-Numbed Days-

The day you left

Was filled with so much grief

I left my heart for death

To lend you some relief.

My chest was numb.

Stomach queasy.

We had our fun

But it seemed to fly to damn quickly.

A week went by.

On the outside i felt fine.

My walls were built.

I thought it was done

At nights I layed.

Tearing them down

Wishing you were here again.

But it was just a dream all around.

Then one day I saw your face.

By now my walls were secure.

But your eyes; they left no trace.

Your smile; so pure.

Yet I would not shed one tear.

"Fuck you too" I thought.

And walked away.

Our eyes caught.

Next moment I swayed.

Looked the other way.

Shoved the walls up as high as they would go

And carried on with my numbed day.