-Was it a Lie?-

Chapter Sixteen

(Reece's Point of View)

I never thought I would be the cliché but there I was alone in Max's bed. Oliver wasn't in my arms like he was last night before we fell asleep. He wasn't even in the bed lying next to me. He wasn't just looking out the window or sitting across the room.

He was gone.

His clothes that were once thrown carelessly around the room were gone too.

Last night had been the best night of my life. Oliver had told me he loved me, and I told him I had fallen for him as well. Was he telling me the truth though? Or was it all a lie?

I ran my hands through my hair and tugged at it angrily. Oliver for whatever reason had bailed on me.

Dennis came into the room a few minutes later with a guilty looking frown on his face. "Hey Reece" I could hear the apologetic tone in his voice. "Did you two-?"

I nodded slowly, trying to swallow the uncomfortable lump in my throat. "Where is Oliver?"

Dennis looked away from me. I was glad because I really didn't want him to see that my eyes were getting glossy with tears.

"I took him home a little while ago." He said simply but the sad tone was still lingering in his voice. "He woke me up and said that he had to go home. That it was important, so I took him home. I'm sorry Reece." Dennis came to sit beside me on the bed.

I sat up and just couldn't stop staring at him in disbelief. I wanted this to be a dream or maybe an episode of punk'd and Oliver would pop out of somewhere with that beautiful face of his but with the disheartened look on Dennis's face I knew that this was all real and Oliver had really left.

So I resorted to badgering Dennis because my anger for Oliver had to be aimed somewhere. "You could have said no and kept him here." I couldn't hide the strain in my voice. "Why didn't you say no to him?" I was sounding so pathetic. I scooted away from him to give some distance between us. I also wanted to be able to see his expressions clearly.

"I didn't say no, because Oliver has a fiancé, Reece. When I said to win over Oliver, I didn't mean to win a night of sex with him. I thought you liked him more than that." His eyebrows furrowed but his eyes remained serious. In all of our years together I had never seen Dennis like this. It was usually never this serious with us. I wasn't sure how to take that but I went with my obvious defense.

"I do like him more than that! In fact I fucking love him, and he told me he loved me too." The tears in my eyes began so slide down my face. Just great, the last time I really cried was in the 6th grade. Of course Dennis had been there to comfort me then too.

"Reece, I want to believe that you and Oliver will end up together but what happens if he chooses Cole in the end?" Dennis crawled over to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me towards him. My face collided with his chest, so I buried my face in his shirt.

I normally never felt this vulnerable. I always felt confident and sure of myself. Well before I had met Oliver anyway. Now I had become a mess.

Dennis laid back on the bed and took me down with him. His arms still wrapped around me. "I think it's good that he went home."

Dennis had only held me like this once or twice, he was like the older brother I never had. I never noticed that it never had bothered me that we were this close. He held me like I held my sister and it never felt awkward. It was nice to know I had someone other than family that cared for me.

"He needs to figure things out, without you being around all the time. It's good that he told you he loved you, but he really shouldn't have."

I tried to jerk away at the comment but Dennis held me still. "Hey, I'm only saying that because he needed to have broken it off with Cole before saying that to you. It's not right for him to be stringing you along."

I scoffed. "I don't care about that. I just want to be with him, in any way that I can." I admitted sadly. There was something seriously wrong with me.

"Stop lying to yourself Reece. You want Oliver to be with you and only you. You want Oliver to tell Cole to get lost, and then you want Oliver to tell you he loves you and only you." Dennis hugged me tighter. "Just being his sex buddy with an 'I love you' here and there isn't what you really want because Reece you've already had that. All the girls you've been with were pretty much your sex buddies." Dennis then let go of me and slid off the bed. "You want something serious, and Oliver has the potential of being that for you."

Dennis turned back towards me and got face to face with me. "So stop telling yourself that just being his midnight dick is enough because it's not. You want him to have it all the fucking time damn it!"

I couldn't help but laugh and he couldn't hold back a chuckle either at how ridiculous he sounded.

But he was right. I did want more from Oliver. I told him I loved him and I meant it, which was a first for me.

Having just sex with Oliver was never the end plan for me. But could I just deny him now? How would I get by now that I've just made love to him? What if he does choose Cole? Would I ever be able to accept it? Would I move on, or would I just keep on being his 'midnight dick' whenever he called?

Dennis sat back down on the bed and then turned to me and slugged my shoulder hard. "Knock it off! Remember you're Reece Reidman okay! Oliver obviously has some shit to work out, but you can see him at school so get a shower and get dressed. You got to look good so when he sees you he will regret bailing on you."

I rolled my eyes but then I smiled and slid off the bed. "You're a good friend, man."

Dennis's eyes went wide when he realized I was completely naked and he shoved me back on the bed. "Never say that shit to me when your dick is near my face man. This isn't a friend with benefits kind of thing."

I chuckled and placed my hand on his shoulder and slid it down his back slowly to make him jump off the bed, and nearly face planted on the floor.

He twisted to watch me bust up laughing at the look on his face. It was a mixture of anger and humor.

I threw a pillow at him. "Here for your eyes so I can get out of bed without you eyeing my man candy." I said slyly with a big grin.

Dennis rolled his eyes but placed the pillow over his face so I could scurry off the bed and grab my clothes and head down the hall to the bathroom.

I heard a growl and then something soft hit my ass. "You forgot to cover that end you pervert!" Dennis hollered down the hall. He had thrown the pillow at me from the room. I heard him chuckle before I made it to the bathroom and closed the door behind me.