The Night Sky

The cool night air chilled me to the bone as I sat, relaxing on this hill, my jacket doing little to stop the cold air. I brush my jet black hair out of my eyes and lie down on the grass, staring up at the stars, allowing my breathing to calm. I love the night. When the shroud of darkness covers the sky, I don't have to worry about people judging me; it also makes it difficult to be seen, and with my hobby, you can't afford to be seen.

I sit up after a couple of minutes to see if any of my clothes are ruined, this one put up quite a bit of a fight. Damn it, there is blood all over my new jacket; I just bought this thing yesterday. Oh well, going to have to burn it now. At least there isn't any on my jeans, better burn them anyway, just in case. I lie back down, frustrated instead of tired. Now I have to go out and buy a new jacket and a new pair of jeans. "At least you don't judge me." I say to myself, well more to the night sky.

I let my mind wander back to my childhood. I was harassed because I dressed different. I can still see whatever-his-name-is, shoving me in a locker on our first day of high school. Things didn't get any better from there. He tormented me through all of middle school and high school. All because I wore some dark clothing and listened to some heavy music. I still can't decide what is worse, the bully himself, or all the people that just sat by and laughed at me. Oh well, I got my revenge years ago.

I remember the sweet sound of his blood curtailing screams. The memory of him lying on the ground, soaking in a pool of his own blood still brings a sense of excitement. The funny thing is he didn't even see it coming. I don't know how he thought he could just push me my whole life with no repercussions from myself. I still can't believe the look of surprise in his eyes when I showed up at his doorstep two years after graduation. He even invited me in and said some meaningless apology. Looking back on it, maybe he did have some kind of idea on what would happen and he was just trying to get out of it. Well, since he's dead, he obviously did a pretty poor job at it.

I stare at the night sky, trying to make out constellations and just connecting random stars to see what they make. I let a small smile grace my lips as I play with my old childhood friends. The stars have never judged me, never picked on me, never looked at me any different than they look at others. Unlike my drugged-up parents, the stars have always been there for me, and I have a gut feeling they always will. My parents? I haven't thought about them for quite some time now, I can't even remember much about them, just the fact I was disappointed that they died of a drug overdose before I got the chance to do them in myself. I remember crying because they died before I could figure out the perfect way to do it. Looking back the answer was simple; just drug them up when they passed out. Hindsight really is a bitch.

Damn, I have been out here way too long, I'm exhausted. I stand up and do a little stretch to work out the kinks in my back. I let out a heavy sigh and make my way to the car. Who should I get next? Well, good old, Mike Koenig still needs to go for dumping me in the trash can, and he doesn't live too far away. Yeah, I think he will be next.

Thanks once again to Rouge Energizer Bunny for beta-reading and catching all of my stupid mistakes.