My first story for my advanced fiction class. Also my first attempt at flash fiction. Yeah, hope you like it.


On Bended Knee

"Bet you a day!"

"Aw, make it worth while."

"Two days!"

"You're dumb. Let Tommy make the bet."

"Yeah, whatever Brent."

Linda and Brent glared impatiently at Tommy who was seating despite the cold temperature. He wasn't sure why they needed him there. He was never keen on being around the two of them when they got competitive. He was scared whenever they wanted to be.

Tommy, although nervous to be standing between the two quarrelsome friends, was thinking about what would finally shut these two up.

"Whoever loses has to do whatever the other says for a week."

Linda, having suffered years of being considered the weaker sex, nodded along with Brent and the race was on. Brent's gazelle legs sprinted before her, she was barely going full speed, when Brent, grasped his side and started to slow down. She burst passed him and crossed the finish line.

"You're my slave punk." She laughed and pointed at him.

Scrub. Clean. Polish. She laughed, the chip crumbs falling onto her chest as Brent hovered around her making her dilapidated apartment look like a mansion.

"On your knees Brent. Do it properly."

"Heck no. That's too far."

"My slave."

"I'm still human."

Tommy stood there as he watched his two friends after years of not betting or challenging each other for years, stretching before the start line on the track.

"You're mine this time Linda."

The stakes were still the same. The race was longer. Fastest mile.

Vacuum. Wash. Fold. The week was almost over. Brent was exhausted. Tammy was happy. She stared at the television as the scene went in and out as Brent cleaned the screen. He hunched over to get the bottom corner.

"On your knee Brent."


"The floor's not dirty anymore." Her laugh rang through the apartment, "Come on for me."

He turned off the television and turned around dropping the cloth and spray on the ground.

"Hey, I was watching that."

"Shut up." He said as he got on one knee.

"The floor's clean now. Clean the tv."

"Will you marry me?"