Girl of Weather

"Oh my god, I can't believe she did that- in front of people!"

I stare at Selene Rethaw and her friends gossiping while trying to find a seat in the cafeteria, then settle at the table across from mine.

"Such gossipers, right Regan?" Lydia, my best friend, whispered.

Allow me to introduce myself:

I am Regan Winslow, a 12-year old girl who's in 7th grade at a middle school. Selene Rethaw is one of the most popular girls in 7th grade, just saying.

"Yeah," I replied to Lydia's question, "They should really consider going to that mental institution down the road just so they can be cured of their Bieber Fever."


I look out the window and, to my shock, a thunderstorm just started without explanation. Then I turn to Selene and see that she's angry. "Did she hear my little comment?" I thought, "I whispered it as soft as I could."

Then I notice that Selene got up from her seat and is walking toward us.

"Run!" Lydia shouts while she drags me out of the cafeteria.



I wake up to the sound of rain trickling on my window.

"This is odd," I told myself, "the news said last night there was only a 16% chance of rain today. But oh well."



I notice that Selene is crying as hard as the rain is pouring, though I had no idea why.

"Two days in a row weather acts like Selene's moods," I thought, "That's unusual, but I'll carry on. Maybe the rain will stop tomorrow."


Fourth Period.

As I am working, my intestines start to feel weird, like if something was trying to come out of me.

"Ms. Peterson," I start, "Can I use the restroom?"

"Yes." My teacher replies from behind her desk.

"Thanks." I grab a hall pass and walk out of the classroom.

As I walk in the bathroom, I hear mumbling coming in the last stall. So I decide to go in the stall next to that one to hear what that girl was saying.

While in the stall, I hear a familiar voice saying, "Make it thunder. Make it thunder. Make it thunder. MAKE IT THUNDER!"


The voice belonged to no other than Selene Rethaw.

I slowly walk out of the stall, seeing this being written on the mirror (by someone invisible) while I do so:

"Heck yes, I can control the weather. I control it a lot around the area. You heard me in the bathroom, now you know. Don't be afraid; open the stall farthest from the door."

I run to the stall the writing told me to go and jerk open the door. There I see Selene, of course, but her hair is moving in every direction possible. And I notice wings on her too.

Selene laughed, "So now you know, huh?"

"What are you planning to do?" I ask impatiently.

"Don't you see? I'm trying to take over the world, and maybe the universe with my power," She started, "I took this school already. Now I take Sacramento. Then California. Then the U.S. Then, the most awesome of them all: THE WORLD!"

"I'll then free this school, and spoil your plans." I never thought about saying those words, yet they come out.

"Go ahead and try." Selene sneers.

I feel my feet sprinting, yet I didn't ask them to sprint. But I decide not to tell them to stop anyway.

I tackle Selene and attempt to flush her head down the toilet, but she resists, and tries to push me into a nearby trash can (we were in the handicapped stall) and succeeds.

"You're powerless against me, Regan Donna Winslow." Selene stated.

While in the trash can, I discover half of a pair of scissors and decide to use them. I aim them at Selene (not looking at Selene though) and say, "That's where you're wrong, monster!"


I step out of the trash can and turn around. Now I see ordinary Selene Rethaw, her hair still in all directions though, and still with her wings. Her chest is soaked in blood, that piece of scissors deep in her chest. I try to catch her as she fell.

"Thank…" Selene starts, "… you."

As her eyes close, the rain stops, little by little.

And when her chest stops moving, I notice the first glimpse of sun in one day and nineteen hours.

"Now Selene has her wings for good," I think, "she's not an angel now, but a goddess. Selene, the goddess of weather. Brainwashed by evil to come down here and try to take over the world.

"Now Selene Rethaw is free."