I always wondered if the day would come
When I was no longer in love with you
I opened my eyes and saw everyone around me
The only one not smiling was you

I came to you in sickness and in health
You came to me for only fun and pain
I called out to you in the dark with no answer
The day that my heart attacked my brain

I always ignored stories about you
You were arrogant and how you could never love me
I wanted them to be wrong and I worked so long
To prove you would one day be there for me

I told myself that the day would come
When you would look by your forgotten side
To see the woman you never thought you wanted
In me, your wishful and ever faithful, puppy-bride

I gave so much, and you so little
To keep up this "friendship" of ours
I used to have substance and determination before this
I wrote stories and painted flowers

For six long years the stories stopped,
The songs retreated deeper inside my head
I only painted flowers in my most secret of dreams
By day, they were wrought with an insecure hand

I told myself this was ultimate love
The great sacrifice I was making for you
Six years later I woke up in an empty bed with nothing
But regret, failure, and papers stamped "PAST DUE"

It was slow-healing, but I crawled my way back out
I was reminded I was put here for more
The ache in my heart whittled down to a niche
Compared with the arena space it took up before

And now, a million years later
My doors are unlocked and open wide
I'm cleaning house and exorcising my demons
That includes you, now please go stand outside