The clouds were dark and dismal looking, and the wind whipped into the faces of the passengers on board the small fishing boat, sending up flecks of salt spray. They blinked against the lashing, gripping onto the gunwale for dear life as the waves caused the vessel to pitch up and down. Rain lashed down in sheets, and visibility was down to nearly zero.

Inside the snug cabin, the captain, a barrel chested man with black hair and beetle-like eyebrows, stood at the wheel. He had promised his clients a fishing trip they would never forget, and no amount of rain would make him turn back to shore. He flicked a switch, and the wipers went faster.

Back on deck, one passenger, a frail looking woman in her late twenties with lank blond hair, suddenly leaned over the railing to be violently sick. A wave struck her face, and the boat suddenly heaved upwards, then down with the speed of an express elevator. Before she could react to save herself, she went head over heels into the storm-tossed ocean and sank beneath the waves.

"MAN OVERBOARD!" came the panicked cry of her husband. He struggled towards the cabin, and stumbled in; panting from the effort it took to traverse even that short distance. "You…have…to…stop. My…Elle…fell overboard." No response from the captain, and the man stumbled forward, grabbing his arm. "Listen to me! My wife went overboard! You have to stop the boat!" He shook the bigger man with every ounce of strength in his scrawny frame, tears forming in his eyes. "STOP!"

The captain slowed the boat, looking over at the man that had hold of him. "What?"

"My wife…she…" the husband gulped back a sob. "She was sick over the gunwale, and a wave came and took her! We have to look for her!" The captain didn't move. "Don't you understand? We have to look for my wife! She's out there in the ocean!"

The captain sighed. "Look, Mr…uhh…Jones…you and your wife both signed a waiver saying that you would be responsible passengers. I can't help it if she was foolish." Jones' face became beet red with fury.

"You piece of shit! Don't you care? ! This wasn't foolishness on Elle's part! This was a wave! A fucking wave, you ass!" The last word was spoken in a tearful shout. Jones continued, his voice harsh. "You…you don't care, do you? So long as we're all paid up, you don't give two shits about what happens to us. Fine." He lunged forward and grabbed the wheel, wrestling for control.

The boat bucked up and down, zigzagging back and forth as Jones struggled to turn it around and the captain fought to stay on course. The fury of the storm continued unabated, and Jones found himself lifted off his feet and slammed against the bulkhead. Still he hung doggedly onto the wheel, teeth bared in a snarl and the muscles in his scrawny arms throbbing.

Then there came a flash of lightning that lit the sky up for miles in all directions and illuminated the gigantic wall of water heading straight for the boat. The captain tried to regain control of the wheel and turn, but it was too late.

The wave slammed head on into the boat, and the warped and rotting wood exploded as though a bomb had gone off in the hold. Water mixed with debris roared into the cabin, filling the men's lungs and drowning them in less than a minute.

The remnants of the boat spun like a top and sank beneath the waves, never to be seen again.