He held her hand. He knew she always loved that. He knew he would get no response as he kissed the lifeless lips of the girl he once loved. He asked to see her once last time before they sent her off to the morgue. Her hand was cold and pale. It was limp as the boy held it in his. His eyes wandered over her still beautiful face. Her skin was white and cold like ice. Her gray-blue eyes were now closed for the last time. Her face was thin and bony. But in his eyes she was still the most beautiful person he ever saw. He closed his eyes. Memories flashed through his mind. He remembered seeing her in the halls for the first time. He remembered asking her on a date. Walking through the forest together. When he shared their first kiss in an old tree outside his house. When he brought her a crappy homemade card on her birthday when he couldn't afford a card after he had gotten fired from his job at Olive Garden.

Another memory. When he showed up at her door in the rain after an argument. When they laid in the field of flowers at the local park. When he held her hand after she collapsed at their school dance. When he held her hand in the ambulance to the hospital. When he held her hand before they rushed her into the Emergency Room. When he held her hand as the doctor told her she had an incurable form of cancer. When he held her hand as she cried. When he held her hand as her heart monitor showed her body giving up. When he held her hand as she whispered 'I love you' as her eyes closed. When he held her hand as her heart monitors piercing ring pronounced her dead.

As he opened his eyes, to see his deceased lover, he saw…

He was still holding her hand