Duke, Lindsey and all the kittens and the other cats that lived in the old abandoned dock were all asleep and just as the morning light was over them and before the little dog and all the cats knew it, nets were all over them and they were gently picked up and put in cages. The 3 month old kittens were put in a huge box and then in a cage. Duke and Lindsey looked around and frightened, she asked Duke. " Wha-what is going on?" Duke looks around and he sees the humans gathering up his adopted family and his heart beats and he says. "I'm not sure".

He doesn't tell his friend, but all he can remember is the man back in Liberty saying 'Pound' . One of the men that is gathering up the cats says. "Has there been any complaints about these animals?" Duke listens very carefully to a woman saying. "No, most people just leave them alone because they know this is the area the cats hang out and they don't do any harm but the owner of the property called us to come round-up these little critters because he plans on fixing up the place and he called us because he wanted to be sure they wouldn't be killed"

Everybody goes back to getting the kittens and just before the woman puts Duke in a cage in the back of one of the vans, she tells her co-worker. "You know, I might be mistaken but I think this is a purebred, a purebred Cocker Spaniel". Her male co-worker comes over and pets Duke on the head then says. "You know, you may be right. I wonder what he is doing here?"

She shrugs her shoulders then says. "Who knows? Stranger things have happened". She puts him in the cage and walks away and Duke wonders to himself. " 'purebred'? What does that mean?" Duke then sits down and whines as he sees his family being loaded into trucks.

Later, when they get to the shelter; the momma cat and her kittens are being put in a cage and a woman holds Duke says. "I can't wait until we get this little guy cleaned up, I have a good feeling about him". A woman comes over and she pets Duke and checks him out then asks. "Has the vet looked at him?" The woman holding Duke shakes her head and says. "Yes, and she also checked the momma cat and the kittens. They are all in reasonably good health from living on the streets".

The woman putting the kittens in the cage with Lindsey says. "miracles happen but the kittens are full of fleas, I'll take care of them after I do the momma". The woman holding Duke says. "So is this little guy". The woman shuts the doors on the kittens then goes over to Duke and looks him over then says. "Let Alisa handle this one, she needs to get her feet wet." The woman looks at Alisa with her eye cocked then says. "First day?" Alisa shakes her head then the woman who gave her the job of doing Duke laughs then says. "Easy job, wash him and do some trimming on his fur and nails". Alisa then asks. "Flea collar?" The woman shakes her head vehemently shakes her head then says. "NO. They just irritate the skin..." She gets up and goes and gets a box out then says. "We got a boatload of flea powder today , let's try these"

Alisa shakes her head then goes to work on Duke as the other woman works on the mother cat and kittens. Alisa pours a good little bath for him and when he sets his little paw in, he pulls it back and whines ! Alisa laughs then says. "It will be okay buddy, I promise. Let's just give this another try, okay?" She gently puts Duke in the lukewarm water and she begins to soap him down and Duke begins to relax and enjoy it.

The other woman carefully works on the momma cat and the 4 kittens. The room is full of cat cries and doggie whimper but slowly each one of them begins to glow in a way any of them has since...well,a long time. After blow drying Duke, Alisa trims some hard knots and poor hair strings on Duke then after it is over, Alisa and the other woman stand back and admire their work and they smile then put all the animals back in their cages and make sure to give them fresh water and food. After they eat and their tummy are full, Duke settles down to a long doggy nap and so do the kittens.

Frances, Keith and Craig's mother sits in her living room drinking coffee and she sits with another woman who also holds a coffee cup then she says. "So, Sonya is coming home?" Frances takes a sip of her coffee and stands up and walks around then turns around and says. "Yes". The other woman puts down her coffee then asks Frances. "You don't sound thrilled"

Frances puts down her coffee and sits down and says. "Oh, I am! Debra, don't get me wrong. I'm so glad she's coming home. She's my baby...my firstborn...she's in that hospital and I thought she was going to die...but she's coming home and I have hope" . Debra puts her cup down then asks her friend. "Then what's wrong?". Frances sighs and looks around the room then says. " I-I don't know how to feel, yes, she's coming home but she's been...she doesn't hardly talk, she doesn't smile...she's ..." Debra says to her. "She's shut down"

Frances shakes her head then says. "I just don't know how this...is going to affect Keith and Craig" Debra asks her. "What have they said or asked?" Frances sits up and takes a sip of her coffee then tells her friend. "For the most part...they have done more than what you would expect of a 6-year-old or even a 10-year-old but they do have their times of frustration, they ask why is their sister like this? Why doesn't she talk? Will they be like this?" Debra thinks on it and she sighs then says. "There is so much we don't know about Lyme's disease and it doesn't help that Sonya has been diagnosed with the only neurological case of it in Texas. Of course they are worried that they will get it"

Frances gets up and walks around her mid size living room and she looks out the window and says. "I just don't know how it's going to be having her home and I'm worried". Debra walks up beside her and says. "There's no need in worrying about it until she's here and see how the boys react" Frances turns her head and smiles at her.

Several days later, Duke and the cats are still at the rescue shelter and they run around in a room filled with cat and dog toys and Alysia stands in the middle watching them then in comes the woman she worked with the other day and she tells Alysia "Gather up the cats and the dog and put them in their cages, someone is coming to look at the cats". Alisa starts gathering up the toys and cat scratch to put in the "toy box" and she asks. "Just the cats?"

The woman looks sad then says. "Yes". So Alysia puts up the toys and the animals and then a few minutes later a man brings in 4 little girls. The woman walks up and puts out her hand and she and the man shake then she says. "I'm Chantelle, I'll show you the cats". He then says. "I bought my daughter and nieces to pick out a cat". The oldest little girl says. "A kitten! Daddy, you said a kitten!"

The father looks down at her and he smiles and says. "A kitten, my mistake Monica" . Monica smiles then says. "This is Suzanne, Laura and Adrienne. We're all here to see some kitties, our parents said we could get one". Chantelle smiles then says. "Well, there's 4 over there".

Monica's little face brightens and she asks. "Really?" Chantelle nods her head and says. "Really, you can go to the cages and see" The girls run over there and see them and oh and ah over them and Chantelle says. "We've been doing what we call 'socializing' the kittens for the past few days they have been in". "Oh?" Asks the father then he asks another question. "How's that going?" Chantelle shakes her head and she says. "It's been good, the girls can take the kittens out and play with them and see which one suits them best" Monica hears that and she turns and asks. "Really?" Chantelle laughs and says. "Really"

The girls get them out and they each play with them, they get the toys out and play with them and over time, they each settle in with one. A quiet girl and kitty purring in her lap, others playing on different levels and types of games than Monica goes over to her daddy who is carefully watching then she says. "Daddy, we all just love the kitty's but..." The dad looks at Chantelle and asks his daughter. "What?" Monica bites her little lip then says. "Well, the kitty's are all brothers and sisters and that's their mommy, it doesn't seem right to take them apart after all this time". Understanding his daughter's meaning, he goes over and takes a closer look at Lindsey, strokes her red fur then he asks Chantelle. "What is she like?" Chantelle tells him. "She's a little skittish from being on the streets longer but she's good"

The dad asks. "Can we adopt her?" She then says. "Pay for getting her spayed and you can" Monica asks, "Spayed? What's that?" Chantelle tells her. "A operation to keep her from having more kittens so there won't be so many on the streets any more" Monica shakes her head and Lindsey turns to Duke and says. "Well, Duke, it looks like we are fixing to separate".

He gives a bark than says. "I'm happy for you. You are going to a home". She gives a soft mew then says. "Maybe you will someday also" . He looks at Chantelle coming to get his friend then says. "Maybe"