These Tears are My Lust

You've broken me, you've left me alone
I no longer have a place to call home
I was with you, forever in heart
Yet you decided to rip me apart.
You've torn away my faith, my trust...
Now true love turns to burning lust.

The tears that stain my face
They remind me of what I cannot replace
I can never forgive, I cannot forget
What is it that sadness begets?
Can you tell me, love, my darling, my world,
Why I feel so confused, so unfurled?
My eyes are overflowing, and I wish you were here
To kiss away these stupid tears
Because I need you, I want to trust...
Bring back the love and take away the lust

Please, please, just listen to me!
Couldn't they have just let us be?
This was a fairy tale, too good to be true
Why couldn't it have been just me and you?
But it had to be ruined, it hand to end
What was once straight has broken, has twisted, has been bent
So far out of control, it has been rained on and rust
All I've left are my tears...and my undying lust...
For you.