Part 1 - POV Paul

Paul enters his room, groans, and throws his back pack to the ground. Plopping down onto his chair in front of his desk, Paul stares at the blue painted wall in front of him. He begins to blink repeatedly as he gets more and more tired. Slumping back into the chair, he stares at the pale white ceiling.

Paul is tired, tired of school, tired of his childhood, tired of his life. He thinks back to previously today, how he woke up to his alarm clock. How he groaned and cursed under his breath.

That morning he would then get up and numbly get dressed before eating breakfast. He wouldn't eat a real breakfast though, just a bunch of junk food such as cake or soda.

The bus would then come and Paul would catch it. He would sit through the entire bus ride, listening to his iPod, tuning all the people out. He did this because the people on the bus were morons who had nothing better to do but curse loudly and be obnoxious. Sometimes it would be directed towards him but he wouldn't hear it and if he did he would pretend to not.

When he would get to school he would go straight to his first class, ignoring everybody, and just wait for class to start.

When class would start he would try to pay attention but he found it to be so hard. Too often he would find himself zoning out. Part of it was just that he felt that he would never need the stuff that he would learn in that class. After all do we actually need Algebra?

The rest of the day would go by with him occasionally being harassed by assholes in the hallway.

The most frequent of them was a kid named Freddy Milligan. Freddy was a bigger (by big I mean fat) kid who like, Paul had no friends. Unfortunately this meant that all of his time was spent tormenting Paul or other outcasts.

At least once a day Paul would be shoved to the wall or would have his back pack snatched away by Freddy.

So many times Paul would imagine socking Freddy in his stupid chubby face. He'd imagine breaking Freddy's nose and his blood would fly everywhere. Paul would then kick him in his chest, winding him as well as effectively sending him to the ground. He'd finish by kicking him in his stomach repeatedly which would make him cough up blood.

These feats only existed in Paul's mind though. Paul would never react physically to Freddy, since Freddy is twice his size.

That's another thing to note. Paul his underweight for his age and is only at an average height of 5 ft 6 in.

After the Hell that was school, Paul would come home and just bullshit his homework. Despite the fact that he had escaped bullies, he had another antagonist to overcome at home. That enemy appears in the form of his parents.

His parents would always express their dissatisfaction with their son. They would state their distaste for his lack of extra-curricular activities.

His father especially would get on his case for showing no interest in playing a sport. His father's anger in that department stems from the fact that his father was a jock in High School. Early on, his father would get frustrated with him for not caring about games on TV when he would try showing it to him.

His mother's anger towards him is more on the academic side. His mom was an overachiever growing up and in Paul's younger days she would push him to do the same. After a while though, she eventually gave up. That hasn't stopped her from chastising him about his usual C's and D's.

His parent's current big concern with him is his fascination in the occult. From an early age, Paul had a fascination with the supernatural. His big obsessions in that category are vampires, werewolves, witches, and demons.

The reason for his parent's worrying is that they fear that he will become a Satanist or will sacrifice someone.

The truth is, however that Paul has no interest in that. Paul's big interest in it stems from a lust for power that has grown over the years due to being constantly tormented by gigantic pricks like Freddy Milligan.

As a witch he would hope to set his enemies on fire, or as a werewolf he could just run free in the night. But with the newer tastes that this generation has, it is now wonder that his obsession with vampires surpasses that of his obsession with witches and werewolves.

With the trend of Twilight and its imitators, Paul has gained a big interest in vampires. He likes how strong and animalistic they are. Being a vampire would mean you didn't have to wait for a full moon, nor would you need to memorize a bunch of spells.

Demons were cancelled out a long time ago when he tried performing a demon summoning ritual. It ultimately failed and he decided to focus on other things.

His parents being Christians had tried getting him away from those "impure things". Unfortunately, like sports and academics, they were forced to give up on him in that department.

Paul would normally escape his parents by hiding in his room or by pretending to sleep. The former is what Paul is currently doing.

Paul continues staring at the ceiling, thinking to himself stuff like "fuck my life, "life's a bitch", or his favorite "shit happens".

After several minutes of cursing life and self deprecating, Paul pulls out his laptop from under his desk and opens it.

Starting several months ago, Paul began a quest to find a real vampire on the internet to turn him so he could escape his miserable life.

You would think that Paul would be more suicidal with this type of mind set but he's not. He's thought about it many times however. He hasn't though, for several reasons.

One of them is that he just doesn't have the guts to. Another reason is because if there is an afterlife then he knows that he would go to Hell if he committed suicide. The last is because Paul has come to the conclusion that people who commit suicide are selfish cowards.

So for these reasons Paul has decided that gaining supernatural power is a much more fitting way to escape his shitty situation.

Paul goes to a chat room called "Bloody Fangs". He sends out a message on the public chat saying, "I'm looking for a real vampire. No bullshitting, I'm in no mood for it." As usual he gets bullshitty responses which don't take a genius to authenticate.

After nearly an hour of people either claiming to be a vampire when really not being one or just simply cussing him out and him cussing at either one of those types of people, he gets another private message from someone claiming to be a vampire, going under the screen name of Miranda_5.

The message said, "Why do you want to know?" Paul replies by typing, "You're not bullshitting me are you?" Miranda_5 responds by saying, "I haven't made any claims yet."

Paul smiles and thinks finally, we have someone who might actually be the real deal on the damned site, before typing, "I want to know because I want to become a vampire."

The response is, "What city do you live in?" Paul types in, "I live in Orlando, Florida." Miranda_5 says for him to meet her at West Point at midnight. West Point is a street not too far from Paul's suburban neighborhood.

"Why should I trust you? For all I know you could be a pedophile?" Paul types. "If I weren't a vampire then I wouldn't have the power to be in a completely different state in only seven hours," Miranda_5 argues.

Paul sits there and thinks for a second. She makes a valid point. If she's not there then she's just another bullshitter. This wouldn't be the first time that's happened. If she's not a vampire and just a pedo then I'll just shoot the bastard with my dad's gun that I will bring. If it's a vampire that wants to kill me then I'll use garlic or a cross to incapacitate it before staking the fucker. If it's a vampire who wants to help me then, well this would be the first good thing that's ever happened to me sinceā€¦ ever!

After making up his mind, he finally types down, "I'll be there," before getting offline. Paul then glances at his clock and sees that it's only 5:30. Paul groans and goes over to his bed before falling on top of it.

Its ok, Paul, this nightmare will soon come to an end. Paul then opens his desk drawer and pulls out some weed. I sure as hell hope that I can still get high after I become a vampire. Paul laughs to himself before lighting the weed and smoking it. Paul lays there, smoking and slowly getting high. He will remain in that state for several more hours.