AN: This is my first ever stab at poetry, apart from the stuff we're forced to do in school XD So yeah... I'd really love some reviews, to see if I'm really that bad =3

Dedicated to all my amazing friends who have helped me through it all. 3

I couldn't ask for any more.


A friend like you is all I ask for.

You're amazing.



You lift me up when I am down.

You know my song;

You sing it when I've forgotten the tune.

If I lost you,

I would cease to exist.

Friends like you are like

Pure gold dust.

Friends like you are like

Shooting stars.

Friends like you are hard to find,

And impossible to lose.

Because you mean more to me

Than my own life.

And without friends like you,

Life is impossible.

AN: Thanks for reading. Love a review! 3