You remind me of a sailor.

Coming and going out to the world.

Often leaving without a trace, coming back to explain what happened to you.

You bring back stories of your adventures, making me wish I was there.

Making me wonder why you left me behind back at home while you and your other mates had all the fun.

Yet always coming back to my side.

Saving the laughs of a lifetime for the little time we have alone.

The memories for few minutes left in our time.

The hugs for the last moments before we depart.

The smiles as an official goodbye.

Then you leave again, still unreadable.

Telling me not to worry about it.

But I do.

What about our future?

Will you become the sailor to leave the shore as a dear buddy, to come back as a pirate? Stealing the jewels of my trust, of our friendship?

Or will you be the one to leave the old dock with all the feeling a sailor could ever have and come back stronger than ever?

The sea can change people. Will it be you?