I sat on one of the many chambers surrounding the giant table in Valhalla. All around me sat the surviving Asgardian warriors. They were laughing, eating, and chugging goblets of mead. Odin sat the head of the table, the dead carcass of a moose lying before him and the largest cup of mead clutched in his right hand. The warriors were all cheering for him, celebrating their victory over Hecate's army.

Jiayi was sitting next to me. He had been hailed as one of fiercest of the warriors that had fought today. One extremely buff man had even challenged Jiayi to an arm wrestling contest. My friend had won.

Nearby, Freyja's two cats were playing with the hand of a flesh golem. I had also been hailed as "god slayer" by everyone, and Odin had offered the make me an honorary warrior in Valhalla. I had politely refused, as that meant staying in the Nine Realms forever.

In front of me, was a huge roast pork and two cups of mead. The pork looked very good, but I couldn't eat. I was too busy thinking about what Hecate had told me.

Yaldabaoth. The goddess of witchcraft was right, few knew about him. Many people often thought he was the Christian God, but he wasn't. The Christian God was very detached from humanity's affairs and had only come to Earth once since helping to make the world. That was when he had appeared to the prophet Moses, as a burning bush, urging him to free the Jews from the tyranny of the Egyptians. (The Christian God is actually the god of the Christians, Jews, and Muslims. But I call him the Christian God to avoid confusion).

Yaldabaoth had been created before humanity had come about on Earth. He had been "born" when Sophia, the angel of wisdom, had attempted to comprehend exactly what the Christian God was. Unlike other gods, the Christian God does not have a defined shape, role, or personality. He is a cosmic being that is omnipresent in all levels of the universe, and exists on a higher plane of existence that only a few other gods share with him. He can't be defined or comprehended at all.

So, when Sophia had futility attempted to comprehend the Christian God and define him, she had unconsciously given birth to another being. Yaldabaoth. Yaldabaoth was basically an imperfect copy of the Christian God. He had believed he WAS the Christian God, and that he alone had made the world. He also believed that he was the only god in existence, and that the others were demons pretending to be gods, so as to tempt mankind.

Yaldabaoth is an arrogant, envious, cruel being. He has been watching over humanity for centuries, never realizing how he was created or that he is not the only god in existence. He has been behind many acts of history that have been falsely assumed to be the Christian God. Yaldabaoth tempted man with the apples of wisdom, and then punished those who ate the forbidden fruit. He thinks that because he is God, that he is perfect and cannot be questioned. Those who question him are obviously heretics and must be punished. It was he who encouraged the Salem witch trials and says that all other religions are false. And very, very few mortals know that Yaldabaoth is not the Christian God, and thus, choose to accept his insane orders as part of God's plan.

When I had told Jiayi who Hecate had mentioned, he had no idea who Yaldabaoth was. But I've told him everything and now, we're ready to find him and stop him from weakening the barriers between worlds.

Of course, finding him would be no small feat. And Yaldabaoth is a very powerful being. He has a fraction of the Christian God's power, but that's more powerful than most gods. Perhaps I could fianlly convince that he was not a god at all, but an imperfect being that was blind to the cold truth of reality.

I stood up. I patted Jiayi on the shoulder and said, "Let's go."

He nodded, also standing up. We walked towards Thor, who was telling a story of how he had killed a troll to a number of listeners.

I tapped him on the shoulder. Thor looked up, grinning, his beard stained with mead.

"Yes, god slayer?" He said, laughing.

"Can you send us home?" I asked. "We have important business to attend to."

Thor looked at me for a moment before saying, "Will you not stay longer?"

"Feasts in Asgard go on for eternity," I said. "Literally. We need to go."

"Fine," Thor said, standing up. Jiayi walked up next to me.

As Thor gathered his power, Jiayi whispered to me, "How are we going to kill Yaldabaoth? He may not be a god, but he has the power and immortality of one."

I held up the artifact. "You forget about this?"

Jiayi narrowed his eyes. "Anton…I thought Baron Samedi wanted that back."

"Oh, I'm sure he won't miss it," I said. "And if he comes to take it, I'll kill him."

We looked at each other for a moment. Then, Jiayi started to laugh and I joined in. We laugh louder and louder, until Thor pointed his hammer at us and we vanished from Asgard.

With Jiayi by my side, I was confident I would never be stopped.