The Darkness Inside


It was a cold day, the beautiful, white snow layered the ground. White rabbits ran around and played, knowing the they were not in any harm at all. The only sound of the surounding area was the scurry of the winter animals and the ruffles of leaves up in the evergreen trees. A few birds called out, their white feathered bodies almost invisible to any outside force.

The snow started to fall lightly again, covering the tracks left by something very big. The oncomeing flakes of white continued to fall, over bright red spots in the pale white. Covering a foot, than a leg, and finally the entire body. The person was almost unreconisable. Standing close, something sat watching its last meal lay freazing under the cold dust.

A cruel smirk crossed its lips as it howled out, a sinister sound that frightened all the animals into hiding. It's long tail, piecing red eyes, and frightening teeth visible as it crouched like a frog before jumping onto the branches of a nearby tree. The feeling lingered, you know that one feeling, that gets you thinking you're being watched? Well, you are, and this is whats watching you, always at your weakest. It waits for you to get lost, to become vunurable.

What is this creature? This inhuman beast of nature, or maybe of man. Is it some kind of experiment gone wrong? Well whatever it is, it's hungry, and it's on the hunt for something new, something fresh, and something human. Watch out when you go out by yourself, and remember, stay out of the woods.