Part Twenty - POV Nick

Nick lies in bed next to Tiffany. They had just made love. As he lays there he hears voices in his head.

The voice says, "Guilty, guilty." Over and over again the voice says that accusingly. It is the voice of Sarah, his dead wife.

"You thought you could escape me, now didn't you," Sarah says, "You shall never be free. You shall walk the earth hunting vampires for the rest of your life. This is the only thing that you can do to redeem yourself for failing to save me and our child as well as your inability to find the creature that killed us."

Nick sits up and remembers everything. He remembers how this wasn't the first time he had confronted his dead wife and tried to free himself of his demons, nor was this the first time where he had thought that he had succeeded.

He looks over to Tiffany and realizes that she wasn't the first girl he used to try and fool himself of moving on. She also isn't the first one that he has run out on overnight.

Nick gets out of bed, slowly not to wake her up. He gets his clothes on before picking up his suitcase. He walks to the door and looks back at her as he sleeps. He thinks back to how she wasn't his first "pawn for the mind".

Nick then checks out of the hotel and gets into his car. A few weeks from now, Nick will be caught up hunting something else and will completely forget about poor Tiffany. But Tiffany won't forget about him she will continue thinking about him day and night for the rest of her life and will never forgive him for his betrayal. This is after all, the beauty of love.

The End