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A week had past since Honoka transferred to Shiory's class. The village had been carved into the mountain side and there were many different cliff structures. The pathway to the small collection of schools was a dirt road that stretched across the edge where a river rushed past underneath. the river was used to power the village, it was lined with a thick metal wall underneath. Students were not permitted to venture at the bottom of the cliff side to prevent injuries, or being swept away by the river.

Of course no one cared much for Shiory's saftey and they pretty much preferred she walk at the base instead of next to everyone else. She walked along the rocks carefully taking each step even though she did this since grade school, it hadn't hurt to be safe. The first time she was forced to walk on this road it had scared her, but the new path she discovered where her walk to and from the main village would at least be peaceful.

Above the dirt road where different islands of fields where sport events or teams played. Shiory usually looked at the soccer field to get a look at the teams play. When she walked higher to see she spotted the transfer student walking along the path but she was a little too close to the side. As shiory squinted her eyes to look Honoka's body seemed to be swaying as if she would faint. That's no good she thought. Placing her hand over her eyes to block the sun Shiory saw out of the corner of her eyes the soccer ball passing over this way. She followed its path for a heartbeat feeling dazed and her eyes widened as the soccer ball hit Honoka nearly toppling her over but she moved and stepped on the cracked road and fell.

She was alarmed and quickly moved. Her body was moving on it's own, there was no time to think Honoka was falling fast. She jumped rocks as best she could and right before Honoka's body was to hit the rocks before the river, Shiory finally got close to the other girl.

Will I make it in time!

Honoka felt her head throb and she began to sway. Then she felt herself become weightless and she floated. Soon she opened her eyes and realized exactly where she was and one look at where she was going her eyes immediately shut again. Her heart was in her ears pounding and she was breathless. She knew what had happened she got hit. Fell. and now would most likely die. Now that she had pushed the panic feeling away she looked at the space where she was about to collide with. It was a cluster of rocks right before the river. She would most likely hit them directly. At the sight of them her mind couldn't help but to imagine her broken body surrounded by a pool of crimson blood. Tears blurred her eyes as she waited, in the last moments time seems to stand at a still, in slow motion. The ground finally came closer and she waited for the crushing blow. She heard the sound of a body connecting with earth but the pain did not follow. She waited holding her breath before slowly and carefully shifting. The first thing she saw was blood. More than she has ever seen. She forced herself to turn all the way back, and realized she was sitting on something soft. She looked down and her stomach convulsed at what she saw. Kosaka, Shiory was there bleeding and wounded her face pale and her body was limp. Honoka feared that she was dead.

Honoka had no idea what to do in a situation like this. Shiory had taken the fall for her and by the looks of it hit her head and shoulder blade. Her arm looked broken and her head wouldn't stop bleeding. Honoka panicked and began to cry. She begged out for help but no passerby would even look at them. She pressed her fingers down on the wound the wet liquid stained her fingers and soaked threw.

"Please, please don't die." she said desperately. "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP US!" she called but to no avail. Any by standers at the sight of Shiory passed by pretending not to notice. Losing hope she bowed her head feeling defeated.

"Honoka?" a familiar voice said, Honoka jerked her head up.

"Shizune? Shizune is that you?" Honoka answered relief in her voice.

"YES! I have been looking everywhere for you, what are you doing down there?" Shizune replied.

"There isn't time! Call for the car! tell James to bring Kyosuke with him! Quickly!" Honoka instructed her.

"Ah o-ok." Shizune said before disappearing from the edge. Moments later she returned with James and Kyosuke beside her. They always had a way of going over the speed limit in arriving early. Kyosuke made his way down the side without any difficulty. He was extremely skilled in strange ways. Kyosuke came down to her and placed a warm hand on her shoulder a sign of comfort. He hoisted Shiory up gently and reached out an arm to Honoka.

"Let's go home miss." he said.


They both moved slowly up and into the car.

"Why on Kami-sama's green Earth are we doing this!" Shizune exclaimed as they rode while holding Shiory. "You don't know what kind of trouble maker she is, if..if..someone knew we took care of her then what? it won't go well mind you." Shizune finished.

"Shizune!" Honoka exclaimed at her sister. "What did you want me to do? Leave the person that saved my life to bleed to death on the side of the road or who knows what else!"

"Ok, ok, I get it! Calm down. We are lucky that James is a doctor." Shizune said. James is the personal butler and our guardian in the house. Neither of our parents live up here. Onee-sama and the rest of the maids and workers keep us company, they are like family to us. Conveniently James is a doctor among other things.

We finally reached the house after what seemed like a nerve racking life time. Kyosuke wasted no time getting Shiory onto the couch for immediate treatment. James shewed away everyone from the room as he pulled out his equipment and bandages. Honoka paced out in the hallway waiting for James to finish while chewing at her fingernails. Then after an eternity James finished what he was doing and they walked back into the room.

"Well...Now what?" Shizune said breaking the silence. "Now that we have this fugitive in our house."


"Waht! Just tryin' to state da facts." she said back, Shizune always had a strange accent whenever someone yelled at her. Some kind of nervous reaction.

"We should move her to the downstairs guest room now that I have stabilized her." James said interrupting the two.

"Are you sure she is ok? I think her head hit the railing pretty hard." Honoka asked uneasy.

"Well, as a matter of fact, I don't know if it was on purpose or luck but she shielded her head when catching the Miss." he lifted up his patient with gentle fingers. "You see the style of bruising on the forearm and upper rib cage. She caught the Miss and arched her body before the fall so her head was actually injured by the backlash of the weighted hit, knocking into the railing. It's truly very impressive, except her shoulder took major damage, but considering she wasn't going at any fast speed it isn't as bad as it looks, weight ratio has a lot to do with it..."

"ALRIGHT! We get it James, thank you." Shizune yelled stopping him from killing them with boredom.

"Ahem right." he nodded falling silent again regaining his usually quite behavior. A slight groan from Shiory made the all look down to her. "Best we hurry." James said. The butler waved Kyosuke over instructing him to gently pick Shiory up. They carried her carefully to the sliding door of the bedroom. Entering the laid her down on the bed.

"We should get her clothing changed as soon as we can." James pointed out. "I'm sure the head maid and her little followers can take care of that." James said happy with his own witty remark. "But now we must let her rest." He finished ushering everyone out of the room.

"Ah yeah." Honoka said absentmindedly as she glanced at Shiory before the door closed. All there was to do is wait for the sleeping girl to open her eyes again.

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