She looked at the humans running around, making a fuss for her. They were making a special bed for her to lay down in...they were putting down several blankets and putting food and water in something called a 'doggie play pen'. She was watching the female and the male make sure everything was just right for her to have her babies.

The woman kneels down and patted with her hand for me to come lay down on the pillow and I was ready to go lay down! Then I heard the man ask,

"You said the puppies should be ready for Christmas?"

The woman gives me a kiss on the nose and says,

"I told you that they would"

The man bends down and feels the dog's stomach and says,

"Yes, they are moving around"

The woman then says,

"They are getting ready to make their appearance in the world"

The man smiles and asks,

"Where do you want me to put this picture of this dog dressed as a clown?"

She looks at the picture of a little Pug in a polka dotted clown outfit and the words, 'Happy Halloween' and she says,

"That is such a nice , friendly picture. Put it on the front door of the shop"

He smiles and nods his head then says,

"Will do"

The woman turns back to the dog and smiles and pats the beautiful Cocker Spaniels head then says,

"You're going to be a momma soon Gayla, don't worry"

The woman then leaves closing the door behind her.


Later that night, more in the wee hours of the next morning, Gayla tenderly licks three little mounds around her. One little puppy is light brown, another one is all white and the last little one is white with little cream spots on it.

Just then the door opens and in comes the two humans from earlier and the woman says,

"I knew it! I just had a feeling!"

The man smiles and says,

"And she did it all by herself!"

The woman says,

"What did you think? She would need boiling water and gloves?"

He goes over there and sits down on the floor by Gayla then asks,

"Are they boys or girls?"

The woman goes over and sits down and looks at the puppies and picks them up gently and inspects them then says,

"I'm not sure but I think they are boys"

The man says,

"That will be nice, people are willing to pay more money for boys"

The woman sighs and puts down the puppy then says,

"Yes, but I hate to sell them"

The man kisses her on the head then says,

"So do I but we need the money"

The woman puts her head on her husband's shoulder then says,

"I wonder who will be the first to go?"

He then says,

"Let's not think about that, let's just enjoy them for now"

They watch in amazement as the puppies reach in darkness for their mommy and somehow , they know where to go to get nourishment to grow and play.