It Seems Inhuman

Smothered by judging fists,

Plastered with hateful names,

Actions so cruel and bitter

They seem inhuman.

Too afraid to take a stand,

With whimpers we condone violence.

Attributes so alien

They seem inhuman.

Then we crawl, homeward bound,

Avoiding our parents gaze.

Evicting love in place of fear,

It seems inhuman.

But human it is,

Which delivers such hate.

Hearts that pump so much bile,

It seems inhuman.

They have acquired hate.

Filled to the brim it seems.

The excess sloshes over the brim.

It seems inhuman.

Their time, expired it is,

Has run its course.

Rebellion is called for.

It only seems human.

Time for denouncement waits,

Time to reject fists.

Damn the evil labels,

It only seems human.

Smother your oppressors

With hearts larger than love.

Listen as Love harkens,

Do what is human.

Extract the confoundedness,

And throw it to waste.

With Love, there is an infinite capacity.

It's only human.

A land for all,

Equal as we are,

Is in order.

It only seems human.

No more violence,

For love expressed

Is love perceived.

It only seems human.

No more judging,

And labels alike,

For beautiful is an equal opportunity adjective.

That is what's human.