun really, when you have all the money that like myself has once and awhile you must come up with some form of entertainment when you have seen about everything there is to see. The ride on your shoulder was quiet nice." He smirked. My mind was boiling but I was professional I couldn't let anyone peel away my layers. "I am glad you enjoyed yourself acting a fool. Is there anything else you would like to do today?" His smirked turned into a venomous glare. He ripped off his wig letting his blazing black hair cut short show he then charger forward grabbing me by the neck slamming me up against the closed door. We were both about the same height so the hold on my throat was deadly. I place my hand on his trying to relieve pressure away from my neck. "You are mistake Tail Connor; I am not the idiot that fell for my little trap. You are. Instead of shooting me not thinking I could be an assassin you warmly checked to see if I was alive." I stared back trying to pry his hands away from his deadly hold. He let up some but still had me pinned to the door. "I suggest you take back that word 'fool' and repent by sucking my cock."

He held me to the door moving his hands from my throat to my chest unfastening the buttons of my collar shirt. Undoing my tie he had glared and then told me not to move. My shirt along with my vest was removed and thrown to the floor leaving my chest exposed "My, my you have a very masculine physique Mr. Connor. All chiseled out and bear like the hair finely groomed leading all the way towards your crouch it's very appeasing indeed." My throat was getting dry the heat in my body was growing making my cock twitch. "What do want Sir?" "What I already told you, on your knees. Don't make me repeat myself." The radio went off then Sir Tate yelling asking where the hell I was. Before I could grab the walky-talky from my belt holster where I carried my gun Mr. Gunner beat me to it. "I'm sorry Mr. Tate but I'm the middle of talking to Mr. Connor he will not be able to reply at this time." He turned the radio off and flung it landing next to my shirt. "No more disturbances." He let down the fly of his tattered jeans and pulled his cock out raging hard pre-cum leaking out of the tip and on to the floor. "What are you waiting for? Suck it!"

I wasn't really experienced in giving head the last time I remembering being with a man was when I tried to whore myself out for easy cash ending horribly for me. Swearing I would never do it again and I wasn't going too. I grab his cock like I was going to take him into my mouth but then I pulled up holding on till I was standing again. "You better let go Tail." His voice was husky and dripping with anger. "No." He was fast grabbing my gun from my belt he pressed it up against my temp. "I suggest that you do." I let go throwing my hands up in surrender. He through my gun across the room making sure the safety was on first. The gun had skid landing near his gun case when suddenly he grabs my hands above my head and started ravishing my mouth in a war of dominance. Our tongues dance fighting one another teeth clashing at times and the front of my pants ache with anticipation. He grinded his cock into me groaning I used my body against his and pushed him off. I wasn't so submissive. "You have to try better than that if you want my ass, sir." I panted heavily.

"Mind you I will get what I want, I always do."

"Yes you do but guess what so do I."

I tackled him to the floor giving a kiss here and there to his throat receiving a blow to the shoulder till we were rolling around on the floor. I smacked at his hands when he tried to undo my belt. I moaned in his mouth when the fight was getting too much. The high was making it impossible to think. He had reached for my tie at one point off the floor and tied my hands together when I hit the bed post. "Fuck, untie me." "Sorry Tail but you lose." I tried to undo the bind by tugging and pulling but he tied it so well. He stood up and took off his clothes revealing a body fit with muscles of a manly man and his cock touching his navel. I couldn't help but moan. He lowered to his knees and inched his way up my chest he then cupped my crotch. "Let's see what I won shall we Mr. Connor." I bit my lip in protest of letting out a groan. "You're a bastard." "No, I'm just horny." In haste he undid my belt and unzipped me dragging my boxers and pants along my legs. He pulled off my shoes and removed my pants flinging them away. I've noticed he has a thing for throwing. I saw his face and eyes pierced with arousal. I probably could say the same for myself with my dick up in the air just waiting for it to be touched. "The tip is lovely Mr. Connor just the privileged shape of course it doesn't have length but you certainly do have width."

"Shut the fuck up ass-hole."

"Oh don't worry I'll get to that soon."

He took the tip of my cock into his mouth and with the warm suction I gave in completely letting me voice be heard. I wanted to reached for his hair but remembered my hands were bonded.

"Oh fuck Charles."

His head was bobbing up and down while thrusting himself in his hand I was almost at my limit. He let up and held me length in his tight grip putting pressure from letting me come. "Beg me that you want to be fucked and I'll let you come." This man had no end to him I just wanted my release the ache hurt. I was so close. God damn Tail Conner you would let him win. "Fine! Come on fuck me! Just please." "That's a nice Tail." I knew he was making a pun of my name but I didn't give a rat's ass at the moment. He grabs my hips and rolled me over while making me kneel spacing my legs apart where I was comfortable enough considering I was tied. "Your ass is very round and firm. It disserves a little paddling don't you think?" I heard him walk off towards his dresser where he pulled out a bottle of lube and what looked like a ping-pong paddle. "You're gonna like this Mr. Connor."

Soothingly he ran his hand down my spine and lightly spanked my ass a couple of times before finally bringing down the paddle. "Uhh" The release was re-building.

The paddle came down sending cruel pleasures up my spine he would than sooth them out with his chilly palm. "You like it when I barely touch you, do you not." Repeatedly he spanked me with the paddle till they were so light and the skin was sensitive. Briskly he ran his finger up and down my crack teasingly till my cheeks where separated and the cool lubed up finger probed at my entrance. I let of out a little wine not really noticing till he spoke. "You're slutty aren't you?" I couldn't help but look down and grumble at myself.

I felt the finger get pushed past me tight muscle. I hitched up a breath and turned around to see him thrust his finger up into me. It was a different pleasure than what I was use to but I didn't hate it. "Mmm your virgin tight. Just relax." Thrusting his finger in and out several times before he added another and then another till fingers brushed against my prostate and I lost all control moaning loud with white ribbons coming out the tip of my cock on to the bed post. "That was beautiful, my turn." He was cheeky I could tell you that and an ass-hole when wanted to be. "You better put a condom on bastard." He looked up from sleeking himself up with lube he position his cock between my ass cheeks. "No, I don't think so. Bareback for me is fine I'm clean and you're a virgin with a nice ass." With a driving force he dived in not really giving me a chance to adjust, greedy bastard. I felt a pang of pain but it was something I could handle. Driving his hips in and out till he found the bundle of nerves my cock lit up ready for more. I met his thrust with my own encouraging him to speed up. "Fucking bastard, come on pound into me."

"Ooh I love it went you talk dirty."

"If you have all that energy to talk you better put that energy somewhere else."

"Alright, fine!" He harshly unbound my tied hands letting me raise my ass more in the air. Supporting myself with my hands now on the floor while his thrusts getting deeper. "Oh, fuck. Just like that" I moaned. "Ahh spank me." He lifted one hand from my hips and gave me what I wanted. I clenched around his cock receiving a gasp in return. Now I knew how to bring him over the edge. Every time I clenched when he spanked me he let out a low groan. I could tell by his movements and his rhythm that was getting out of whack that he was close. Grabbing my own cock I worked my way up till I couldn't take anymore and released clenching tight around Charles and milking him for everything he had. It was hot and warm filling up my insides the light buzz of my orgasmic bliss I made him pull out so I could drop on the floor panting heavily. He was there right beside me breathing through his nose. "You're one great fuck." I couldn't help but laugh.

"I'll get you back."

"No you won't."

"I guess we will just have to see."