The Crusaders entrance to the Holy Land

Men rode inside the Holy land with Blood in their knees.

Godfrey and Bohemond entered with their men inside the birthplace and pillars of three religions, the ground was pooled by dead bodies as well as blood "this isn't the Holy Land brother but Hell itself" one of the priest mourned as he fell on a dead body of a Jewish boy then started to weep.

Bloody yet Glorious was our entrance, but there are no one who will throw flowers at us or anything that will greet us for we had almost killed the entire populace.

One of the soldiers began to puke, Godfrey look around then saw the priest "is this the work of God?" He demanded as he look at the dead bodies. The priest nodded "God wills it" he said under his breath that only Bohemond, who was beside him, could hear.

The Survivors began to cower at their houses, but we slaughter them.

From Oriental Christians, Jews, Muslims and other religions that went to the Holy Land for security, safety and pilgrimage are all slaughtered, with no references of gender, Identification or age.

There was rape and there was slaughter, it was a Glorious scene nevertheless.

Bohemond picked up a flower in the courtyard of the torn down mosque, it was beautiful but it will serve no purpose to the sacrilege land "may the future generation learn and may they accept people of other religions as equals" he said as he threw the flower.

"Yes Brother, may the future generation learn from this mistake that we had done" he said as he pat his brother then left him alone to end the siege and count the survivors.

The Land was afflicted by our folly, may the Lord forgive us for spilling the blood of our brothers.

The soldiers burned the bodies of the slaughtered, either soldier, citizen, men, women, old or young, it was a holocaust and when men had to grief the Crusaders didn't as all it was for the Will of God, the priests are now shouting orders to burn the mosque, one knight bowed low in respect before burning it down.

When History is written it shall be written that we had committed the worse folly of all that mankind has brought to us, this folly has made us regret on what we did.

"Prepare the soldiers!" Godfrey rode on his destrier, one of the priests began to take a Muslim woman, Bohemond was shock at the sight, a man of God trying to play with fire, how Heretical.

The Crusaders began to ride their horses, while others picked up their weapons and they readied their shields, about 120,000 people had set out to the Holy Land only fifty thousand remained, the Crusaders began to pick up the able and trusted men to be as auxiliaries, they are given spears and other weapons and someday the weapons will be used against them.

They are of hard spirit, this people someday we will draw our swords against them.

"Bohemond stay in the city" Godfrey said as he went outside of the gate with his men, Bohemond look at the remaining people who shuddered in fear.

"Don't fear me" he said but he was no leader so he kept his mouth shut, he look up into the sky then prayed that someday, that there will be peace, that people will never consider who is Muslim or who is Christian and what is a Jew, that every people of races and religion will understand each other.

Will it ever be a dream? Will my prayer come true? Bohemond wasn't sure but he hoped for it, he hoped for the very impossible thing.

Richard's entrance to the east

Richard The Lion Heart couldn't believe it, Christians and Muslims leaving peacefully at the streets of Acre but he had to take the city.

"May the Lord forgive me for killing my brothers" he said as he put on his helmet then signaled his men to charge on the wall, screams, groans and the horns of battle are heard as Christian fought their own brothers in the battle for the walls.

The folly never stops, as long as people never look around him then saw how similar our religion is.

Reconciliation is impossible if people always say 'My God is better than your God' there may have changes but the struggle for the right religion is always there.

Author's note: I hate the Crusades, they are the very crazy thing that happen to Mankind, this people who wore red crosses, didn't even helped on spreading Christianity but rather helped on making other religions angry of Christians.

One of the reasons why I became a Deist is because of this event in history, Priest bashing their Jesus on other people's throats, promising pardon to Knights and Kings who will take the cross while behind the confession room they had that liason with innocent women.

I hate people who bash their religion on people's throats, so this is one of the reason why I wrote this.

Criticisms and Praises are appreciated!

Miko 56