Chapter 04 A hunting we will go…

When we got to the farm, Old Man Yong, and his sons were watching as Dr Lee and Dr Won prepared their two culvert live traps. The idea was pretty much the same as the live traps you've seen on any wild life show – food in the trap, creature enters in, gate falls shut, voila!

It should, work.

Trouble was, I wasn't sure, just how smart a werewolf could get. If these guys were as smart as a human, as well as being as big as a human, this could be a problem.

Cormack looked at me and answered the question I had not yet voiced. "there's two different types of werewolves – true wolves – in other words – they become human sized wolves – a little smarted than an ordinary wolf, but not that much smarter. To be fair, wolves are pretty damn smart.

"Then – there's a scary variant – a wulven – or a wolfman. Basically – imagine a human with superstrength, and a wolf's bloodlust. Usually, those are very bad news, pure-D evil." He shrugged – "and – they've got hands – opposable thumbs. Manual dexterity is not all that great – more like a gorilla's…but still and all…." His voice trailed off and his face had a distant and worried look.

"Ouch." I said. "Uhmmm…Werewolf By Night?"

"Huh?" he said, looking at me like I was crazy.

"Sorry," I replied, "I read a lot of comic books when I was a kid." I shook my head, "What you're describing is a lot like – uh, I think it was a Marvel Comic Book, the title was "Werewolf By Night" – but the protagonist was an Astronaut – that got turning into one of those Wulven creatures you're describing – and tried to keep from hurting people when he was a Wulven,"

"Oh." he looked at me if I was a bit simple in the head. "Yeah, sure, whatever. Thing is, Wulven can't control the urge to kill and destroy. Where a werewolf is often just a hungry wolf, due to the body stress of the transformation – the Wulven is a creature of Evil, and kills for the bloodlust."

He shook his head. "Dad and I hunted a Wulven in Yellowstone once – it killed a bunch of hikers and campers. But it just left bodies all over the place – didn't eat hardly any of them –just killed them for the most part. They tend to be nasty SOBs in their human phase, too. But the thing is – they are crafty smart, and mean as hell."

He pointed. "Thing is, Big Boy and Eun-ju Le, in the wolf state, run on four legs – which makes them true wolves. A Wulven – runs on two. You see that, you know you got trouble."

"So..." I said "What's the problem?"

"I….dunno." he said… "I'm getting a premonition, a bad feeling…as if these two are not the only problem we have here."

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…Is that what you're trying to say?"

"Yeah." He said, looking at the mist rolling in off the Yellow Sea… "It does have a sort of Macbeth feel to the night, doesn't it?"

"The Scottish Play." I said. "Don't jinx us."

He laughed. "You believe in that old superstition?"

I looked at him with a wry grin… "Says the guy who's packing silver and proved to me that werewolves exist." I made a face. "So what else is out there that I thought was superstition…and isn't?"


We drove the traps out to the pasture - one where the killings had occurred, and the other near the slough where Eun-ju Le had camped.

The woman was nowhere to be seen.

Dr Won looked worried. "It is not safe for her to be out here with a wolf on the hunt."

Mr Yong looked at him. "We tried to get her to come into the village – she insisted that she would be fine. She told us the wolf would not hurt her. When we tried to get the local police to take her into protective custody, she ran away."

"Dr Won" said Cormack. "Believe me when I say, Eun-ju is in no danger from this wolf."

"Eh" he said quizzically, tipping his head at Cormack. "How do you know that, young man?"

He chuckled. "Dr Won…you would not believe me if I told you…perhaps…if we catch it, and I can show you…maybe you would believe. But – I will not say at this time."

I looked at Cormack wryly. "Should have just kept your mouth shut, kid."

Dr Lee, and the Yongs, joined Dr Won in staring at us as if we had lost our minds. "What do you know?" demanded Dr Won.

"At the moment," said Cormack, "it is only supposition. And if I told you, you would not believe me. So…I will not say until we have caught the wolf."


The moon rose nicely, a little while after sunset. It was about three days past full, but still nice and bright – back home, we'd call it a "Harvest Moon" – bright enough that you could still work by its light with out artificial light.

We had the howl of Big Boy, and then the answering call of a female.

"There is a female!" exclaimed Dr Lee. "Possibly a breeding pair!"

Mr. Yong and his sons looked upset. "Not on our land." He exclaimed.

"Oh no." said Dr. Won. "We'd need to catch them – but they would make a fine addition to the National Zoo." He smiled at the old farmer – "And – if we catch them here on your property, we'd probably be able to pay a suitable honorarium"

"What is a honor-ar-ium?" said Mr. Yong, puzzling over the strange word.

"A lot of money, dad." Said his son.

"Good." Said Mr. Yong, with a firm set to his face. "We have some expensive sheep to replace."