Best Friends Forever

Chapter 1

My Best Friend and I

I couldn't find that damn arrogant bastard I called my best friend anywhere! I looked all over the camp grounds but I couldn't find him anywhere! I groaned in irritation as I massaged my head with two fingers while closing my eyes.

The Yosemite National Park lake shimmered under the suns intense glare, it was really pretty, but of course I'd never admit that even though I practically grew up here with my best guy friend! Again I groaned in frustration, this damn boy was going to be the death of me!

Quickly, I turned on my heel only to run face first into a hard and well built chest. I knew who it was without even having to look up. I swear, if this were some kind of cartoon, steam of anger would be pouring out of my ears in an angry manner.

"You freaking bastard! Where the hell have you been? I've been looking for you everywhere!" I yelled at my best guy friend

"Sorry, I went to go get a snack from the snack bar, then I ran into an old friend and lost track of time," My best friend, Jaxon Nathaniel, told me with a smirk. His black hair that fell into his eyes and went just past his ear lobes blew lightly in the wind while his gold eyes danced with cockiness and amusement.

I narrowed my eyes at him and put my hands on my hips "If I knew how to rip that damned smirk off your stupid face, I would! You and your freakin ego are gonna give you a big head," I shook my head as my light brown bangs got into my violet colored eyes, and no I do not wear contacts.

"I'd like to see you try," Jaxon smirks at me, backing me up into a tree. I glared up at my douche bag of a best friend and looked behind him, a big grin growing on my face.

"Hey Amber!" I waved her over and saw Jaxon's eyes grow wide. He shot me a dirty look that said a not so nice word and turned around, forcing a smile on his sun kissed skin face as Amber Paisley rushed over to us.

"Jaxon! Winter! Long time no see guys! You visiting for the whole summer again?" Amber asked us, more like Jaxon, who she eyed like a fat man eyed cake. I watched her as she undressed Jaxon with her eyes in pure amusement.

"Oh look, there's my other friend Keith, gotta go! Have fun kids!" I grinned evilly at Jaxon before jogging away from them and over to my old guy friend Kieth Hancock.

"Keith!" I shouted and he turned and saw me, a grin spreading across his cute face. I've liked him since we were in 2th grade and every time I saw him I swore I was going to have a heart attack with the the way that he looked at me, which was pretty normal, and that's saying a lot.

"Well if it isn't Winter Venus Frost," I know right, my name totally sucks! It has to do with all this cold weather crap, I mean, I love the snow, the cold, and Christmas with a passion (personally, my birthday is on Christmas Day but lets not talk about details) but sometimes it just gets so annoying, I have a nick name at my school: Jaquelin Frost (Like Jack Frost but spelled differently) because of my cold attitude towards everyone except Jaxon and a few friends I grew up with here at this camping ground.

"Ugh, no need for the whole formal name thing, it's disgusting!" I tell Keith in a joking manner, and he actually laughed! A rosy blush took hold of my cheeks as I gave a small smile back to him.

To be honest I've had a crush on Kieth since we were young, which was like when we were seven. We laughed and talked until someones arm wrapped around my neck and I was yanked back into the persons chest.

"If you don't mind, I'll be taking Hearts from you for a while, bue bye!" and with that Jaxon dragged me off to the cabin that me and him were staying in. Every summer we come here to hang out and stuff like that and ever since we were at the age of six we've had to share this huge cabin, only the two of us but don't get any weird thoughts.

"Jaxon Landon Nathaniel! What the hell do you think you're doing?" I yelled as I was shoved onto the couch and Jaxon plopped down right next to me as I glared at him with my arms crossed over my chest.

"Well Hearts, if you must know, it's pay back for leaving me alone with Amber," Jaxon said with a look of pure disgust. If you're wondering why Jaxon calls me Hearts is because under my right eyes, just below the corner of my eye is a birth mark shaped exactly like a heart and then on the back of my left hand is another birth mark of another heart.

I huffed and got off the couch, stomping over to the kitchen in an angry manner. I made myself a ham and cheese sandwich with a lot of mayo. I had a bag of B-B-Q chips, a whole steak, a whole tube of caramel vanilla ice cream, a Pepsi, and three slices of pizza. Hey don't judge me! I eat when I'm in a pissy mood!

Jaxon came into the kitchen and eyed all the stuff that I was shoving into my mouth in an angry manner then he eyed me while raising one eyes brow. I glared at him and said around my food filled mouth:

"I hate you," but it came out sounding "I ate glue," so that didn't work out well considering the fact that he was laughing like he had some kind of mental illness.

"Bipolar son of a bi-," Jaxon shot me a look before I could finish my sentence after I had swallowed my food. I glared right back at him and stomped out of the kitchen in frustration with Jaxon following close behind.

Again I collapsed on the couch (even though I was shoved the first time but hey, what's the difference?) I sighed and closed my eyes, praying to God that Jaxon wouldn't do or say anything to ruin the quiet moment but of course God was too busy to listen to me.

"Is my little Hearts mad at me?" Jaxon teased in a small voice but it cracked at the end and smirk took over his stupid features as I shot him a deathly glare but of course, he didn't give a damn about it.

"Shut up," I told him as I put my feet on his lap and my head on the arm rest. I sighed and started laughing as Jaxon started to tickle my feet. I jumped off the couch but I wasn't fast enough because Jaxon grabbed my wrist and yanked me back on the couch under him and he tickled me half to death.

I was laughing so hard that tears were pouring out of my eyes. I could barley catch my breath as I tried to push his hands away but it was no use, I was laughing to hard to have the strength to.

"Tell me how sexy I am," Jaxon said as he tickled me more. If I wasn't being tickled to death I would've shot him a death glare mixed with a disgusted look but I was in a bad situation.

"Y-Y-You're so s-s-s-sexy!" I yelled as he tickled me more if possible. The tears trailed down my face as my sides started to hurt and I tried to catch my breath best I could.

"Now tell me you love me," Jaxon said with a smirk on his stupid face. I could've gagged but again, I was in a life or death situation.

"I-I-I love y-y-you!" I yelled and Jaxon smirked and stopped tickling me. I shakily wiped the tears away from my flushed cheeks and caught my breath before glaring at the Devil's child again but he only smirked at me with those golden eyes.

"I'm going for a walk and no you cannot come," I told him as I swung my legs off of his lap and jogged over to the front door before turning around to Jaxon who was still sitting on the couch looking at me.

"I'll be back by six so we'll be able to watch a horror movie," I told him before opening the door and walking out, closing it behind me while doing so. I walked down the porches steps and headed towards the lake like I always did.

"Winter!" I heard Kieth call out to me and I turned around with a small smile playing on my face. He jogged up to me and grinned down at me since he was about three inches taller then me.

"Where are ya headin?" asked Kieth in a gentle tone that made my heart flutter but I ignored it and shrugged

"To the lake, wanna come?" I asked him and he nodded so we started to walk down to the lake. We talked about random things before we reached the lake. Kieth looked up at the sky and I did too, noticing how the blue sky was being blocked by the ugly gray clouds.

"Looks like a storms coming," Kieth told me and I felt a shiver go down my spin. A certain emotion banged onto my chest but I ignored it and smiled nervously up at Kieth.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," I told him as I heard the crack of thunder fill the air and my whole body froze, every muscle in my body tensed up, and that emotion threatened to be released but I kept my mouth shut in hope that Kieth wouldn't notice my change in attitude and lucky for me, he didn't.

"We better start heading back before the lightning starts," Said Kieth and I was barley able to nod as I stiffly followed, my legs urging me to go off into a full out sprint but I kept pushing the urge away.

Go to the cabin, a little voice said in the back of my mind somewhere but being as stubborn as I was I just pushed it away farther to the back of my mind. Leave while you still can! Another little voice yelled at me but I pushed that one away too as Kieth and I started walking back to the cabin areas.

Another crack of thunder sailed through the gray sky as rain started to pour like a waterfall. A scream almost broke through my lips as another crack of thunder hit the air, lightning following it's lead making the sky light up in a glow.

Kieth said bye and walked away from me as I hurried to my cabin in the pouring rain. Another boom of thunder cracked and this time I couldn't hold it back. I was about ten steps away from the cabin and I dropped to a crouch, slapped my hands over my ears, slammed my eyes shut tight, and let a scream like in a horror movie break through my lips, ringing through the sound of the rain, lightning, and thunder.

I barley heard the door to my cabin slam open as someone rushed out and I was picked up into strong and warm arms. I clutched onto the persons shirt as the person rushed into the cabin. The cabin door was slammed shut and I was next to a crackling fire place with a blanket wrapped around my shivering body with a pair of head sets over my ears that had loud music blasting from it, blocking out the horrifying sound of the thunder in a matter of seconds.

Jaxon had his warm arms wrapped around me as I lay my head on his shoulder despite the fact that I had on his dark blue head sets.

"Thank you," I whispered and everything went black.