"I love you," said so often, every night
Returned without hesitation before bed
Before you told me of that day
Turning my heart from gold to lead

You held my heart in your hand
You held the only key
You crushed it without meaning to,
You crushed me

Like a porcelain doll, I was too fragile
A bedraggled beanie or a tattered bear
Shattered and torn on the floor
Like you didn't care

I was your willing slave
I loved you too much to mind
You stepped over me for someone new
I didn't want to know what I would find

You told me what was wrong
I filled with dread and shock
Felt like you threw my heart in the mud
After you picked the lock

Used, betrayed, worthless
Even worse when you told me who
I find myself asking miserably
What did I do?

Just wanted to say, this doesn't actually relate to anything that happened to me. I just felt like writing something depressing.