Night is almost extinguishing and soon the sun will be out, shinning at its fullest. I need to find the house now. The sun is powerful, and for a being like me, it is no good to roam the streets under it; not after I get what I need.

Pedestrians have left the streets vacant, and it is only in this deep dark silence that you can hear the cries, the cries that many of my kind provoke. A light smile forms on my lips as I listen intently to the night. How I've longed for this moment; the cries are pure pleasure to my ears.

A sudden movement to my right extracts me from my pleasantries. I follow the faint glow the other has left behind. My eyes settle on a short and slim figure, leaning against the wall of the dark alley ahead of me. She's facing my way, but darkness moves around her face, obstructing my view. With a swift movement of her hand she asks me to follow. This is my contact. My light steps follow the shadow in front of me and as I walk closer to her, her features start to come alive. She is short in stature, but holds a very distinguished hourglass figure. Her hair is a bright yellow, gold as a ray of sunlight, and it flows gracefully over her slim back. She carries herself with great security; she's confident. Every shadow evades her as she makes her way towards the destination I've been searching for.

She hasn't said a word, but this is fine with me, there is no need for her to tell me where we are going. I already knew about this. Twilight starts to drown and the first rays of the rising sun soon start to hug the skies. Some of the rays reflect on her body, revealing her clothing along with her creamy skin. Her all black outfit hugs her tightly, wrapping around every curve on her body. I eye her closely; I have yet to see the face of this magnificent creature.

Streets become pathways and pathways become tangled dirt streams, leading to a demolishing cabin, lying deep inside the woods. This trip would have been a lot shorter, but the serene steps she makes while walking makes me think that she enjoys this walk. Who knows how many times she's been here?

As the cabin comes to view, my eyes scurry the place, not for threats, I am the biggest threat around within miles, but to observe. Maybe I'll need to return in the future, but this time without this lovely guide in front of me. The tall forest pine trees surround the cabin at twenty feet, all around, forming a crooked circle. I don't sense any kind of life form from within it, and as I try to make my way forward, a long thin arm gets in my way, making me halt. A deep growl escapes my lips, but the arm blocking me doesn't weaver.Who does she think she's dealing with! I'm about to rip her arm off when a familiar voice steps out of the dark cabin.

"Now, now Brett, you don't want to slaughter the one who showed you the way to my presence, do you?" My eyes shot a menacing glare towards Lucas. If he wasn't one of my closest acquaintances, I would probably kill him as well. I decide to let this incident slip; I have important things in mind.

My hand pushes the arm in front of me away, harshly, making the girl snarl my way. A faint smirk hits my lips as I make my way towards the lean man in front of me. His eyes, green as fresh grass, always seem to pierce through my hard façade. He expands his arms, a gentle smile in place. My head shakes, how he can be very gentle and happy will always remain a mystery to me. I hug the tall man, sighing, as he chuckles at my weak attempt of being happy to be before him again. Truth is I am glad I'm with him; it has been an awful long time.

"You haven't changed one bit, have you brother?" his laugh carries on into the dark night.

"You haven't either. It wouldn't hurt if you whipped that stupid grin out of your face every time you see me." This only makes him laugh louder, his grin reaching his ears. Straight black hair falls to his eyes and I can't help but chuckle myself. What can I say? Lucas is one of a kind.

"Come on in! Come on in! We have so much to talk about my dear friend, but first..." He reached into his pocket and took out a blue sapphire necklace. Around the tear drop like stone, a metallic outline clings to it, making weird designs along the edges. This is what I need. My eyes glisten at the sight of such beauty. I've missed you my friend. The stone immediately erupts into a dim blue light as I lightly touch it, surrounding me with its glow. An elated smile comes to my lips; Lucas watches in astonishment as the stone's glow slowly fades as I placed it around my neck.

"I never grow tired of seeing it." His eyes are wide with curiosity. "I never quite understood why it only shines in your presence..." His voice becomes smaller; the words trailing off with the cool wind.

"I am its master," shrugging, I made my way into the old cabin, ready to overtake my duty. I knew I had come here in a mission, all that matter to me now, was to complete it.

After gathering my belongings, I head out, in search of my new assignment. Her name is Eve; she is staying with her parents still, and is only seventeen years old. I must find her to get to my next source, her brother, Kyle. There was no information about him on my archives, but I'm sure that if I get close to this Eve, she will lead me straight to him. I must make sure I find her before he figures out I'm after him.

My attire was a 'normal' one, as Lucas said. He made sure I were to be dressed in 'teenager's clothes' as he put it.

"This way you can blend in Brett. Stop whining and just put the clothes on." His smile never leaved his face and my raging stare wouldn't leave him either. I stubbornly placed the closed over my bare body, trying to find a way in my mind to change afterwards. This was all to no avail though; as always, I succumbed to his wishes.

See I don't have the greatest physic. I do look like the teenage mortals that roam this planet, but don't let the appearance fool you. My hair is the color of charcoal and reaches above my shoulders, my eyes are a bright blue that I came to hate over the years; they make me vulnerable looking. My body is toned, thanks to the extreme sessions of workout that I put it through and I have to say that standing at six foot one has its advantages; I'm one of the most powerful of my kind, and everyone around me knows this.

The jeans fit my lower body comfortably and the cotton fabric V-neck blue shirt is fresh over my skin. It is mid afternoon now, meaning the sun is shining at its fullest, but this didn't affect my strength anymore, for I now had my precious sapphire, concealed underneath the clothing. I needed to head towards the place I would be staying: a house that Lucas had chosen for me since it was closet to Eve and her brother.

A small paper between my fingertips contains the address to my living quarters; I need to be there before night fall. Since I am new, in a way, to this planet, I have no transportation. Lucas dropped me off as furthest into the town as possible. I need to get myself a vehicle. I couldn't teleport everywhere if I was going to be 'under cover.' I slightly chuckle at Lucas' usage of words. Obviously being here for over centuries has affected his way of speech.

Cars pass by my side, and from across the street where I was standing, a grocery store laid before me. I wasn't going to make it to my destination if I kept on walking; stealing a car would be rather faster and very easy to do. My feet rush me towards the sleek black BMW parked outside the store; it is secluded form everyone's eyes, making it an easy prey. I place my package, which was a backpack filled with some clothes and useful tools, on the ground and I readied myself to make my deed.

"Shit! Are you serious?" The voice wasn't directed at me, if it were I could of sense it. The young female was screaming at her mode of transportation, as the weak engine whined at her attempts of starting it.

"Come on! I want to get home already!" she slams the door as she gets out the vehicle, giving up on the old machine. It was one of those old, rusted Chevy model trucks. The paint was badly maintained and I assumed the engine was as well.

The girl seemed lost; she was walking back and forth in front of the old machine, her breath increasing with every turn she made. She had big brown eyes and long straight auburn hair. Her slim body was attractive to the eye but she was as short as my guide of the other night; probably around five feet seven inches. However, this is not why I was making my way towards her. She was Eve; her photograph was placed along with all her information on my file. She was the mortal I was looking for. This is perfect.

She stops pacing once she sees me walking her way. Human's natural instincts told them to stay away from us; we are dangerous, and hers' were doing that right this instant. Her eyes widen as I get closer, a smile forms on my lips before speaking.

"Do you need any help? Seems like you are having some trouble," I try to suppress a smirk. This is just too easy! I was close enough that I could see the sweat beaded on her forehead caused by the blazing sun above us. Her pink lips move, but no words come out. My lips form a wider grin.

"I think it's probably the engine, you need to get it fixed. Have you changed the battery?" My attention now went to the old truck besides her. I opened the hood and smoke came out of it; it was definitely the engine. She still seemed hesitant, but her eyes made up her; she decided to speak.

"Um... You… I mean... yes, it has a new battery..." I nod at her few words, memorizing her voice and the way she spoke. She had a beautiful voice; it fit her quite well.

"I think I can get it to run," with a movement, blind to her eyes, I made a small blue orb around the engine, and soon it was roaring to life again. I smile at my easy mechanics.

"Oh God! Thank you so much! This is great!" she's beaming and I can't help but smile back at her slight joy. "Wow, I mean, do you need a ride? After what you did... I mean... I'm Eve." her cheeks turn pink; her mumbling was cute.

"I'm Brett, lovely to meet you Eve." Her pulse is increasing; I can hear and see it over her translucent skin.

"So, do you, uh, need a ride somewhere?"

"It's okay, I can walk."

"Oh no please! Let me take you, it's the least I can do. Where are you heading?" She makes her way towards the driver seat; I guess she figured I would say yes. I slip in onto the passenger seat; she retrieves the vehicle out of the parking lot and onto the road.

"Here is the address," I slide the piece of paper across the seat, avoiding any contact with her skin, and she took it, taking a quick glance at it. Her eyes sparkle as realization sank.

"Oh! You live close to my house! This is perfect," the gleam on her eyes intensified. How that was possible, I have no idea but I couldn't quite place it. Was it joy? It was different. She's smiling, showing straight and white teeth.

"Really? Is that a good thing?" I have to know what she's thinking.

"Yeah! Now I know to whom to go if my truck breaks down again," she's teasing me but the idea of helping her doesn't seem so bad. "And besides, it's good to meet a new handsome face." She abruptly stops herself, as if she didn't mean to speak the last part out loud, and stares straight forward, her hands tightening around the wheel. My thoughts are confirmed when her cheeks flush pink again. I give her a smirk smile as I watched the pink deepen.

"I am glad you think so." She nods her head ones, still keeping her eyes focused on the road; I'm still staring at her, or more like, studying her. The photograph in the file did no justice to her beauty. When I first saw her picture, she struck me to be an average looking girl, but now, seeing her close, I was quite mesmerized.

She had long black eyelashes that curve over her eyes; they are thick, making the light brown eyes stand out. Her nose is thin and straight: perfect. The lips are a light pink that contrasts well with her light color skin. She was natural beauty. My eyes linger at her neck, strands of hair clung to it because of the sweat it had formed there, and I am tempted to remove them…

"Here we are!" Her voice is relaxed now, no sign of stress in it. My head turns around and spots the red brick house to my right. It is small, but this will do. I wasn't planning on staying long; the faster I did my job, the faster I would get out of here and onto another realm.

I got out, grabbed my bag, and closed the door behind me. Before I could turn around and face her again, I see a slight movement inside the house. Whatever was in there moved the curtains. I could feel a growl about to escape my mouth; my eyes were turning to slits, that's when Eve distracted me.

"Are you going to school tomorrow?" I turn around and look at her questioningly. School? "You do go to school right? I mean, you look about my age… or… I don't know…" She is nibbling her lower lip; it's cute.

Of course I wasn't going to school. "No. I'm not going to school. I'm already done with it." I lean my hands on the passenger side window and smile at her fidgeting self.

"Oh." Her eyes look down to her hands that laid a top of her legs. "That's… too bad." She looks disappointed.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll see each other again," She has no idea. I was about to make her life a living hell. Not that hell was that bad. I've been there. This time, the smirk planted on my face was for me, but she misinterprets it. Her lips curve up in a dreamy smile.

"Okay then. See you soon Brett."

"See you soon Eve."

I watch as she rides away. She has no idea what is coming her way. Poor human, how I wish you weren't involved in all of this.Eve is a lovely girl, probably destined to do great things and very beautiful…But your brother has to pay. His time is up and he just dragged you along to his death.