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I stared up into the dark sky from my horizontal position in the backyard, watching for passing satellites and gazing at the hundreds of miniscule stars. Cars zoomed past loudly on the nearby road, blocking out the chirping of the crickets. However, I found the annoying sounds comforting and relaxing.

Then I heard one of the worst songs I've ever known playing from a radio from one of the cars. I shuddered. Why do people even listen to that crap? Especially by them?

I sighed quietly. People these days.

'Stace,' my mum yelled from the kitchen. 'Dinner!'

'One second, Mum,' I shouted back tiredly.

'Just one more second,' I mumbled.

Still watching the sky, I noticed a moving bright light, a plane most likely. I watched the glowing dot until it escaped my vision, the light growing smaller and smaller. I wished I was up there where I could forget that school was starting tomorrow.

I stood up and walked back into my house.

Meanwhile, five guys were on the plane that Stace was watching, playing against each other on the X-Box installed in the private plane. Three were relaxing on the humungous couch, staring and yelling at the gigantic TV screen where two animated figures were shooting at each other. The other two were frantically pressing buttons on the controllers. Eventually, one of the guys sitting down in front of the TV groaned with defeat while the other grinned triumphantly.

The pilot's voice then came over the loudspeaker. 'We're landing in five minutes. Please sit down and buckle your seatbelts.'

All of the five guys moaned and stretched, before walking slowly to their seats. 'I wish we didn't have to go tomorrow,' one of the boys said as he sat down.

'Same here, man,' another agreed. 'Why did our parents make us do this?'

'Because they think our heads are getting too big,' the shortest boy answered.

'Oh well, whatever guys. Why don't we make our lives more interesting instead of complaining about the situation?' the tallest boy said.

This sparked the boys' interest. One of them questioned with his eyebrow raised, 'How are we going to do that?'

'Well,' the previous boy rubbed his hands together and smirked. 'Why don't we make a bet?'

'What on?'

'Let's say all of us have to choose a girl-not each, as a group-and the first guy that goes out with her and stays with her for two months wins the bet.'

One of them snorted. 'This will be so easy.'

'But,' the tallest boy said deviously, 'all of us can use whatever means possible to get her which includes… well, everything. No rules in this bet.'

Each guy smiled evilly at the statement.

'What do we win?' a guy asked seriously.

'$5000 from the losers. Each,' he said slyly.

The other guys started laughing and boasting as they unbuckled their seatbelts when they felt the plane slow to a stop.

'I'm going to win by a mile,' the shortest boy bragged proudly.

'No way, man. I'm going to win and I will leave all of you guys in the dust, staring at my amazing success,' another claimed.

'Whatever, dude. Let's just get there first before we all vow we're going to win,' the tallest boy said, before pushing one of the guys in front of him towards the exit of the plane.

As they strolled casually off their private plane, they each smiled smugly, somehow knowing they were going to win.

This was going to be fun.

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