You made yourself known

On that November fall night

On that fall winter-like night.

I come out of the house when you whisper

'Look at him'

I turn to look.

I see a homeless man,

With a crutch by his side.

He is dragging himself on the wide street,

Dragging to the other side.

'I wish to help him' I tell you

You stop me by putting fears on my soul

I turn away to do the task I was assigned to do

I return, only to hear you once more

'Look at him', I ignore

'Look at him!', you urge me, I ignore

'LOOK AT HIM', you hiss, I comply.

I turn to look

'See him.' you tell me softly, like a lover

I see the man,

He is almost at the middle of the street

I urge to help him,

Once more you stop me

'I'll stay and see him go across, then I'll leave' I tell you

You laugh at me. 'Silly, mortal' you tell me softly.

Three cars pass by, the man is safe.

'Just a bit more' I whisper to him

One car comes, but does not pass by

Instead the car run him over.

Shocked I look.

My eyes glued to the scene.

Now you let me go,

'Finish your task' he says

I go, once I knew that people were coming to see the homeless man

I finish my task, and I come back

People surround him

Protecting him, too late, from the other cars.

You come to me once again,

'This is what I do' you tell me

'This is what I am'

'This is Death. I am Death'

You introduce yourself.

I believe you.

Your words hold no emotion,

No sadness,

No anger,

No laughter,

Your words hold no emotion,

But love

I pray for the homeless man

He will not live any more

He will no longer suffer

In a cold embrace,

This is the last I see of you.

Only to see you once more later on

You make yourself known to me

Only to me.

And I ask myself

'Am I your friend


Am I your lover?'

'This is what I do' you tell me

'This what I am'

'This is Death. I am Death'

At night, I whisper to you


Am I your friend


Am I your lover?'

I fell your cold breath against my skin

As you whisper in my ear





A quick little thing I have thought of. This has something to do with a personal experience that happened 2 years ago.

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