A/N: I know that I haven't updated Vila the White Wolf or any other story for a long time, but now that school is done until August, I finally have the time and energy to go back to writing. Although this is more of a winter/holiday sort of story, it kept bothering me to just write it, and so it pretty much just popped out. Thanks for reading :D

In my childhood, while I enjoyed Christmas as much as any other child, I adored the first day of winter much more. That was due to a legend from my hometown about Jack Frost and the Clauses.

I was told that long, long ago, before winter had an official starting date and before windows were covered in frost, Mr. and Mrs. Clause had a child, natural for any married couple especially those who have been married for as long as they seemed to have existed. This child was a boy who was adequately named Santa Junior and while he was mischievous and loved practical jokes, he was still a kind soul who adored his friends more. The problem was his father or more specifically what his father's job was. The other children all knew of Santa Clause and how he had a naughty list and a nice list and what happened to those on each list. Thus very naturally, all the children wanted to be on the nice list except for one, his name was Jack Frost. While all the other children tried to become best friends with Santa Junior, Jack merely did his own thing, but as time passed, each started to have their own friend group. Santa Junior was surrounded by the more outgoing and willing to curry kind of people who wanted favors from him, more specifically his father. Jack on the other hand became one of the "bad" boys and was constantly in trouble for making fun of people, specifically Santa Junior, whom he had started to despise.

One day, the two met each other alone by complete accident. Usually, when the two meet, they were each surrounded by friends and paid no attention to the other. Yet this time, it was only them with no one around. Although a lot of time had already past since their initial meeting, the two were still children. After all they were immortal and what was the point of being immortal only to live as a hobbling old person for all eternity? They looked at one another and Santa Junior broke first from their staring contest.

Jack was now confident that he had won and was dominant, yet Santa Junior's next action shocked him. He asked Jack a question. Why?

Now, before this, no one had ever dared to question Jack Frost, for he could easily freeze that poor soul into a block of solid ice. However, Santa Junior appeared to be either ignoring that fact or he just forgot about it, since as the son of another immortal, he wouldn't die or anything like that.

Jack's explanation was simply because he was jealous of all the people who surrounded Santa Junior and called themselves his friends when Jack could see that they only wanted presents at Christmas and that he, Jack, really wanted to be friends with Santa Junior but never was able to get his attention.

Santa Junior was surprised by this fact, but happy that Jack did not hate him. The two then agreed to become friends. To celebrate the new friendship, they mischievously went to every window and decorated it. Jack made Frost appear and Santa Junior drew designs. They got along very, very well and to commence their day of friendship, every year on that day, they made sure to draw on all the windows in the world. This day became the first day of winter in my hometown, a day that was filled with celebration, joy, and kindness to everyone.

As a child, I was also told that at the start of the day, when humans still slept, the two would be outside playing in snow that they created and that if I was good, I might be able to see them. I desperately wanted to meet these two good friends and play with them, so when I was six, I stayed up the whole night, waiting for the clock in the town square to strike midnight. As soon as the bell rung, I threw aside my covers and snuck out of the house. There, in the middle of the square was a huge castle made of snow and I could see the silhouette of two people in one of the upper most windows. I stood at the bottom and asked to join them. At first they seemed surprised, but they let me up. That night, I had the most unusual time. They invited me in, introduced themselves as Jack Frost (the pale, bluish tinged man with white hair and fancy clothing) and Louis (the man with spiked brown hair, a jolly face, and clothes that my mom would have "tutted" at and deemed unfit for company, too punk and rebel styles). Although they were both extremely fit, they were drinking large mugs of hot cocoa and eating what appeared to be a never ending supply of cookies. They made me a mug of cocoa inside that snow castle, kept feeding me cookies, and told funny stories before one of the two men gave a small silver snowflake and told me to keep it. After that, he confessed to me that he was really Santa Junior, but that was only a nick name the elves called him. Then it was back to silly stories about Santa's workshop and the elves that worked there.

I don't know when I dozed off, but when I woke up I was back in my bed. Inside my curled up fist was the silver snowflake, so I knew that last night had really happened. When I tried to tell my parents about it, they excused it as just another crazy dream I had. When my large extended family came over for Christmas, everyone, even the other kids, thought I just had an overactive imagination.

After that, I just gave up on trying to convince anyone that the legend was real. For the next ten years, I would wait up on that night and join the two in play. Although they did not age, they seemed to grow more distant from me as the years went on until one year they did not show up at all. Oh, the windows were still covered in frost with fancy designs, but the two men and their snow castle did not show up in the town square. That time, I thought that maybe it was a fluke and they were caught up. Every year after my sixteenth birthday, the two never showed up again and although I only saw them once a year, they still knew more about me than any family member and had helped me figure out that I like men rather than women. They were the ones who finally convinced me that being gay was perfectly normal and encouraged me to date the asshole that broke up with me after I told him about the snow castle and everything. I had been crying so much that I couldn't wait for the snow castle to appear so that they could comfort me and give me advice on how to find a boyfriend who WASN'T such a douche. As soon as I finished school, I left, unable to overcome that feeling of betrayal at being left behind.

Now at the age of twenty five, I despise the start of winter and the whole season. Every time I think of winter, Christmas, and other related events, my mind has to bring up the two men I would meet once every year and how they had convince me that they were Jack Frost and Santa Junior aka Louis. They knew so much about me and my worries, yet they still just stopped showing up.

Even nine years after they stopped appearing, I still refused to return to my hometown where I would have to see the town square that the castle occupied every year. This year was no different. Although I missed being able to see my family all the time, I still didn't want to return, not even for the first day of winter or Christmas, no matter how much my mom and dad begged me to visit. That betrayal just hurt too much for me to ignore and forget like that.

Instead, I would celebrate the first day of winter or Christmas on my own with the white German Shepard looking mutt I had adopted from the shelter by having a nice dinner before getting as drunk as I could in hopes that I wouldn't dream of the two. In my dreams, the two were just as handsome as I remembered and were always doing naughty things to me that I never would have imagined before the age of ten. Every time the first day of winter for my home town approached, I started my drinking binge, since that was normally around when my dreams would start. I think I go through more sheets during the time between the start of winter and New Years than I do the rest of the year.

Tonight was no different from any other first day of winter celebration. I had celebrated it alone with my dog Vila. I had just finished my dinner and was getting out the rum when Vila started barking and scratching at the door and no matter how many times I told him to stop, he simply refused. This was out of character for Vila, since normally he's very obedient and quiet, so I finally decided that getting drunk could wait until after I found out what was behind the door.

Setting my bottle of rum on the counter, I cautiously went to the door and opened it. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was "Jack Frost" and "Santa Junior". The two men still looked the same, as if they never aged a day, and in Louis's hand was a wrapped up gift.

No words were needed between us as my face showed the surprise I felt, along with the pain of being forgotten. My eyes looked at them with one question: Why?

Jack looked down guiltily, as if there was a long explanation to be told. Sighing, I invited them in and led them to my couch in front of the fire place. I placed myself on the loveseat next to the fire with Vila at my feet and pointedly looked at the two of them.

Jack cleared his throat several times, as if trying to start, but never managed to get any words out. Louis kept glaring at him, as if it would make Jack speak before finally huffing out a breath of air and explained.

Apparently when I first appeared at age six, the two thought it was only a one time thing, but when I appeared the next year at age seven, they knew that the people around me had not been able to convince me that I was only dreaming the whole thing in my head and started to taking a liking to me. As time progressed, Jack at first wanted to adopt me as their son so that I could be like their love child, and the two made plans to kidnap me, but that all started to fall apart when I was thirteen and confessed to them that I might be gay. Jack and Louis had been in a loving relationship with one another for quite some time, so at first my confession of being gay and their comforting was just like that of any parent. But, when I was fifteen, apparently Jack started to take interest in me, sexual interest. He told Louis that much, and instead of being angry with him, Louis merely agreed that I was starting to look good. Soon after I turned sixteen and I went to visit them, they both started to have fantasies of having sex with me. At first they were both embarrassed by it and barely told each other, but eventually they started to come up with fantasies that they wanted to try out. It had come to the point where the two wanted to take me away as soon as I finished school so that I could live with them, but then Louis looked into the mirror. This wasn't just any old mirror, but rather a magic one that showed the view whatever events, people, or places that the viewer wanted. Louis saw me and my now ex-boyfriend on one of our dates and decided that they should reconsider. The next time they saw me was when I was surrounded by my friends, having a good time. That was when they realized that they couldn't bear to take me away from all my happiness just to satisfy their own happiness. After that year, they stopped showing up at midnight to avoid me and the temptation that I posed. They finally decided to use to mirror to spy on my life just this year, and saw what I had become. While I had a decent job, there no longer was anyone who was super special in my life besides my dog; I had no human companions, no lover. That was when they finally decided to come visit me again.

My cheeks colored at that statement about me being tempting. Here were two immortal beings that would always look in their prime and I was only a human. I finally comprehended what had been bothering them. I was like a child that they had raised, yet they both wanted to sleep with me, something that no parent should do to their child. Yet the feeling was mutual. I wanted them just as much. I decided to get up and make hot cocoa for us three and bring those over along with the plate of cookies I had made a few days ago (I was still quite addicted to the combination, despite the sexy dreams they gave me and the sadness they brought to my waking hours). After we all settled in again, I told them my side of the story.

After I finished, Jack poked Louis, and Louis gave a sigh that seemed to say that Jack was right, they could have their way with me since I wanted it too. Jack gave a squeal of delight and rushed over to me. Luckily my mug of cocoa was on the table between the loveseat and the couch, or else it would have spilled. He lifting me into his arms and carried me bridal style down the hall attempting to find my bedroom. Louis followed after him as he randomly opened doors until he finally found it at the end of the hall.

Once in, he dumped me onto my bed before stripping me of my clothes. I mumbled a weak protest before giving in to his demands. His lips met mine in a fierce and possessive kiss while his hand roamed my body, eager to discover my favorite spots. I was started to get light headed from lack of air when I felt something wet on my neck. I detached my mouth and let out a 'meep' of surprise. Turning around, I found Louis behind me with humor shining in his eyes. I guess if I got one, then I would get the other too. Not that I minded at all, since I'd rather have them both, then only have one and be stuck in awkward conversations with the other.

Both men diverged themselves of their clothes and attacked with hands and lips eager to explore my body. All I could do was moan at the pleasant sensations, since it had been over two years since I actually had sex with another human and not just my hand. Suddenly Jack stopped, I whimpered at the loss of his kisses, and turned around and ran out. I was surprised and worried, but not for long as Louis started to play with my nipple, twisting them and pinching them while laying kisses along my neck.

Before I knew it, Jack was back along with the package Louis had been carrying with them when they had arrived. He handed me the package and Louis paused while I opened it. Inside were several bottles of lube (all peppermint, chocolate, and cookie flavored of course), along with condoms in the same flavor and various toys.

Jack pushed Louis down onto the bed and had me kneel in front of him and his huge erect cock. The thing's vein was throbbing as I stared at it. Louis placed his hand onto my head and gently pushed me towards his cock, while Jack opened a bottle of lube and seemed to be placing it on something. I took Louis's encouragement and lowered my mouth onto the head of the cock. The thing was huge, at least seven inches or more and thick. I didn't realize how thick it was until I had to struggle to deep throat it, since it seemed larger than what I could open my mouth, but that comes later. Right now, I was suckling the flared head and enjoying the flavor that was pure Louis. Behind me, Jack seemed to finally finish whatever it was that he had been doing.

I was startled when something slick and cold touched my crack. I shifted so that I was now squatting rather than on my knees. I continued to suck on Louis when I felt Jack's finger probing my entrance. The digit easily slipped into my semi-loose hole (I love playing with larger dildos on a regular basis) and moved around. I could sense that Jack found the entrance very easy and was eagerly inserting a second and a third finger without much need for stretching.

In front of me, Louis threw back his head and let out a long moan as I started to take more and more of him in. I used my hands to play with the length outside my mouth and with his balls, loving the heaviness of the two. As soon as my throat got used to the intrusion, I forced my head down more, and his hands tightened their grip on my short hair, encouraging me.

Jack seemed to have finished exploring with his fingers and I felt a different kind of intrusion. The object was curved, almost like a thin dildo, but then the whole thing went in and I realized that Jack was using anal beads on me. As he inserted more beads in, they started to rub against my prostate as they went up, causing me to moan around Louis's cock, sending up vibrations that caused Louis's hands to tighten. Once I felt the ring at the end of the beads against my skin, I knew all the beads were in. Jack let go of me and I heard the lube bottle pop open again. To my surprise, Jack's slick cock started to prod at my entrance. It seemed to find little resistance and Jack pushed himself inside. This was much better than anything I've done to myself.

It felt so good to be stuffed from both ends. I moaned to show my appreciation and started to work faster on Louis's cock. Jack started thrusting and stroking my dick in time with his thrusts. Pretty soon, all three of us were moaning and on the verge of coming.

Louis came first in my mouth. Normally I don't swallow, I decided to this once and imagine my surprise as I tasted him and realized that he did taste like winter, cool and refreshing. Jack came shortly after with his cock buried deep in my ass. I could feel my balls tightening in preparation, but Jack squeezed the base of my cock right when I was about to cum, so no relief for me.

Louis had lain down on my bed and Jack helped me on top of him. Louis grabbed by cock and positioned me so that he could suck both my balls and my dick. Jack crawled up behind me and, while soothingly patting my ass, pulled the string of anal beads out. As each of them went out, they rubbed against my prostate again, causing me to explode all over Louis's face and hands.

Panting, I lowered my head onto Louis's chest, ready for a quick nap. Louis 'tutted' at my action and gently pushed my up again. I could feel Louis against my stomach, and he was hard again. So was Jack, if the prodding from behind should be any indication. Jack helped me off of Louis so that I was now kneeling on the bed between the two with Louis on my right and Jack to my left.

Jack handed Louis the bottle of lube after he poured some more onto his dick. While Louis was slicking himself up, Jack took my left hand and brought it to his dick. That was all I needed before I started to slide my hand up and down his dick, fisting and rubbing everywhere. After seeing Louis's cock, I was not surprised by Jack's size. He was almost eight inches long and judging by how thick he was in my hand, he was around two inches wide. Even to me, that was impressive. Louis appeared to have finished slicking himself up and proceeded to place my right hand onto his dick. Between the two, I could tell that while Louis was slightly shorter, around seven inches, his was definitely thicker than Jack's, almost three inches thick. I could feel my own cock inflating as I played with their dicks.

Jack lifted my ass up while Louis squirted some lube in before using three fingers to open me up again. Jack joined him with his three fingers and the two proceeded to stretch me open. I could hear the cum that Jack had already placed into me squelching as their fingers went in deep. Once they thought I was ready, they had me face Louis and lay on top of him. He slowly eased his thick cock inside of me and held still when he was sheathed completely, panting as my muscles spasmed around him. I gave a cry of surprise as I felt Jack slowly pushing his way into my already filled ass. Despite his heavy panting, he moved slowly, giving me time to adjust to his size.

Once Jack was all the way in, he held himself ridged until I started whimpering and trying to move and relieve some of the pressure. Jack placed one hand on my hip and used his other hand to play with my nipples as he started to pound into me. Louis also started to move and pound into me while pulling me in for kisses and a tongue fuck. At first the two moved in opposition so I never had both of them slam into me at the same time, but as their pace started to get more frantic, they started to become more synchronized and I was getting pounded into at the same time by the two of them. I could feel my balls getting heavier and my right hand flew down to my own dick and started pumping in time with their thrusts. Before I knew it, I exploded all over Louis's stomach and my muscles were freaking out, especially in my ass as the two kept pounding. Above me, I felt Jack freeze up and Louis did the same from below. Together, they both came and filled me up more than I have ever been filled.

After both had come and we rolled to the side a bit so that I was cradled between them, they still kept their dicks in my stretched hole. Even flaccid, they were quite large and intruding. I could feel the semen drying on my skin and started to move to get a washcloth before Louis grabbed my waist and pushed me back, muttering about how all that could wait. With both of them around me, I realized that this little deal was the equivalent of signing a contract to be with them forever and not being left behind. I smiled contently; this was the best gift I could have ever wanted.