The moonlight hits my face and I suck all the energy that it's providing me with. Cold air strikes my bare arms, making my hairs stand up straight. I close my eyes and inhale the new oxygen my lungs will be breathing now. I'm finally out! Yes! I'm elated, a grin plastered on my face; I had been locked up for years, maybe even decades, but now I am free. My joints pop with every step I take towards my destination. Stiffness soon leaves me as my muscles begin to flex with every stride I take.

Although I'm glad to be released, I can't help but realize my position. This wretch and hideous planet, full of green and other 'creatures' that expect too much out of their pathetic lives, isn't exactly what I had in mind for my new assignment in centuries. I've been here before, back in a time when demos fought a war against angels. It was an awful long time, but I still remember those days. I keep on walking feeling all the emotions creeping in on me.

I was a young one back then, and all the commotion, all that I was seeing, was creeping on me so fast I couldn't help but shed tears with every dead body my eyes would see. This is what I am though; I am and forever will be surrounded by death. I shake my head eagerly, trying to erase all those awful memories, not succeeding, but they shall be well hidden in the reminiscence of my mind. I wasn't the same; those tough times helped me survive.

Humans, as they call themselves, are weak creatures, but they think they're the worlds' highest prodigy that ever existed. Pathetic. They destroy each other and their planet to get whatever it is they seek. Generation after generation they satisfy their needs through pain and anger, taking along whoever's on their path. Some are the exception, but only a few make that right decision.

My mind is engulfed by each memory of this planet called Earth. Every fall and every victory is being implanted deep into my brain with every step I take, as if the ground were giving me the information itself, and that's precisely what is happening. Earth has too much grief, and as an old acquaintance, it is sharing it with me, but that is not a problem. I was created to hold grief, pain, destruction, bitterness, and every other excruciating emotion possible. This will be an easy task for me.