Chapter One:

"Come on you guys, I don't want to be out here anymore, we aren't supposed to be here" a scared cry came from someones lips. Turning arond I saw a pale white girl with long bloned hair. I rolled my eyes in her direction, we didn't invite her but she insisted on coming anyways. To be honest, I really didn't like her, she messed with my style, held me back. I sighed, well, it was bad enough that I was stuck with her, but it was only until the end of the semester for my new school.

I looked forwards again, "looks like princess is getting scared," I said pulling my giant fluffy hood over my head "we need to find my papa, he went out camping two weeks ago and hasn't returned," I looked back actually worried. My papa was the only person in my family I had left. My boyfriend walked up behind me when I turned back to look ahead of me.

I didn't want him to hold me so I continued to walk in the dirrection the camp site was at. At least a twenty mile hike, it would take hours and possibly days to find my father in this snow. Tears stung my eyes as I walked. This was just like how I lost my mother, a blizard. When we found her, he body had been mauled by some type of animal.

"Rebeca, Look it's snowing again, we should head back, there was a blizard warning on the news this moring." Oliver came up behind me and hugged me. My boyfriend always wanted the best for my safety, but I didn't want that now, I wanted to find my dad. I pushed him away harshly.

"Do any of you want to find my dad!" I yelled at them, "if you did, you would help me find him no matter the danger!" I shouted at them. Before they could make an atempt to calm me down I ran off into the snow. I knew I was being selfish, I was only doing this for my own selfish reasons after all. I don't want to be alone, I hated the feeling of being hopelessly abandoned.

I could hear my name being called as I ran off, but I made no attempt to listen to them. When a person is scared the only person they listen to is there self. I continued to run until the pain in my legs was to much. I hid under a large tree root that was pulled from the groumd by something great. I had just now realised the great deal of cold that I was surounded by, my hasty running causing rips to form in my big thick jacket.

Clutching my body I found that I was starting to lose the feeling in my hands, I pounded my hand against my thigh until a stinging sensation came to my fingers, I let out a joyful sigh. Losing my fingers would not be a wecome thought for me. A distant howl made me shiver. "Maybe I shouldn't have left them. They were right, I will never find my papa now" my voice quivered as I spoke to myself, holding back my tears, that was the last thing that I needed in this weather was water to freeze on my face.

I looked up into the sky, it was noon already and the winds were starting to pick up deadly spead. Looking back the way that I came, the tracks were already gone, I was lost. It was as if death himself had planed this, he just wants me to be alone forever, and when I finaly am alone, he wants me dead. A cold hollow scream filled the air.

There was no end to how infuriated I was, but still, even when I screamed it was as if nothing moved. Soon the silence overcame me once again and I let out another screach, this time it came out shrill and scared. I sighed, there was no stopping this, I was cold, tired, and weak, I couldn't stay like this. Every second I would wait it was like my life was slipping away from me.

I soon realized that the bark of the fallen tree that I rest near was very old, and the bark was very dry. It was perfect for making fire! I quickly grabbed it with my numbing hands and put it into a pile, grabbing as much as I could in a seprate and much bigger pile. I pulled out the matches that my father had always told me to carry when I went out in dangerous weather even if I wasn't in any danger at all.

I quickly lite one of the matches but the snow quickly made the small flame vanish. I struck another match against the match-box and quickly covered it with my hand leaning it down towards the brittle bark patches. The peices of wood quickly caught on fire and grew rapidly, I made sure I was away from any snow that could fall on the only thing that can save my life. Once I was sure that the fire would keep for a while I finaly decided that I could stop piling bark onto it.

A few hours past and my fire was slowly beginning to die, I piled on a few more peices of wood from the tree I was leaning against onto it. A terrifying howl filled the air around me, much closer than the one that I had heard previously. The night was very deadly out here, you can never know what you will find in the snow. Even though I was out in the open, I was in a protected area that hopefully no creatures could find me.

Sleep had begun sneaking up on me once the sun was beginning to set, it got dark out here so quickly and it stayed dark for quite a while. My eyes were heavy and my breathing slowed down. Placing a few more peices of firewood onto my fire I began to dose off, hoping that tomarrow morning I would wake up, but until then I just had to wait.