Duke runs up to where he is staying with his adopted family and he is barking frantically and the cats come out wondering what in the world is going on and Lindsey asks.

'What is it Duke? Is Sevin after you?' Duke stops and catches his breath then he tells them. ' Do you guys know how I got here?' The cats look at each other than Lindsey says, 'No, you just showed up and saved my kittens, that' all I know'. Duke shakes his little head then he says, 'I came here from Liberty in the back of a truck. There's one a few blocks from here going to Ohio'. The cats all look at each other again and Lindsey asks, 'Are you thinking of leaving on it?' Lindsey's little kittens give out a sad little mew cry and Duke smiles then he says, 'Not me, Sevin!' The excitement builds in the room, they all look around at each other than they all ask together. 'What?'

Duke shakes his head then he says,'I have a plan, and we all need to get together to make it work' . Everybody shakes their head in agreement and gather around for Duke to tell them the plan.


Keith's mother, Frances stands in a doctor's office. The office has a feeling of coldness in it with all the degrees in place and very limited decorations. 3 chairs, two in front of the desk and one against the wall and she stands with tears coming down her cheeks and the doctor stands against his desk with charts and papers in his hands and she turns to him and says, "Are you saying there's no hope?!"

The middle aged doctor sadly shakes his head then says, "No, I just don't see it".

The mother just cries then she finally wipes the tears away, she straightens up and she turns to the doctor and she asks, "Are you an expert in this?" He looks at her in shock that she even asked him and he says. "W-well, no but I can see...". She pick up two thick manila envelopes and she turns around and calmly says in an even, clear tone. "I have had two other doctors that are experts in this area and they say...". The doctor waves it away and says. "I know those doctors, they have barely started being 'A expert' in this area. I have had 30 years practice and I have never seen..." She just looks at him and says. "You are not an expert! In any ways! She is getting better!" "Minimal, I am just trying to keep you from..."

She walks straight up to him and she says. "She is my daughter! I will not give up hope Not me or her brothers will give up and when she is better, we will come WALKING into this hospital and show you!"

She turns and picks up her light jacket off the chair then turns to him and says. "We will NOT be back. " Frances then opens the door and leaves then slams the door in the doctor's face.

Duke goes walking down the street then he stops and looks back behind him and he looks down both sides of the street and he sees the cats. He then walks to the end of the block and sees the truck he saw earlier on the other side and he shakes his head. Then he looks back at his friends one last time then he turns the corner and he sees Sevin squeeze himself out of a hole only slightly bigger than his fat body from under some outside stairs leading to a first story window and he says in a loud voice that humans think is barking but Sevin knows what he is saying.

"Hey Sevin! Why don't you get your fat body out and come to me crawling on your paws like the snake you are!"

A blood-red glow comes to the rat's eyes and he grinds his teeth and he starts out in a chase for the dog. Duke turns and starts out for the street and he gets, maybe a little ways across the street to the truck when a car comes out in front blocking the way to the truck. Duke looks back and Sevin is just behind him. He can see the intense hatred in the rat's eyes and he can almost feel his hot breath on his puppies heels but he dashes under car, the rat reaches out his arm to scratch the dog but the cars back wheel turns and hits the rat. The rat squeals in pain while Duke just keeps still while the car drives over.

As soon as the car leaves, Duke runs for the truck with Sevin after him and the rat screams, ' You are dead, you little dog ! Do you hear!' Without even looking back, he just runs up the ramps into the truck, sees that it is full of furniture and cats in waiting. He runs into the dark back and Sevin follows him thinking he has his quarry. But when the rat is in the back, he turns and runs back out and the cats push a huge bookcase down, Sevin is stopped and he screams in frustration at not being able to get out.

Duke looks at his friends and yells. 'Get out!' The cats jump down and the other cats somehow manage to get the door shut. The cats and the dog run down and around the corner and they watch the same work men that Duke saw earlier pick up the ramps and put them in a spot under the truck then get in and drive off and only the animals can hear the rat inside the truck scream and yell.