Navy Buddies (R)

I walked into the Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Greenville to talk to the recruiter for the first time and I did a double take when I saw Charlene Martino sitting in one of the chairs in the waiting area.

She was a classmate of mine at Hillsboro High although I didn't know her all that well.

"Oh, hey, Charlene," I said. "You here with Brad?" I asked, glancing around for her boyfriend.

"Brad?" She laughed. "You think a guy like Brad would join the military?"

Brad was kind of an egghead mamma's boy I realized.

"Are you thinking of joining the military?" I asked with surprise.

"Sure, why not?" She asked, glowering at me. "What, you think a woman can't join? Are you one of those sexist bastards?"

"No, no, not at all," I said holding my hands up. "I'm just surprised to see you, that's all."

"Well, I'm kind of surprised to see you too, Watson," she replied. "I didn't take you as the he-man type."

"I'm not," I admitted, taking a seat next to her. "I'm just looking for a ticket out of here."

"What's the matter? Aren't you the college type?"

"Not really," I admitted. "My grades aren't the greatest. My family really can't afford it anyway. I figure the military will give me some training."

"Which branch?" She asked with interest.

"I was thinking Navy," I revealed. "They have some good job opportunities."

She nodded.

"You?" I wondered.

She shrugged. "I was thinking Marines or Army," she said. "You know, kick some ass?"

I laughed. "I'm not that tough."

"I'm not either," she admitted. "I figured they'd toughen me up."

"Look, I'm not superficial or sexist or anything but I don't see you as a jar head or a grunt," I said.

"Thanks," she replied with a frown.

"I meant that as a compliment," I said. "You strike me as a gentle, compassionate person. I can't picture you kicking ass or taking names."

"Rats," She muttered.

"Not interested in college?" I asked.

"Ah, I was never one for school," she replied. "I'm lucky I'm going to graduate!"

"Oh, come on," I said. "You're pretty smart."

"Not really," she said. "I never applied myself anyway."

"I'm sure you'd do fine at college."

"If I stay around here, I'll end up married with four kids by the time I'm twenty-eight," Charlene told me. "My parents were born here. My father has been selling cars here for thirty years. My mother works as a school cafeteria lady. My brothers are in the mills for life. I'd like to see a little bit of something beside Blue County while I have a chance."

"Well, the military will certainly give you that opportunity!" I laughed.

The Navy Recruiter stepped out of his office with a potential candidate with long hair and several tattoos. The Navy guy walked him to the door and then turned to us after the guy was gone.

"Who was next?" He asked.

"We're together," Charlene replied to my surprise.

We're together? I thought to myself. Since when!

"Well, come on in!" The Navy Recruiter said with enthusiasm.

His name was Senior Chief Carley, tall with white blonde hair and the straightest white teeth I'd ever seen. He had a perpetual smile pasted on his face and he came across as a nice guy.

He told us he joined the Navy after high school because he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life and that he wasn't ready or mature enough for more school. He became an Aircrew Rescue Swimmer ("very tough") and he served in the first Gulf War.
"I had a blast, dated a lot of pretty girls, got some much needed discipline, made friends for life, saved some money, got free college, bought my first house with a VA loan and learned that I can handle anything," he let us know. "I also carry the pride that I serve my country but joining the military is a serious decision and it should not be made lightly," he warned. "There were times that were tough and scary but I personally believe that every able bodied American should choose military service because it's one of the few ways to serve your nation and I feel that military service is the greatest expression of citizenship."

He paused for a moment to see if we were grasping what he was trying to tell us.
"Anyway," he continued. "Make sure you know what specialty you want and make sure you know what your specialty will entail. Know your limits, know your goals, and sign up with a plan."
Senior Chief went on to tell us all there was we needed to know about the United States Navy and he asked us what we were interested in as far as job careers went. I mentioned cooking while Charlene said computers was her main interest.

Senior Chief Carley gave us all sorts of pamphlets, booklets and other information for us to review and study. He told us about the buddy program and how he could schedule all our testing together if Charlene and I were interested.

"Sure," Charlene replied without even asking me. "I'll be Watson's buddy!"

We left the recruiting station motivated and willing to take a second look. Charlene and I were both parked in the public lot behind the building. I noticed that she was almost as tall as me (I was 5'9') as we walked from the building. She probably tipped the scale at about 115 and she had light red hair with a dark tan and a sleek body. Her figure was noticeable for her small breasts and shapely hips.

"So, I guess this means we really are Navy buddies," Charlene remarked when she reached her car.

"Guess so," I replied.

"See you around, Watson," she said as she climbed into her car.

"Goodbye, Martino," I replied.

And I did see her around. Charlene would stop me in the hall at school and shoot the breeze, mostly about the Navy, our recruiting status, and Senior Chief Carley. We went back to the recruiting station a couple of times together to shoot the fat with the Recruiter, get more information, watch a few training films, and sign some basic paperwork.

Senior Chief told us that if we were serious about joining he could schedule our aptitude test and physicals for the same time. We would have to spend two days in Boston and once again Charlene answered for me.

"Sounds great," She replied.

Go to Boston with Charlene? Alone? Sure, she was my new Navy Buddy, but the very idea scared the hell out of me!

Senior Chief also told us that it might be a good idea to start getting in better physical shape now so we were good to go when we got to recruit training command (boot camp) so Charlene devised a physical fitness routine for the two of us to follow, usually together. That meant getting up early to go for a run and hit the gym. Charlene was actually in better shape than I was and that motivated me to run more on my own and work harder at getting in better shape.

Charlene and I were spending more time together and I enjoyed our conversations. She was a humorous, confident, take charge kind of person and I pretty much let her run the show as far as our physical training went. We'd hang out a little at school too.

"Doesn't Brad mind you having a Navy Buddy?" I asked her one day when I realized Charlene was spending more time with me than she was her own boyfriend.

"I'm beginning to realize Brad is boring," Charlene admitted. "He's off to MIT in the fall and I don't think I'm smart enough for him," she sighed.

"You're smart enough for me," I teased.

"Yeah, but you're an idiot!" She laughed.

We established a pretty good back-and-forth and I enjoyed being with Charlene. I found her to be fun to hang out with. We also started to get a little bit competitive with one another, seeing who could run the fastest and the farthest and after a few weeks of working out I had caught up to Charlene as far as stamina, distance and energy went. We started running longer, stretching our work out from two miles to four miles to five miles. We usually ran the same route and when we got to the last five hundred yards we would sprint to see who could finish first.

For a while, Charlene would win as I would begin sucking wind and fading out during the last one hundred yards or so but then one monumental and unforgettable day

I actually outlasted Charlene down the stretch and beat her over the finish line!

I lifted my arms above my head and danced around like I was Rocky on top of the steps and Charlene laughed when she caught up with me.

"Congratulations!" She said, wrapped her arms around me and squeezing tightly, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Her reaction was totally unexpected and I felt the sudden and also unexpected bulge in my shorts becoming pronounced with her warm sweaty body so close to mine. I was startled that I had become sexually aroused but I dismissed it as my loneliness from long neglect in the social and romance departments. I quickly escaped Charlene's embrace hoping she hadn't felt me rubbing against her. Did I cross a line? Why did I react that way?
Charlene didn't say anything (much to my relief) and we acted as if nothing had happened. We even started going out to eat together after our workouts and it almost felt like we were dating in a way because we were spending so much time together. We began sitting together at lunch at school and while I didn't ask any questions I got the impression that Brad was now out of the picture.

The running joke around school was that Charlene and I were 'Navy buddies' but I didn't mind the humor or the attention. We actually called each other 'buddy' in front of our friends and they were greatly amused. We heard all the stereotypical Navy and Sailor jokes but I was proud that people were aware that I was joining the Navy and I think Charlene felt the same way. We already considered ourselves 'shipmates' and we knew we were in it together.

Senior Chief Carley scheduled our aptitude testing and physicals in Boston over a two day period. The Navy would put us up in a hotel overnight and Charlene and I drew straws to see who would drive the ninety miles to the processing station in downtown Boston. I lost so I drove but we were getting two days off from school so I wasn't complaining.

I picked up Charlene at 5:30 in the morning so we could get to Boston by 8:00.

"Reveille! Reveille! I shouted out the window.

"Shut up!" She said back. "You'll wake up half the neighborhood! Only roosters get up this early!"

She stumbled into the car semi-comatose but we stopped to get coffee and that woke her up The ride was spent mostly listening to music and chatting about what to expect at the processing center – getting groped and poked and tested and all the rest of it. We were excited and nervous to be taking the next step in our enlistment process.

We found the military processing center with little trouble, parked and made our way to the appropriate floor where we checked in and then sat around. Senior Chief Carley warned us that there would be plenty of "hurry up and wait" involved and he wasn't lying. There would be a rush of activity and then we'd sit around for two hours. They gave us a lunch voucher and we walked down the street with some other potential enlistees. It was interesting to talk to other kids from other parts of the state and what their military interests were.

When we got back to the processing center, Charlene and I were ushered into a room with some other potential enlistees and we were given a series of aptitude tests that took the rest of the day. When we were done with the testing, we were given our hotel vouchers and we headed to the hotel which was about two blocks away while discussing our impressions of the test.

"Some of it was easy as pie but other parts I was clueless," Charlene admitted.

"I thought I did pretty well," I said, but I think I was being hopeful more than anything else.

Charlene and I checked into the hotel and we discovered that our rooms were next to one another on the fourth floor. My room had a nice view of the city and it was very comfortable. I heard knocking coming from the fire door between our rooms. I opened my side and Charlene opened her side and now we had direct access to each other's rooms which was kind of fun.

We went out to dinner in the hotel restaurant downstairs and then changed into our gym clothes and worked out in the hotel mini gym which had jogging machines and other equipment. We were sweaty when we returned to our hotel rooms and I could hear Charlene's shower running next door when I came out of my bathroom after my shower. Hot steam began entering my room and I stuck my head into Charlene's room to see what was going on. Her bathroom door was open and steam was pouring out.

Standing there in nothing but my towel and still dripping, I started to think about Charlene taking her shower and this understandably turned me on at little bit but I was to chicken to step into her bathroom to see if I could see anything. I returned to my room still in my towel and I sat on my bed watching a ball game on television while air drying off.

I heard Charlene's shower turn off and the stream of steam stopped seeping into my room.

"Hey, Sailor."

I looked up to see Charlene standing in the fire doorway wearing noting but a towel.

I swallowed hard but tried to look relaxed and unaffected. "Hi, Buddy."

I half expected her to smile and close the door between us for her privacy but she kept looking at me with a funny smile on her face.

"Are we on Liberty?" She asked.

"Liberty?" I asked with confusion.

"Yeah, is this our Port Call?" She wanted to know.

I shrugged, not sure what she was trying to get at.

"Come on, Watson," She said quietly. "What we doing?"
"Taking our aptitude tests and physicals," I muttered.

"I meant here, now, tonight," she clarified as she stepped into the room. "We're in a hotel, aren't we?"
"Yes," I said. "We are in a hotel."

"Together," she pointed out.

"Navy buddies," I clarified.

"Yes, Navy buddies," she agreed.
"Well, okay," I said nervously. "So we're Navy buddies at a hotel port call on Liberty,"

"You're not very good at this, are you?" She realized.

"Not really," I admitted sheepishly.

Charlene gave me a funny look as she knelt down on the bed next to me. "Why not?"

I shrugged. "I'm just not very experienced in the romance department," I confessed.
"Well, here's your chance," she smiled seductively. "Don't you want to play Navy Liberty Call?"

"Well, maybe deep down secretly I was kind of hoping and fantasizing," I admitted. "Are you really interested in me?"

She looked at me and laughed. "Is there an obvious attraction between us?" Her question was matter of fact and confident as if she already knew the answer.
"It would appear so," I replied.

"Ever since that day when you beat me running for the first time and we hugged I felt your…..boner…against my stomach," she said quietly. "That's when I knew."
"So, you like me?" I asked, looking at her with surprise.

"Of course I do," she answered. "Duh."

"I wasn't sure," I admitted. "I haven't had a whole lot of experience in this department."
What'd you think it was?" She asked. "Some sort of brotherly love?"

"Navy buddies," I muttered with embarrassment.

But I couldn't deny that I had been thinking about her since we met that first day in the recruiting station. And as we spent more time together I admit that I did find myself wanting to be with her. And now here we were.
"I really like you, Martino," I let her know. Your…..friendship….. has been a joy. I guess being around you recently has given me…. feelings for you."

"Thanks, Buddy!"

Charlene sprang up from the bed and took me into her arms, kissing me more passionately than I thought was possible. I turned to putty in her grasp and I was powerless against it. As we continued to kiss she reached down and pulled off her towel to reveal herself to me.

I tried not to stare at her lovely breasts or glance down at her trimmed pubic hair. I saw her rear in the mirror behind her and I felt myself getting a little sweaty. Charlene pushed me back on the bed and she lay down on top of me, kissing me even harder now.

I could feel my dick pushing against her hip through the towel and it was making me hotter than I'd ever known. Charlene kissed down my neck and I felt myself tremble. Her erect nipples were rubbing against my chest and I already felt like I was at the point of near orgasm.
I boldly rolled her over onto her back and I sat up above her, running my hands down the length of her legs and back up to her thighs. Daringly, I pushed open her legs and exposed her excessively wet clam. I had never seen a female snatch so up close before.

"Well?" She asked when I hesitated for a moment.

Totally on instinct (and stories I heard), I buried my tongue between her arching clam lips. Swirling my tongue around experimentally, I heard Charlene moan. Taking two fingers, I thrust them deep into her.

"Oh, wow, that's amazing," she purred.

I took my pinky finger and I was probing the entrance of her ass.

"That's definitely something I did not expect from you," she whispered.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"No, it feels fantastic!" She revealed.

I kept rubbing one end with one hand's fingers and the other end with my fingers from the other hand. Charlene was apparently so overwhelmed that her hips sprang from the bed into the air and she threw her head back, releasing an almost violent orgasm while convulsing with pleasure and she came with such force that her body was almost levitating.

I removed my fingers from her dripping clam and for some reason I brought them to her lips.

"Open your mouth," I whispered and she obeyed.

Placing my fingers on her tongue, she started to suck her own juices off my fingers.

Charlene smiled with amazement as she feverishly licked my fingers clean.

"So this is what sex is like?" I asked with wonder.

She leaned up and grabbed the towel that was around my waist and tugged it off. For the first time in my life, I was naked in front of a girl and I noticed that Charlene eyes were transfixed on my dick. I took her by the arms and kissed her deeply.

"Are we?" I asked with uncertainty.
Charlene's voice quivered with excitement. "Yes."
"This is my first time, Martino," I admitted with embarrassment.
"It's okay," she assured me. 'We have hours to explore. I've never made love in Boston before."

Charlene maneuvered herself so she was sitting on the corner of the bed facing me.

"Stand up," she instructed.

I did and I saw that I was just about the right height to enter her from where I was standing. Staring into my eyes without breaking our intense lock, she spread her legs.

"Move in close."

This is it. I was about to loose my virginity to my Navy buddy. I positioned my penis head against her lips and then I started to push.
"Relax," Charlene urged with the most loving tone I'd ever heard.

I tried to control my breathing as I pushed myself into her soaking wet clam. Charlene let out a howl as the base of my shaft reached deep inside and suddenly she sat up and wrapped an arm around my neck so she could match my thrusting with equal velocity.

Our strides went into sync rapidly and we were humping like we'd been lovers for years. I squeezed her breasts as I pounded her like a jack hammer and I kissed her while bringing her very close to climax again. I had never felt such power or control before. Charlene's face started to contort and I figured she was about to cum again. As soon as the moment hit, I pulled out and she experienced her orgasm while I kissed her hard.

When Charlene regained her senses, she climbed onto the bed on all fours. I positioned myself behind her and with one fast-paced fluid motion I sank myself into her from behind as her ass cheeks slapped against my thighs. It was the most amazing experience of my life. She screamed between the aggressive rhythmic slams of our two bodies.

"I'm going to cum," I informed her in a deep husky voice I didn't recognize.
"Inside of me," she told me.

"Is is safe?" I wanted to know.

"Yes, I'm on the pill, don't worry," she assured me breathlessly.

Suddenly, indescribably, we both came together in a mind-blowing orgasm that seemed to last forever. After convulsing for I don't know how long, we both collapsed onto the bed in complete elation. Drained of energy we laid there deeply panting, desperately trying to catch our breaths. We finished with a long, deep passionate kiss.

"Well, now I won't be a virgin when I join the Navy thanks to my Navy buddy," I said.
"That was great, Watson" Charlene said in an almost whisper. "I want to be with you."
I looked deep into her eyes. "You are." I gently kissed her on the cheek.

"I feel your ooze leaking out of me," she giggled.
I glanced down between her legs I saw stuff dripping out of her.

"I've never seen anything like that before," I said.

We ended up kissing for what seemed like for hours, lying in the bed in the dark with the city lights and skyline outside the fourth floor hotel window.
"I have to confess something to you," Charlene told me as we snuggled naked under the covers.

"What?" I asked.

"I really enjoy having you as my Navy Buddy," she admitted with a giggle.
"Your reaction to it made that pretty evident" I said with a smirk.
"It really feels good being with you," she told me sincerely.

"I'm glad I'm with you," I assured her.
"Its fun being Navy Buddies," she agreed with a giggle.

We started kissing again and I explored her body with my hands and it felt incredible.
"So, if we're going to be Sailors we're going to have to know what we're doing," Charlene reasoned. "I hear Navy is the most sexual of all the branches."

I laughed at such an unsubstantiated comment but I wasn't going to argue.

"I'm not quite sure what I'm doing," I admitted with some embarrassment as we continued our extended foreplay.

"You're doing fine," she assured me. "This is complete pleasure," she said happily. "Rub my clit," she instructed.

I reached down to her swollen box which was wet. Her clam juice was actually running down my hand as my finger went into her love canal.

"I can feel the climax building inside me already!" Charlene marveled.

A couple of minutes later, Charlene released an orgasm that rivaled the earlier one and this time she screamed out loud and I watched with fascination. I was in new and unchartered territory and I was moved beyond words.

"Rub the tip of your cock around the opening," she said.

I did so still nervously and then, following a persistent push, the head went in.

"Oh!" She moaned.

"Should I stop?"

"Hell No!"

"Am I doing it right?" I asked with sincerity.
"Don't take it out," she said. "Just keep going, but go very slowly."

I tried to be very gentle and patient as I continued to slowly push my dick deeper into her, pumping in and out.

"Oh, buddy, make it feel better," she said with glee. "It's so good!"

"This is certainly a new Navy Adventure I never imagined," I admitted as I continued to shove myself into her.

"You're amazing."

I couldn't believe we were having a conversation in the position we were in doing what we were doing.
"Harder," Charlene said.

I increased speed. My balls were slapping against her ass cheeks beneath her as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

"Oh my God is this awesome!" Charlene cried. "Fuck me harder, Watson."

I slammed my dick into her with unrelenting speed hard and furious until I let out a groan that sounded like a bear and I drained myself. I stayed in her until my dick went limp and then slowly I removed it.

"Holy shit! I can't believe we just did that!" I exclaimed as I fell back on the bed.

Charlene pranced on top of me and started making out madly with me. "Thank you, Watson," she said happily between smooches. "This is the best night ever."

"Does this mean we're honorary Sailors now?" I teased.

"Yes," she decided. "We'll be seasoned veterans by the time we take the oath."

"You mean sex veterans?" I laughed.

"Of course," she giggled.

We fell asleep together and woke up early in the morning, showering away all evidence of our sex since we would be getting groped and poked at our physicals later. We didn't say much as we dressed, packed up and checked out. We loaded up the car and then walked hand in hand to the processing center but I didn't see much of Charlene the rest of the morning as the females went in one direction and the guys in the other. I did get groped, poked, bent over, and all the rest of it but I passed the physical.

Charlene and I were on the road by lunch. We stopped at a cafe and had a meal before heading home to Blue County feeling like real Sailors. We were officially in a relationship now and I had never been more contented.

"Are we still Navy buddies?" I teased.

"Oh, yes," Charlene assured me.

We experimented with the sex as the months went by determined to make sure we were experienced sex veterans by the time we left for the Navy. We both officially enlisted a few months later and it turned out that I was leaving for boot camp first. We were not naive enough to think that our relationship would survive as orders and assignments would take us in different directions and to different bases but we somehow hoped that maybe we could stay "Navy buddies" and that our relationship would somehow survive time and distance.

We spent our last night together the night before I shipped out with memorable farewell sex and lovemaking. I left for boot camp the next morning and I wrote Charlene long and descriptive letters of what to expect when she arrived a few weeks later. We were at the same recruit training command and we actually saw each other a few times but fraternization was frowned upon and because I was several weeks ahead of her our schedules and liberty time did not match up.

I graduated from Boot camp (Charlene got permission to watch it) and the next day I was off for Mississippi. Charlene managed to get a pass to see me off and we kissed goodbye before I boarded the bus and shipped out.

Charlene graduated a few weeks later and she reported to Virginia for her training. When I graduated from my "A" School, I received shore duty orders to Pensacola Florida and a few weeks later Charlene received orders to a ship out in San Diego California. She tried to get a swap but she couldn't and I promised that I would try to get a transfer out there as soon as I could but we both knew that it was highly unlikely that any of that would happen anytime soon.

We took leave at the same time a few months later and we met in Corpus Christi Texas for a Navy Buddy reunion and some wonderful sex but when we got ready to return to our respective commands, we both knew our Navy buddies relationship was coming to a forced end.

We promised to try to get orders to the same base but that was still two and a half years away and neither of us knew how we would feel or where we would be in our careers by then. We agreed to wait and see and take it from there when the time arrived.

"You'll always be my one and only Navy buddy, Watson," she told me.

"And you mine," I concurred as we hugged each other goodbye at the airport.

"Goodbye, Barry," Charlene smiled.

It was the first time she ever called me by my first name.

"Anchors Aweigh, Marino," I replied, hugging her again.

"Fair Winds and following seas," she smiled before disappearing through her gate.

"The Navy give-it and the Navy take-it away," I sighed as I headed for my gate.