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The Last of the Warriors


Lumya opened her eyes. How long had it been? Wind caressed her pale face. Lumya blinked her silver-and blue eye. Then blinked her gold-and-red eye slowly. Great, midnight blue wings streaked with shiny black and dotted with silver and gold attempted to unfurl behind her. Lumya gasped as needles of pain shot up her back. She remembered. Images of Yukuyi's betrayal danced in the back of her vision. How could he? Lumya gritted her teeth as she forced her great wings to open, shattering parts of the tomb of ice that enclosed her. For one whole century she was enclosed in this thick sheet of ice and left for dead after Yukuyi's betrayal and a beating that had almost killed her.

Lumya was the fallen angel of Starlight Path. She was sent to Shebarette X to guard the sacred symbol. Being an Starlight Angel, fallen or not, she could not have any power for negative mortal emotions. Thus making her unable to break out of the Fire Ice of Anger that entombed her easily. Lumya silently screamed as another wave of pain hit her. Hissing softly, the ice refused to shatter more. Lumya knew if she didn't make it out of the ice soon, she would fade away.

Lumya lowered her head and willed herself to turn into a snake. It took all her energy away on the first try, but she failed. After several more attempts, Lumya gave up. Looking around, she suddenly thought of Shebarette X. She hung her head in shame. She had failed to protect it. Instead she traded her duty just to meet Yukuyi. Thoughts of the happy Shebarettians gave her strength, which she pitted against the ice. Lumya's eyes grew into balls of flame as she gritted her teeth and struggled, despite the pain that threatened to pierce her. "Uh!" Lumya was free. She fluttered to the ground.

After a through wash she felt better, and looked down. There were dark stains on the grass. Lumya blinked. Her blood. The blood from her wounds when she struggled to break free mingled with the blood that flowed out of her body when an army of thieves attacked her one century ago. Lumya looked up, her face expressionless in place of anger and vengeance. She knew Yukuyi was still alive. And she knew it was her destiny to find him. Limping off, Lumya noted that the grass growing where her blood have been, were all black.