your face is red and my eyes are red

and our words are whirlpools pulling

in everything around us.

can we afford to break so much?

there is ice in our souls and there

is fire in our spirits and there is

water in our eyes.

the wine you hurl at me flows

down like blood from my hair.

the snakelike sneer slithering slowly

onto my face hisses at you.

your face crumples in frustration

as you protest my accusations.

but I can see a lie for what it is.

how much is it going to take, dear,

to shatter the glass that it is your eyes?

i need to destroy you.

but wait- do you hear

the opening notes of our song?

you have lied to me for a while now.

the truth can wait a bit longer.

let the flame burn through the water.

our love is impossible.

let the fury consume you.

together, we are a raging inferno.

we are a little bit of heaven and a

little more of hell.

we are the puzzle

pieces that don't fit together.

we are the clap of thunder, the

flash of lightning, the pour

of rain, the teardrops of the sky

under which we kiss.

you are warmth and i am heat.

and together, we can shake the world.

but what use is it if we both have

motion sickness?

but what use is it if when the moments of

reminiscence are over, we are nothing but

tired and afraid?

and what use is it when the earthquakes stop

and the lightning fades and i'm

alone standing there with nothing to hold onto but

teardrops and aftershocks?