Princess, Princess where are you?
Why won't you come to me?
I catch glimpses of you, but you are ALWAYS just beyond my reach.
You beckon to me, calling my name from the shadows.
But when I run to the shadow, you are no longer there.
I see you beautiful shining face, but when I turn to look there is nothing there.
I hear your laugh taunting me, teasing me but again nothing.
I cry in agony, begging you to come to me.
Instead you wait patiently waiting for the right moment to come to me.
You watched through the years, as the others took advantage of what I had to give.
You vowed that you would NEVER do that to me.
You watched as they hurt me with their words and blows.
You vowed you would treat me like royalty.
You watched silent as a ghost when I cried myself to sleep, because I didn't understand.
As the years past, I gave up hope that I would ever find you.
But you still stay ever so silently, whispering.
You tried to use the others before you to point me in the right direction towards you.
But like a fool I chose to be blind over blissful love.
Refusing to tell yourself that all hope was lost with me, you whispered in my dreams.
Have patience. The day will come soon enough. Do not hide or seek. I will come and find you.

I am thankful that I got the chance to finally see the real you and not just the girl in my dreams.
Thank you for waiting so patiently all these years for me to find you.
I thank God everyday for giving you to me to teach me what life is all about.
I hope that one day I can repay you for everything you have done for me both present and future.
Thank you for teaching me that I can love and be loved.
I hope I one day get the chance to be YOUR Princess.
I love you baby girl and ALWAYS will no matter what!