Chapter 6

Truth, Dare, or Double Dare?

"No," Dominique said and I grinned at her evilly while Yolanda held up the fake and too mushy for our own good, love letter "Absolutely not," Dominique said again

"You have to, it's a double dare," I say and take the love letter from Yolanda and hand it to Dominique who cringed as if in pain while she took the love letter

She turned around but not before sending Yolanda and I an extremely ugly glare that told us a really mean word. Dominique slowly walked over to Kevin and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and grinned down at her since he was about three inches taller then her even though she was freaking tall.

Dominique told him something and then gave him the love letter, her face flushing red as she speed walked back to us, avoiding Kevin's look of pure surprise. Yolanda and I held back our laughter as she stopped in front of us, her bangs getting in her eyes as she looked down and cussed at us like a pirate.

While Dominique had her back towards Kevin, Yolanda and I watched as Kevin opened the love letter, his eyes growing wide and a light pink color grasping his pale cheeks and he kept reading, his face getting redder as he read on.

It seriously did take Yolanda and I all we had not to laugh up an earth quake as we watched Kevin stuff the love letter in his back pack, pale face red like a fire truck and take a glance at Dominique who still had her back towards him.

Yolanda and I waved at him and his face flushed more if possible and he sped away, his dark brown hair covering his face. Once he turned the corner, Yolanda and I could no longer hold it it. We laughed so hard that I felt like my lungs were about to burst and my sides hurt as tears spilled down my cheeks.

"Screw you, it's my turn," Dominique said with a sly smile on her face as she turned towards me and grinned "Truth, Dare, or Double Dare?" she asked

"Dare," I shrugged because I knew that Dominique's Double Dares were too intense, plus, she would most defiantly not go easy on me after what happened with Kevin. I'm not gonna say what it said right now because if I do I'll barf up rainbows and leprechauns.

"I Dare you to...," I sighed as she finished telling me

~3 Minutes Later~

I walked down the hall with the most dignity I had left to thrive on as people stared, pointed, and giggled. I held back the blush that threatened to break to the surface of my cheeks. Dominique smirked in all her glory on the right side of me while Yolanda was drowning in a fit of giggles on the left side of me.

Daniel came up to me, his cheeks tinted a light shade of pink. I raised an eyebrow at him, daring him to say something smart but all he did was look away and rub the back of his neck in embarrassment as he chuckled a little bit.

" have toilet paper sticking out of your pants," Daniel told me, his face going red as i turned and gave him a smile

"It's how I like it, so don't judge me," I told him as I walked down the hall my held head high while Dominique and Yolanda tried to contain their giggles while walking with me

"Wow, that sure does bring all the boys to the yard," A voice said behind me and we all turned around to see Romeo smirking at me with Kevin and Quincy

"Haven't you heard? It's the latest fashion," I told him, flipping my curls over my shoulder while Dominique and Yolanda try to hold in their laughter, looking as if they were about to explode any minute now.

Romeo just smirked and turned around, walking away with an ego as big as Nicki Minaj's butt. I sighed out in annoyance.

"How much longer?" I asked Dominique in frustration

"5...4...3...2...1," I ripped the piece of toilet paper from the belt loop in the back and threw it away as I glared at Dominique who just gave me a look as if to say "What? You deserved it." I wanted to rip her head off and feed it to Scooter, Yolanda's extremely mean cat that had some serious anger issues.

"Okay, Yolanda's turn," I said and turned towards her, the laughter she was trying to sustain immediately disappearing

"So Yolanda, Truth, Dare, or Double Dare?" I asked her in a sickly sweet tone and heard her swallow

"Dare," she whispered. She didn't want to wimp out now

"I Dare you to...," I watched as her face grew red as I told her and she nodded slowly, Dominique flashing her a smile of fake sympathy

~3 Minutes Later~

Yolanda slowly walked up behind a guy that none of us know and whispered "I'm gonna kill you," in his ear. He screamed and raced down the hall before any of us could say anything else. Dominique and I cracked up laughing, holding our sides and bending over as more tears slid down our faces, Yolanda slowly walking over to us with a beat red face.

"That was so mean," Yolanda whispered as she looked around to see people giving us weird looks as we walked down the hall

"Double Dare," I say before Yolanda could ask me and I saw that evil smile take her face and I knew that I was in for it

"I Double Dare you to...," my eyes grew wide and I would feel my hands ball up into fists by my sides, my nails digging into the new cream wrapping around my hands that I got replaced this morning.

"Damn," I muttered and turned around. Romeo was walking down the hall to his locker, which was right next to where I was standing.

"We'll be over there when you're done," Dominique laughed. I growled under my breath and waited for him to come to his locker. It was a Thursday so Spring Break started after school tomorrow and I was still shunning Romeo. When he saw me, I couldn't help but noticed how his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree or how his posture straightened or even the eager look on his face when he started to walk faster.

"Hey Juliet," Romeo said when he had gotten to me, opening his locker but never peeling his eyes from my face

"Hey...listen, because I'm only gonna say this once," I felt like I was about to swallow a whole bucket of acid "I love you," if I wasn't the one in this situation I would've laughed at the look on his face "I'm finally coming out of the closet and I just wanted you to know that I love you with my pants off and I want you in my bed," and with that, I speed walked away, leaving a stunned Romeo staring after my retreating figure as I grabbed Yolanda and Dominique by their ears and dragged them down the hall

"Double Dare," Dominique said, thinking that just because she's not the one that made the Double Dare that I was actually gonna let her off the hook. Who does she think she's playing with?

"Okay you have to...," Dominique's reaction went from sly to pure horror

"You're kidding right?!" She asked in panic but I just give her a smirk

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" I asked her and she sighed and walked into the bathroom

~1 Minute Later~

"No teachers?" she asked and I nodded

Dominique handed me her shirt and pants and went running through the hall with a batman mask covering her face in her underwear and bra. I recorded the whole thing while Yolanda laughed her butt off.

She came back 4 minutes later with a firetruck red face and snatched her clothes from my arms and ran back into the bathroom, coming out three minutes later and giving me the look that was just a little less scary then my moms.

"I hate you," She hissed at me but I only gave her an 'innocent' grin back and shrugged as she turned towards Yolanda who was trying to hold in her laughter still

"Double Dare since you guys are going in for the kill," Yolanda said

"Well then I Double Dare you to...," Yolanda's body froze and I saw the blood drain from her face so it looked chalky white

"No," Yolanda said, shaking her head

"You have to, it's a Double Dare," Dominique grinned and I looked away, trying to hide the smile that was forming on my face

"Dammit," Yolanda cursed. I was taken aback. Yolanda never curses! Daniel walked up behind me and put his chin on my head since he was a good two feet taller then me and I flinched a little bit, making him stand beside me instead. I watched as Yolanda's face lost more color if possible.

"Hey Daniel, Yolanda has to ask you something," I say, earning a nice heated glare from Yolanda

"What's up?" He asks her and we all watch as her cheeks turn rosy

"W-w-w-w-will you go on a d-d-d-d-d-date with me?" Yolanda mutters, but we all catch it. Daniel's eyes widen but I think I must've imagined it because he looked regular again, relaxed. He shrugged and flipped his dark hair out of his eyes.

"Sure, I'll pick you up tomorrow at 7," and with that Daniel walked away with his hands stuffed in his pockets

"Oh my god," Yolanda whispered, her face like a firetruck "I can't believe he said yes," she whispered and we went on playing the game.


"Oh Juliet!" A voice sung and I cringed, so she would get the hint. She didn't. Kimberly skipped over to where I was after school while Dominique, Yolanda, and I were walking down to detention. I gave her a look as if in pain and she just rolled her eyes and then smiled 'sweetly' at me.

"What do you want slut?" I asked her and saw her eye twitch and inwardly cheered for myself. I was getting to her.

"I want to know if you were doing anything for spring break?" she asked me. Her smile was strained now.

"Yes, I'm going places with people I like," I told her, rolling my eyes as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, and to me, it was, but to her. Not so much.

"Oh, well can I, like, come?" She asked, popping her purple colored bubble gum while twirling a piece of her hair. I gave her an 'are you serious?' look.

"No." I told her plainly and she scoffed. SHE SCOFFED! She's the one asking me if she can come on my spring break trip and she has the nerve to ask me if she can come and then she scoffs?! That's like asking to be punched in the face!

"Like, whatever," Kimberly flips her hair over her shoulder and stutters away in all her so called glory

"She ticks me off," Yolanda growls and we agree as we walk into detention.


"What?!" I yelled in anger, my fists curling up at my sides. Dominique and Yolanda looked just as surprised as me

"I said you might not be able to go anywhere for spring-," I cut Mom off

"I know what you said, don't repeat it!" I snapped "But why!?" she sighed and rubbed her temple with her fingers in irritation

"Can we not discuss this now Juliet?" Mom asked, an annoyed tone in her voice

"You know, this is worse then a clown!" I told her in anger

"Really?" asked Yolanda with a curious look on her face

"No, but it's close," I told her with a shrug and turned back to Mom who had sat down on the kitchens chair "This is so unfair!"

"Juliet please," Mom groaned and I felt my temper coming to its point

"No! It's supposed to be my spring break Mom! Mine! You can't just come out telling me that I might not be able to go anywhere because of them!" I wailed

"Sweetie I know but it's too risky," Mom said and I cracked.

"I'm not a little girl anymore! I'm 16 Mom! 16!" I yelled "I can take care of myself!" Mom stood up so fast that the chair behind her slammed to the floor

"If you can take such good care of yourself then how did that happen huh? You didn't fall out of a tree Juliet, you didn't fall off your skate board! You were hunted! Hunted! And you're telling me you can take care of yourself after that?!" Mom yelled, her black eyes blazing as she gestured to my leg, hands, arms, stomach, face, and head. For once in my life, my anger was taking over my fear.

"You know as well as I do that that was not my fault!" I snapped, meeting her intense and scary stare but I wasn't fazed

"Yeah, and neither could another incident like this," barked Mom

"Gabriella, please just listen to her," Dominique whispered and both Mom and I looked at her "All she wants to do is have fun," Dominique looked worried

"And Daniel will be there so there's nothing to worry about," Yolanda chimed in and I felt Mom's eyes on the side of my head

"Daniel's back? When would you think about telling me this Juliet?" I inwardly flinched at the tone in Mom's voice and I faintly heard Dominique and Yolanda take in a sharp intake of breath. Truth be told, Daniel's been coming in through my bedroom window or whenever Mom wasn't home he would hang out with me in the basement so if Mom walks downstairs then he can go through the window.

"When the time was right," I told her with a shrug

"And when would that have been?" she sounded mad. I looked up fast and met her glare with my own fury

"I don't know Mom, I guess when I felt that the time was right! Maybe when I actually came to trust you again," I hissed and saw her glare waver when I pointed to the large bruise under my left eye which made it hard for me to smile sometimes.

"Oh really? How about you go to your room while I think about if I'm even going to let you leave the house for the next 2 weeks after tomorrow," I gawked at Mom, mean things to tell her flying through my head and on the tip of my tongue.

Dominique, Yolanda, and I all knew that if I opened my mouth nothing good was going to happen. I kept my mouth shut and the three of us walked away. She might think that she won this battle but in in reality I was just put up with her crap so I wasn't going to put up with her.

I don't give a crap if Mom wont let me go, I'll go anyways.


"Ms. Camellia, may I ask why you are wearing a coconut bra and where your shirt is?" Mr. Mankowski asked me in a curious tone, one of his eyebrows raised. I looked down at my brown coconut bra with a flower in the center and the cream wrapping around my rib cage.

"You can't go wrong with a coconut bra!" I said, feeling proud of myself as Dominique and Yolanda snickered next to me as everyone in the room stared at me. Damn Yolanda and her Double Dares.

"And I was jumped in an ally on the way to school and they took my shirt," I said as I sat down and could hear Dominique and Yolanda trying their best to hold in the laughter

Mr. Mankowski didn't ask any further questions. Good choice. Romeo and Kevin walked into the room and once the two of them saw the three of us, they made their way over to our table.

"So, yesterday it was toilet paper, now it's coconut bras?" said Romeo as he looked me up and down. I caught his gaze linger on the cream wrapping around my stomach but then he pulled his gaze away from it..

"What can I say, I'm a lady with many mysteries," I say while glaring at him. I still haven't forgiven him for that stunt he pulled on me two days ago. Luckily it's Friday so I won't have to deal with him for the next 2 weeks.

"Juliet, I'm really-," before Romeo could finish his sentence the bell rang

"Get to your seats," everyone got to their seats and class began.


"Double Dare," Dominique whispered to me in the middle of class. I already had my Double Dare ready. I handed her the second bag that I was carrying around all day and grinned sickly sweet at her. She actually looked a little scared.

"Mr. Mankowski, I need to go to the bathroom!" Dominique yelled suddenly, interrupting the teachers rant

"Can it wait?" He asked her, irritation leaking from his words

"It's that time of the month!" She said as if it were something good. She was lying but nobody but Daniel, Yolanda, and me know that.

"You're excused," I didn't miss how Mr/Mankowski's neck had turned a dark red as Dominique exited the room and went to the bathroom with the bag slung over her shoulder.

~Dominique's POV~

I locked the door to the biggest stall and opened the bag, pulling out the first thing that my hand touched and giving it a look.

"Hot damn," I muttered to myself as I started to get undressed

~My POV~

A few minutes passed as the teacher went on with his rant when the door to the classroom opened and all eyes turned towards the door. I swallowed a laugh that threatened to go past my lips as I whipped out my phone and started to record.

Dominique was dressed up in the clothes the Joker from Batman wore with a frizzy red wig on her head, her face powered white, and red lipstick smugged on her lips, going past the corners of her mouth and up her cheeks like the Joker's.

"Ms. France...," Mr. Mankowski said seriously but she only cocked her head to the right and gave him a stare

"Why so serious?" She asked him and everyone was silent. She looked so cold. That is until I started bursting out laughing with Yolanda and finally Dominique dropped the cold act and cracked a grin too.

Mr. Mankowski closed his eyes and rubbed his temples with his finger in obvious irritation. I mean, I was walking around in a coconut bra with a hula skirt (with shorts underneath), Yolanda was dressed as pig, and Dominique was now dressed as the Joker.

What wonder Double Dares we come up with. Everyone in the classroom looked at the three of us.

"You know what, do what you want, I give up on you three," the teacher said in irritation but we only grinned in response.


By lunch Yolanda was dressed as Alice In Wonderland, Dominique was dressed as Mad Hatter, and I was dressed as Cheshire Cat and everyone kept taking pictures of us. We walked by the teachers but they ignored us because even if they told us to get regular clothes on, we most likely wouldn't listen.

Most likely? No. We wouldn't listen. At all.

"Where do you guys keep all of these costumes?" asked Daniel in wonder but we only grinned at him

"It's a s-e-c-r-e-t," I murmur to him with a Cheshire Cat like smile as we entered the lunch room, people taking out their phones and snapping pictures. So this is what it's like for celebrities. It feels awkward...

I grabbed an apple and we walked outside to eat on the grass since it was a really nice day. I lay on my stomach, my legs up in the air behind me not really caring since I have black shorts on. We talked about our plans for spring break.

"But your Mom's not gonna let you go out during spring break," Yolanda pointed out and I scrunched up my nose as if I smelled something disgusting

"Who gives a crap? She's not my-," I stopped mid-sentence and closed my mouth right away, eating my words in regret

"Don't worry, we know," Daniel told me, patting my head between my cat ears and I sent him a cold glare

After talking more about spring break the bell signaling lunch to be over rang and we all went to our next classes.


By the end of the day Dominique and I were dressed in orange jumpers with numbers on the back like people in prison and Yolanda was dressed as a cop but we changed back into our regular clothes before we exited the school or else the police would get the wrong impression.

"What time will you be picking me up?" I asked them as we walked to Yolanda's car

"Tomorrow around 6 in the morning, is that good for you?" Yolanda asked

"Sure," I shrugged and climb into the car.


I closed the front door to my house quietly with my duffel bag and two suitcases in hands at 6 in the morning so I wouldn't wake up Mom. Yolanda and Dominique helped me load the stuff into the trunk.

An hour later we were on the road, the three of us abnormally silent.

"Did you guys know-," I slapped my hand over Dominique's mouth and gave her a weak smile

"No no, no one wants to know about your new facts," I told her and she licked my hand

It's gonna be a long drive to California.


"I got chicken nuggets!" Dominique slammed a 20 piece chicken nugget box down in front of Yolanda and I

"So? I got apple fries," i told her, holding up my little bag of apple fries

"I gotta blue berry shake," Yolanda told us, taking a gulp of her shake

"Mommy, what's wrong with those girls?" a little boy asked his mom as they walked by us

"Nothing, just don't look them in the eyes," we stared after them as the mom dragged her son behind her

"People these days," Dominique muttered

"i got a toy!" I yelled, earning weird looks from people