She was a dancer. The kind of dancer that never spoke a word and almost looked like she naturally clumsy. In the studio, she looked as if she didn't know what she was doing. But on stage, she was a different person. She knew everything, and she did it almost perfectly. Perfect grace, perfect rhythm, the perfect ballerina.

As with most dancers, she had an admirer. He was in her class as well, and he found himself a lady's man. Why else would he join a dance class? He could never really understand how she was able to do it, to be so shy and stiff in the studio but looked so perky and outrageous on stage. It nearly drove him insane to think about it.

She never talked in class, always silently studying the others. He couldn't find out what she was going to do the rest of the week like the other girls. It was rare just to see her smile or even smirk for that matter. The other girls all got around in a little group and gossiped a lot, while she would stay in a corner. No one even looked at her or acknowledged her besides when the teacher called attendance or made a correction to her technique.

Secretly she wished that someone would talk to her. Even if she didn't talk to them, it didn't mean she hated them or anything, she was just socially awkward. How come most of her peers thought that if she didn't talk to them or smiled in class then it must mean that she was a snob? She never boasted about anything, or made herself seem more dignified than the others, in fact, she practically tried to avoid a thing like that. Why else wouldn't she talk to someone in class? She didn't want to hurt their feelings. Then they really WOULD hate her, and no one wants to be hated by their peers.

He would never be able to figure her out. Ever. But what guy truly understood girls any way? And dancing girls for that matter? Most dancers have minds that are too complicated to even fathom without your own mind going numb in thought. He doesn't worry about her often though, only when they go on stage and he thinks 'where the hell did she come from?' because, honestly, he hardly even knows that she's in class at all. He doesn't even know her name, nor does she know anyone else's. But, who is to blame in that kind of situation?