Just a little heads up, this will end on a horrible cliffhanger (my beta's words, not mine). The whole point was to write a main character that wasn't 'likable'. She had to be a bit of a self-centred bitch. I've no idea how well that all came across, but hey ho. There's the prologue and three chapters and that's as far as I plan on taking it just now.

This is the three steps to Lauren's life falling apart...

The Girl In The Purple Heels

Author Lauren Matthews thought her future was set in stone.

It wasn't.

Things with her fiancé Jamie had been off for a while now. Three weeks and six days if you were counting. Which she was. It was the last time they'd had sex. The last time he'd paid more attention to her than his phone. The last time he'd looked at her, not through her. She knew something was wrong, but she didn't expect this.

The first time Lauren met Chloe, she didn't pay much attention to the girl. They were at a 21st and Chloe was just Jamie's friend's ex-girlfriend's best friend. She wasn't important. A minor character in the story of her life. The girl in the purple heels.

She wasn't supposed to resurface six months later. She wasn't supposed to ruin everything. Lauren was supposed to be the star of the show.

So why did Chloe get the prince?