I'm sorry my friend

I didn't want to make our relationship end

For so long you've been my shoulder to cry on

And now that you're gone it just seems wrong

It's my fault, you could say

Because I pushed you away

I always longed for you to tell me how you feel

But dismissed it saying it wasn't real

I loved the sparkle in your eye

Wishing it could be mine

But I never told you

I sat an enjoyed the view

Watching you want me

Watching you slowly attach you and I to "we"

Loving the fact that you really believed that we could be

I love the way you said my name

The way I could quickly figure out your games

We went together so well

And as you may or cannot tell,

It's hurting me to watch you go

Because I know you should have left months ago

You should have left me waiting in the dust

For the all the ways that I abused your trust

But you stood by me

You protected me

You loved me

And to thank you,

I destroyed you

I'm sorry, and I can't tell you how much

Because you're everything to me…

But I had to do it, and I'll tell you why

Because if I hadn't hurt you,

If I hadn't shed all the tears that made me cry,

Then I'd still be in love with you…

And I just can't love you...

So don't ask me why

Why I said Good bye