Romeo and Juliet

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Chapter 1

Romeo Montaigne

"Juliet Camellia get up right now!" My mom shouted at me, grabbing my curtains and yanking them open, letting the evil source of light into my room. I hissed and crawled under my navy blue, tie-dye blankets but Mom yanked them off, making the suns rays touch my sun kissed skin.

"Up and at it kid," Mom told me and she danced out of my bedroom (not literally), leaving me laying on my bed and staring at my black ceiling that had silver swirls and other designs on it.

I groaned and lazily got out of my bed, actually to be honest, I rolled out of my bed (literally), landed the floor, and stood up. My hair popped with static as little pieces stood up around my head, like there was no gravity around my head.

Sighing, I dragged my lazy butt to the bathroom. Quickly, I brushed my teeth, took a shower, and got dressed into a black shirt with two yellow lines circling each of the sleeve ends that went mid-bicep and the batman signal in the middle of my chest but also yellow, some dark skinny jeans that had designed tears in them, and black and white Osiris's. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror, wiped the fog off the mirror and stared at the beast that needed to be tamed on my head.

Despite using half of my conditioner, my hair still looked like a rat had just moved out of it and didn't pick up its mess. I sighed and grabbed my hair brush. After about fifteen minutes I had gotten every knot out, broke two hair brushes, and my head ached.

I shook my hair, the curls starting to form at the ends as I threw open the door, the heat and fog escaping the bathroom and going right to the fire alarm. The fire alarm started to go off and I grabbed my magazine that lay next to my bed and started to fan the fire alarm until it stopped.

I took a quick glance at my alarm clock. I had fifteen minutes left. Again I sighed and grabbed my backpack, throwing open my bedroom door, and rushing down the stairs. Grabbing an apple and my favorite navy blue beanie I ran out the door, yelling bye to my parents.

I stuck my navy blue beanie on my long chestnut colored curly hair, flipping my bangs so they wouldn't get into my eyes, and grabbed my skate board. As quick as I could with an apple in my hand I got on and went down my drive way and onto the side walk.

Looks like someone's moving into the house next door, I thought as I chewed on my apple and looked at the movers van that was parked in front of it. Just in time I looked in front of me to see a boy my age in my path. Right in the middle of it.

"Move out of the way!" I yelled and swerved around him just in time, only catching a glimpse of sky blue eyes. I turned my skate board around really fast so I was skating backwards and glared at him while chewing my apple

"Watch where you're goi-," I was cut off when the back of my head came in contact with something hard, making me fly forward, my skate board slip out from under me, fall on my face, and wost of all...I dropped my apple.

Instead of helping me, the boy started laughing at me. Hard. I groaned in pain and anger and glared at the boy while holding my nose with one hand and rubbing my forehead with the other. I took a look at the dumb boy. He had shaggy dirty blond hair that fell into his eyes every once in a while in the front, went just below his ear lobes on the sides, and to the middle of his neck in the back.

His eyes were sky blue framed by long and dark eyelashes. He had freckles that went across the tops of both of his cheeks and across the bridge of his nose with perfectly straight and white teeth just like me. His skin was sun kissed like mine too and he was about two or three inches taller then me.

"T-t-t-that was hilarious!" He laughed while holding his sides. He wore a white and red plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and light blue jeans with red and white Vans.

"You're face is gonna be hilarious when I'm finished with ya!" I barked at him, cracking my knuckles and glaring at him with my grass green eyes. But then I remembered I had to get to school so I turned on my heel, grabbed my skate board, and got to school.


"You need to lay off the cookies Juliet," my best friend Dominique France tells me as I shove two more cookies in my mouth at lunch. But all I did was give her the most innocent and confused look I could muster, acting as if I didn't know what she was talking about but she just glared at me.

"Don't give me that look when you have chocolate all over your face," Dominique snapped at me while throwing a napkin at me, which didn't do anything. At all.

I snatched the napkin and wiped my face with it but then Dominique started to laugh and me and I gave her a "wtf?" look that made it pretty obvious that I was confused on why she was laughing.

"You smeared the chocolate dude!" She laughed as she grabbed a napkin and wiped the side of my face. How the heck do I get chocolate up there? I shake off the question because this is me we're talking about.

"Tank wuu !" I told her in a fake high pitch baby voice

"Shh, you don't want to call Kimberly here do you?" Dominique asked me looking around while she covered my mouth with one hand, which I licked "You didn't," she said in a warning tone and slowly pulled her hand away and looked at it "You did!" a disgusted look took her features but there was also a spark where she wanted to laugh

"Heck yeah I did, ya taste like chocolate!" I told her grinning and cocking my head to the left a little bit. Someone sat down next to me and I turned from Dominique to see who it was. Then quickly regretting it.

"Hey babe," Quincy Miller grinned at me, flashing me his pearly white teeth. Quincy was a boy who's had this major crush on me since the first grade, he was also the most popular guy in our grade (we're in 9th grade just to clarify things) and he's dating Kimberly Hershey, the most popular girl in our grade and my extremely annoying enemy.

"Call me babe again you'll be losing all of your teeth and you will never be able to have any kids, got it?" I told him in a warning tone but he just smiled at me, shaking his sandy brown hair out of his hazel eyes.

"I like it when you're feisty," Quincy winked at me making me want to throw up all the cookies I had just ate (23 in total)

"Lets go Dominique, I lost my appetite," I told her as we stood up and gathered our things but of course Quincy had to follow us "Dammit Quincy, don't you have a slut to go make out with," I hissed at him when we threw our stuff away

He just smiled at me, gave me a quick peck on the cheek that I didn't have time to react to, and he sped off towards the popular table where you could hear Kimberly squealing loudly, like a pig. Dominique and I slipped out of the cafeteria while I rubbed at my cheek until it started to hurt.

"Is it gone?" I asked Dominique. She looked at it for a few moments and gave me a thumbs up making me sigh in relief. We walked outside and saw our other best friend Yolanda Pierce getting out of her car and running over to us while breathing hard. She never was one for running.

"Sorry...I'm late...I had some...errands," Yolanda panted while bending over and putting her hands on her knees. I patted her shoulder while Dominique laughed at her.

"It's alright, just make sure you get here on time, Mr. Vancouver's gonna be mad since you're just turning up," I told, giving her shoulder a little squeeze

"I've got some news, turns out there's a new student and it's a boy, his name is-," before she could tell us the name of the new boy a voice boomed out throughout the court yard

"YOLANDA PIERCE!" The voice yelled and the three of us turned around slowly to see the principle, Mrs. Derider looking like she always does. Old and cranky, kind of like my great grandma, but older and more cranky if possible.

"He hi Principle Derider," Yolanda waved a little bit, her chestnut eyes getting wide, and her peach colored cheeks turning a rosy pink

"Don't "Hi Principle Derider" me young lady! To my office now, we need to speak about your tardiness, and you two," she glared at Dominique and I since we were the trouble makers unlike sweet little Yolanda, so innocent "Get to class," she hissed

"Yes ma'am!" All three of us said

"Good luck," Dominique and I said at the same time while patting her shoulders and leaving her to Mrs. Derider, praying for our strawberry blond's survival

"God she scares the crap outta me!" I said as we reentered the school building and headed for our next class, science. Usually Yolanda would be with us as we headed for the science room but she was taken by the beast.

"I know right, I hope sweet little Yolanda makes it out alright! She was so young!" Dominique fake cried into my shoulder as I patted her on the back as we entered the science room, dropping the fake act as we took our seats.


Turns out that Principle Derider spared little Yolanda's life so we were all pretty re-leaved by that. I was skate boarding back home with another apple in my mouth because I had told Dominique and Yolanda about what happened with the dumb blond guy and my delicious apple so Yolanda gave me the back up that she carried around to keep me quiet.

Unless you haven't figured it out yet, apples are my favorite food. I was on my skate board, eating my apple when I was passing by our new neighbors house again. I had the apple in my mouth and I was looking up at the house when I ran into someone.

The apple in my mouth would've fallen out if I hadn't been quick and grabbed it but I landed on my back on the cement side walk. I groaned and opened my eyes, with my delicious apple still in my hands.

My grass green eyes met sky blue ones and I stared for a little while before it clicked in my head.

"I saved my apple this time," I told the apple killer and he looked down at my apple that I clutched in my hands before he looked back up at me with a smirk on his face and I have to say, he was extremely good looking but I wasn't going to tell him that.

"Now get off me," I told him a too sweet for my own good voice, just like Kimberly! The guy got off of me and offered me his hand but I ignored it and stood up on my own, digging my teeth into the apple and brushing the dirt off my pants with my hands before grabbing my apple from my mouth and looking at the guy with a blank expression.

He stuck out his hand "I'm-," before he could say anything Mom came out onto the porch and looked at me with a look that could bring all of hell to its knees.

"JULIET CAMELLIA GET INTO THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW," Mom yelled across the lawn, her voice made me shiver.

"Coming Mother!" I yelled back before turning to the guy "See ya later apple killer," and with that I went to face Hades best assistant

I walked into the house and walked into the kitchen to throw my apple away. Mom was already in there, her arms crossed in front of her chest, and she was glaring at me. I was so confused! I hadn't gotten into any trouble...yet.

I threw the apple away and picked up another one then looked at Mom with a blank expression, waiting for what she had to say. I watched as she took a deep breath in, getting ready to start her big lecture she was going to give me.

"Your doctor called and told me that you weren't taking your pills or going to therapy," mom said. Oh I guess it wasn't so big then, she must've just been sighing then...what an awkward way to sigh...

"I know," was all I said as I took a bite out of my apple and stared at her midnight black eyes. My Dad walked in just as Mom finished saying that and he looked at me with a pained look on his face.

"So that's why you haven't been going to get refills or going out too much," Dad said and I only shrugged, taking another bite out of my apple

"Juliet, you know what happens when you don't take your pills or go to therapy," Mom told me with a sad look. I knew what would happen. I would start having those horrid dreams again, waking up in the middle of the night screaming, crying, or in a cold sweat, but I really didn't care, it happened in the past, I need to get over it.

"It's okay, I'm getting better! I'll be fine!" and with that I threw my finished apple away and walked up the stairs to my room to do my homework.


"Mommy? Daddy?" I called out through the dark house. I was only five, and it was extremely dark and I could barley see a thing but there was the sound of people downstairs

I clutched my teddy bear, Berry, to my small chest as I walked down the dark hall in my white pajama shirt and pants that had red and green apples on them. A small cough broke through my lips but I kept walking.

There was yelling downstairs. Then a scream. Slowly I walked down the stairs, hearing glass break but I kept going because I was a curious little girl. The light in the living room and kitchen were on and there was yelling.

"Get out of here! There's nothing for you here! We already paid you the money, so leave us alone!" A mans voice yelled and I recognized it as my daddy's voice. I walked closer to the kitchen doorway and saw my mommy and daddy standing straight and tall in front of five buff and mean looking people.

"Come on Camellia's, did you really think that just because you gave me the money that I would actually leave you alone?" the biggest man asked, he seemed to be the leader "I don't think so, I want something that is worth more then money to you." Mommy and Daddy shared a look

"I want your daughter," the man smiled at them and my parents tried to reason with him but he wouldn't budge "What's her name? Juliet right?" being the stupid little girl I was, I walked to the middle of the door way.

"Mommy? Daddy? What's going on? Who's this mean man?" I asked them, my big grass green eyes looking at them in innocent confusion as I clutched Berry close to my chest

"Juliet run!" Mommy yelled and I was about to turn around when I saw the big man take out a gun and point it at me.

At that moment everything went deaf to me. Mommy yelled something at the big man, a name she had yelled but I was not mine. She leaped towards me and my hearing came back. The big man pulled the trigger and my eyes grew wide as Mommy took the bullet in the back for me.

Giving me a small smile and silently saying three words to me as the big man shot Daddy in the head. My mouth opened to scream but nothing would come out. The big man snapped his fingers and the other men pulled out matched, lighting them on fire and throwing them around the kitchen, everything being set on fire.

Again, being the stupid little girl I was, I raced up the stairs, still clutching the teddy bear to my chest and running into my room, slamming the door closed, locking it, and running into my closet. I had joked on the smoke and was stuck in there until a fire fighter came to my rescue.

Everything after that was a big blur.


I woke up with tears going down my cheeks and looked at my alarm clock. I had an hour until I had to leave for school and I wasn't tired anymore so I just decided to go get ready. I was done getting ready in simple light blue torn jean shorts and a purple short sleeve shirt that had golden strips on it with my purple and gold Osiris's on my feet.

I ate three apples and grabbed my backpack 20 minutes before school started. I left a note saying that I left , grabbed another apple and walked out of the house with my backpack on my back.

My hair was up in a high pony tail on top of my head with my bangs on the side of my face so I didn't grab a beanie. I grabbed my purple skate board and headed too school, happy to not see the apple killer guy so I didn't loose my apple today.

"Juliet!" I got off my skate board, picked it up, and looked up at Dominique and Yolanda headed my way, so I met them half way...while eating my apple.

"What's up?" I asked them, obviously confused as we walked into the school

"The new boy, he's coming today and he has the first class with us!" Yolanda told me, I'm kind of scared to know how she finds out all of this information, that's why I've never asked her before.

"That's cool," I shrugged, not caring that we're getting a new student. We walked into our first class, Drama, and took our seats at the table we usually sit at and waited for the bell to ring while talking about my obsession for apples.

"Your parents should have named you apples," Dominique laughed. Dominique is the oldest, she just turned 15 and is older then my by three months. She has wavy, long, pepper colored hair, stormy gray eyes, white teeth but purple and gold braces on her top and bottom teeth, and light tan skin, she's also the tallest. She's extremely pretty, even with the braces, but she refuses to leave my side for the popular people and her obsession is chocolate.

"I was afraid that you would've turned into an apple by now by how much you eat a day!" Yolanda giggled. Yolanda is the youngest, she's the youngest, 14 like me but she's younger by two months. She has straight, short, strawberry blond hair that goes to her chin and waves out at the bottom, chestnut eyes, straight and white teeth, and peach skin, like a new born baby. She's also extremely pretty and she's the second tallest, but she also refuses to go to the popular people because of Dominique and I, and her obsession is blueberries.

"I know right, but it's not as bad as it seems, they are just so good!" I said as I pulled another apple out of my backpack. I'm the second oldest. I have long, curly, chestnut colored hair, grass green eyes, straight white teeth, sun kissed skin, and believe it or not, but I'm the shortest out of all three of us despite being the second oldest, so I'm always confused as the youngest. People tell me I'm 'gorgeous' but I don't think so, I think I look pretty plain.

We all met in kindergarten. Dominique's my cousin and we were in the same class and it was recess. Yolanda had been the new girl at our school so she didn't have any friends because people don't like to approach the new kids.

Dominique and I had been on the swings and Yolanda was at the sand box, making sand castles when our class bully, Justin Tanner, and his dumb friends, Henry Gardener and Preston Stewart, had come up to her and kicked down her sand castle, demanding that she leave the sand box because it was theirs and she was too ugly to be in it.

That ticked off Dominique and I because Yolanda was really pretty and Justin was being, at that age, a butt. The two of us slid down the slide and went up to Justin and told him to stop being...a butt. They tried to punch us so we bit him and kicked him.

From that day, Yolanda hung out with Dominique and I, we were all lucky that we kept getting put into the same class every year.

The bell for class to start rang and we were all in our seats when our Drama teach, Mr. Mankowski walked in.

"Today we have a new student," Mr. Mankowski told us "You can come in now," a boy walked into the classroom. The first thing I noticed was his sky blue eyes. My eyes widened as I looked at him and felt something go into my hand.

I looked down to see it was an apple and looked at my two best friends who mouthed "Is that him?" and I nodded while eating my apple but no one payed any attention to me, everyone knew about my bad apple obsession.

"I'm Romeo Montaigne, 14 years old, and I'm from North Carolina," the boy said and I heard Dominique and Yolanda snickering next to me. I shot them a look.

"You're from South Carolina and you're name's Juliet while his is Romeo! Maybe it'll be like that love tragedy William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet!" Dominique snickered while Yolanda giggled

That ticked me off like no other. My anger got the best of me and I crushed the half eaten apple in my hand. The three of us stared at it and my anger started to boil.

"Dammit, I'm out of apples what about you?" Dominique muttered and Yolanda nodded too and gave each other a desperate look. Mr. Mankowski went to his desk as Romeo was still talking and opened the second drawer.

He pulled something out and threw it at me. I caught it with one hand right in front of me and took a mean bite out of the large red apple. All my teachers had about five back up apples because of my mean temper.

"Thank you Romeo, please go take a seat at Kevin's table," Kevin Jake did a two finger wave "And Juliet, I want you to show Romeo around since you two have the same schedule," and with that he went onto a lecture about mime acting

Romeo looked at me and smirked, I glared at him and mouthed apple killer to him and you wanna know what he mouthed at me? Pig. I'll show him what a pig looks like when I'm finished with him.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out. It was a text from Mom. I opened it up and had to read it about three times before I understood what it meant.

"Who text you?" Yolanda asked me and I looked up at her and Dominique

"My mom," I shrugged

"What's it say?" Dominique asked

"Stay away from the Montaigne's." I told them