Author: Zorra Reed

I bring life and refreshment when treated well
I keep myself cool and you quench your thirst
I wash clean your hands when you soil them
I let you play, ensuring you are safe and sound

I shift the pebbles of the riverbed
Giving you a bridge to cross upon
I bring the promise of the rainbow
I extinguish for you the fury of the fire's flame

I speak to Brother Air and Sister Earth
I pool myself into them so they may share with you
Working together, we pray to Father Sun so all may flourish

Still you do not understand
You tempt fate and force my hand
Stupid, foolish children of the earth
You force me to unleash a great storm

I bring destruction and devastation when I roar and swell
I erode the foundations of the shore you stand upon
I wash away the clay and mud you hide yourself in

The crippled ground crumbles beneath your feet
You are falling into my rough waters
My current is swift, strong, and merciless
I will carry you away
I will devour you.

I am the Water
I am made from The Great One's tears
Which you, yourself refuse to shed
I exist as a part of you, within and without

I am sweetness and bitterness
I am life and death
I am the creator and the destroyer

I carve for you great rivers and seas
I give to you the life that lives within me so you need not be hungry
I provide the earth with her life's blood so that she may provide for you
I rest within mountains and shape diamonds so you may know riches and wealth

Still you insist on polluting me
Casting off the evidence of your shameful deeds
You step into my path, hoping I will swallow you whole
Then foolishly expect to rise again, cleansed.

So now I shift form and become the Trickster of the land
I take hold of you by the reins and reel you in
I strike your backs hard with my lashing rod
And pull the rot from your mouths
And pull the seaweed from your eyes
I unbind you from the ropes you've woven

Still you do not rise
You choose not to understand

A/N: The poem you just read is a Personal; meaning it reflects true events in my life. As for the religious approach "brother air, sister earth" I'm taking two classes this summer: "A Historical Approach to the New Testament" and "Survey of Native American Literature" and have loosely mixed the different styles/concepts of trickster, creation, spiritual stories and parables together as a side effect of expressing myself.