The Wound of Love

In humility
You came
so many years ago
and with one short glimpse of your glory
wounded my heart forever.

One glimpse
caught through the mirror
of memories treasured in a book,
one glimpse
of thirty-three years recorded in snapshots –
and now You hide in darkness.

One glimpse
reflected in shadowy visions, indistinct whispers,
Your radiant face still veiled,
Your ravishing eyes still withdrawn
into a cloud of invisibility.

For one
in time
You lifted the veil on indescribable beauty,
with one
You set my insides ablaze.

Now wounded with love You have left me pining,
wounded with longing You draw me, hidden companion along the way;
mortally wounded with yearning, with craving, with churning,
crying in tears for Your presence, Your touch, for Your kiss –

where would I not go to pursue, to follow, to find You,
what would I not suffer, do, endure, take upon me
to be with You, to have You once more, my Desire, my Only Delight?

In glory
You will come
so many years hence
and with one everlasting look of Your eyes
heal my heart forever.